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Casey Becker and the opening scene...what could be better then killing off a major star in the begining...even before the credits opener like that sure shocked a lot of viewers and made all of us go "Woah!"

"What's some of your Favorite Scenes? Let me Know and I'll post them here along with a photo...and your reason.


Tatum bites the big one when she tries to escape through the cat enterance of the garage door...ouch! her head is completely crushed...
this scene was chosen by RoSwElLAdDiCtEd


Syd get's her revenge on Gale when she socks her in the eye. "Bam bitch went down!" This scene was another favorite chosen by Angeliqa13

Favorite Scene




Phil Stephens gets stabbed in the ear after tryin to listen in on some "unsanitary" conduct, in the bathroom of a local movie theater. This scene was chosen by JBlack1985