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Third Times A Charm.....Or Is It?



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Hollywood: Cotton Weary, a talk-show host once unjustly convicted of the murder of Maureen Prescott, is killed by someone masked like the murderers who have terrorised Maureen's daughter Sidney. Producer John Milton is working on Stab 3:Return to Woodsboro (the latest film in a series
based on the murders that have revolved around Sidney), with music-video director Roman Bridger making his first feature, Dewey Riley working as a technical advisor and actresses Jennifer Jolie and Angelina Tyler cast as real-life figures Gale Weathers, a news reporter, and Sidney.
When actors Sarah Darling and Tom Prinze and a security expert are killed, Stab 3 is shut down. Gale digs further into the story and Sidney comes to help. It turns out that Maureen was once a starlet at the studio, leaving Hollywood after an orgy at one of Milton's parties. At Roman's birthday party, the killer strikes again, murdering Roman, supporting actor Tyson Fox, and Jennifer and Angelina. Sidney confronts the masked maniac, who turns out to be Roman (who faked his own death), her long-lost half-brother. Having prompted the original Woodsboro killings, he has been taking his rage out on the family he feels cheated out of.


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