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A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Neve Campbell
("Sydney Prescott")

Sydney Prescott, born to Neil and Maureen Prescott. Student at Woodsboro High, and victim of stalking by Woodsboro's very own Ghostfaced serial killer....

"Serial Killer's Not Accurate...You Gotta Knock Off A Couple More To Get That Title" ~Dewey Riley~

Survivor and Heroine will she be able to keep her head straight with all the blood and gore she's seen since senior year?


David Arquette
("Dewey Riley")

Woodsboro's Deputy Sheriff, simple sidekick to the naked eye but cleverly funny for the viewer. His on going trist with Media Mediocre Gale Weathers keeps the drama racing and keeps the audience laughing at his clumsy attempts to impress her.

Never a suspect, but always there, he watches over Sydney...maybe he should have payed a little more attention to his sister...with whom he fought with quite often.

"Mom says when I wear this badge you treat me like a man of the law!"
"Alright Deputy Dewey Boy, but were ready to okay?"

A mature man; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Courtney Cox Arquette
("Gale Weathers")

Gale, vixen in front of a camera. Tough bitch who can take a hit, yet soft at heart. Gale's Woodsboro's infamous Top Story Reporter. Her camera man Kenny isn't always treated well, but he makes her look great on film..

"When I Say Hurry...Please Interpret That As Move Your Fat Tub Of Lard Ass NOW!"

Her hardcore style has kept her out of the mouths of the shark like critics but can she keep herself out of trouble for once?


Jaime Kennedy
("Randy Meeks")

Randy is the residential movie maniac of Woodsboro. With a small crush on the movies main character and heroine Sydney he follows her around like "Little Lap Dog" In Randy's words himself. The man who knows everything there is too know about horror movies.

"There are certain rules to surving a horror movie...number can never have sex...Big No No, Big No No...rule number two you can never do drugs..yea its the sin factor its the's an extension of number one...and rule number can never say 'I'll be right back' cause you wont be back..."
"Im going to get a beer you want one?"
"Yea Sure,"
"I'll be right baaack...ahhh."

Wounded by love will he survive each horrifying attack?

If any of the cast members has a web site dedicated to just them, I might include a link to it here.