Etiquette for the Young and Old By Elk Wilders

At times all of us need to review some rules of politeness and common sense. Some events I will be describing are sometimes caused by the weather, such as a kill stolen by a thirty-second lag, but some activities are occurring much more frequently and cannot be blamed on the weather. I believe much of it is caused by the recent population explosion. In the earlier days we were taught manners by our older role models. Today, there are so many younger people in the lands that there are not enough role models to go around. Younger folk are then forced to learn on their own, which can be trying for us all.

An invasion is an assault on an area by creatures that do not usually inhabit that region. Twenty Troll Kings at the North Gate is considered an invasion. A large pack of critters that normally live in a particular area is called a swarm. If you see eight roltons in the lower grasslands, that is a swarm. This is a very significant and important difference. Use common sense when you see a large number of critters in one room. If you are a younger person it may be prudent to sit it out in the case of swarms but if it is a real invasion with critters way over your age, then please go to town and wait till the fighting has ended.

The biggest problem with invasions is the young dead piled up all over the place. The second largest problem with invasions is that some older people are casting E-wave and other mass destruction spells that are hurting and killing their comrades and friends as much as its hurting the invaders. Please refrain from using those types of spells in an invasion. There is enough confusion without an added scroll of 50 people knocked down and stunned for ten seconds. Another very important thing to watch out for during an invasion, or actually any time at all, is the dragging of a dead body. Before you drag, please ask! I have been dragged from a fogger's hand more than once. I have also had six bodies in my group ready to fog them out when all of a sudden someone dragged one away from me. If you see a body with several Ladies and Lords in the room, then the chance is very high that the deader will be either fogged out or raised on the spot.

Several Clerics and Empaths have told me that it drives them crazy when someone keeps shouting, "REZ ME IM DEAD" or "IM DYING I HAVE A MINOR ON MY TOE". If you do this, chances are you will not be raised or your toe will stay bruised. Please do not shout and badger our wonderful healers, both Empaths and Clerics. A handy tip is to carry certain herbs that will stop bleeding on the spot so you will not be in any danger anyhow.

I also asked many Empaths, Clerics and Rogues about proper tipping for their services. This is one of the harder subjects to discuss, as it is always a judgment call each time. Things to remember when thinking of the amount of a tip are the time, effort and expenses that these professionals spend in order to serve you better.

Masters in the Order of Voln are commonly asked for blesses on magical metal weapons. In order to become Master, you must scrimp and save your favor to make your next step. To use the symbol that invokes the blessing costs hard-earned favor. Keep in mind that just because someone is a Master, it does not mean that they have an unlimited amount of favor to spend on blesses. When a Master blesses your weapon that is a gift that should not be taken lightly. A suggestion for people who fight the undead is to carry two blessable weapons that can either be blessed by Clerics or by the temple. Pure potions can also be poured on magic metals by Clerics without the cost of favor.

Puzzles or quests are common in the lands. If you need help on a puzzle it is O.K. to ask someone for a hint, but please do not give solutions on public thought nets or in public places out loud. Whisper the hints to the person or think silently to them. Many folks want to solve these quests on their own and if you spill the answer then the quest for them will only just going through the motions without any challenge. Once again, please respect other people's enjoyment of the lands.

The last topic I will discuss here is hunting and foraging. If someone is foraging in a room, do not jump right in and forage. That is the same as stealing a kill and it is very bad manners. If you get in a room and a critter is already there but someone else is there too, then it is their critter - do not just swing away. If it happens by accident then apologize. We all make mistakes. If you want to hunt with someone just ask him or her.

The Lands are a wonderful place, but the best part of it is the people. Join a group of people and make friends with them. The friendship is the best part of being in the Lands.


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