Daughter of Ivas

Lady Tiffilynn hid her suddenly pregnant self from everyone. She did not understand how she came to be in this situation since she has not known a man for many, many years. She would have terrible nightmares about a horribly ugly creature with tentacles and a huge mouth full of jagged teeth, that morphed itself to a beautiful woman. It spoke to her. It said in a soft captivating voice, "Tiffilynn, I am the goddess Ivas, your child belongs to me. Treat her as your own, harm her not, or you will be imprisoned in a darkened cave and tortured for all eternity." Poor Lady Tiffilynn would hear those words echo in her head for days until she felt on the edge of madness.

Finally days later, childbirth came, Lady Tiffilynn was glad to see that the baby girl was beautiful, and did not have the jagged teeth and tentacles she dreamed about. The baby had perfect creamy lily white skin, hypnotic brilliant green eyes, and shiny raven black hair. Lady Tiffilynn could not help but feel joyous of her new baby. The child grew fast, unusually fast, in fact. Young Tiffilyn was in her teens in a matter of weeks and her beauty was almost frightening. Lady Tiffilynn noted an evil glint in the young girls piercing green eyes, it cast a dark shadow of fear in her heart.

Now a young woman Tiffilyn was part good and part evil. Ivas hopes that soon her daughter would abandon her goodly earth mothers ways completely. We shall see if this happens. Young Tiffilyn knew from the beginning who her real mother was and was proud and embraced the fact that she was part goddess. She loved both her goddess mother and her earth mother passionately.

Young Tiffilyn struggles to please both of her mothers. Her good giving traits she has from Lady Tiffilynn, and her passionate, lustful ways of her goddess mother Ivas.

Day by day the young Tiffilyn grows closer to her goddess mother Ivas. Can Tiffilyn's earth mother win her over to the side of lightness and good? We shall see.

I fear.

Ode to the daughter of Passion.
Sorrow fills the morning air,
Love surrounds Lady Tiffilynn.
Ivas casts a covetous stare;
To place her child deep within.

Green wisps on a field of red.
Ode to the goddess of passion.
To wish that thou wast dead.
As we learn this sorrowful lesson.

As you are entranced by her gaze;
Held by her tentacles of deception.
Her beauty masks the haze,
She awaits the conception.

Beautiful child of lily white skin,
Hypnotic eyes of emerald green.
Goddess Ivas her closest kin.
Young Tiffilyn a beauty to be seen.

Just beginning her life.
The story is not complete,
to bring you strife
Jealousy and lust t'all she'll meet.

Woe to you who become entranced,
And have heard this sorrowful tale.
Had this warning long and advanced;
To you, a fools end will prevail.

Biography and Ode
written by Lady Tiffilynn
for her daughter young Tiffilyn.

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