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These Guides were created by various players of Gemstone III. I have set them up here for easier access. All credit for many and most of these guides goes to their rightful authors of each guide. Some Guides you find not linked anymore because they were broken. I kept them up so that the author of these links could contact me if they moved their site elsewhere, otherwise they will be removed in time permanently.

Elanthian Tidbits

  • Who was last in possession of an ancient veil iron giantman's crown set with blue diamonds and firestones with a coif of pure gold?

  • Kelfour is the grizzled ol Warrior's Grandfather, True or false?

  • Do you know what the seven artifacts of Kulthea are?

  • Name the thirteen Chosen in the Vvrael Saga

(answers below)

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  1. Artistansas

  2. False

  3. *7 artifacts are....

    • The Ring of Riverwind Entreri  

    • The Shield of Lelldorin Silverhair  

    • Adamantine Falchion  

    • The Blade of Tulkas    

    • The Robes of Ronin Invictus    

    • Sword of Jesh de Sacro  

    • Cloak of Dagmar Istarii    

  4. The Chosen:

    • Heathyr, Krackenstar, Writher, Jala, Berr, Risper, Mithadris, Tedra, Wanton, Nyte, Merry, Beldin and Terate, who had fallen to the Vraael..

*These artifacts have never been found again, and of course the ring itself was destroyed. To learn more about the artifacts and more, read Mustafo's Kelfour Edition January 1991

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