Jesh's Farewell
Jesh and his Player say Farewell

Lord Jesh De'sacro the Half-Elf Rogue.
He appears to be in his 100's, has long, straight sandy blond hair, grey eyes, and tanned skin.
He is wearing a ruby amulet, some soft grey suede boots, a gold ring, some heavy studded leather gauntlets, some jet black imflass armor with edges dyed deep red, a jet black shield with the image of a large red serpent painted on it, a woven veniom mesh sack with the words "Property of First Elanith Bank" printed on it, a black ora serpent bracelet inset with dark ruby eyes, a blood-stained tourniquet, a braided grass band, a dark crystal pendant, a translucent black shaalk faceplate, a green mein ring set with a small marquis cut ruby, a jet black leather pouch studded with black diamonds, a long silvery serpent pin, a shadowy assassin's pin which reads "The Pocket Lightener", a gleaming black vruul-hide scabbard inscribed with the images of tortured souls, a multicolored pennant necklace, a shadowy hooded cloak embroidered with the image of a black dragon in mid-air combat with a white dragon, framed against a full yellow moon, and some pink trousers.
The De'sacro family fame is 148038663.

This is what Jesh looked like AFTER he stepped back into the mangler, items and all...

Jesh De'sacro the Elf.
He appears to be in his 30's, has very long silver hair, grey eyes, and tanned skin.
He is holding a short sword in his right hand.
He is wearing a belt pouch, a heavy backpack, and some light leather.

[Wehnimer's, Exterior]
You are standing on a small, sandy promontory that juts into Darkstone Bay. The Landing's great river gate lies southeast of here, guarded on either side by tall twin towers. To the west, this path continues on between Wehnimer's wooden palisade and the sandy beaches along the bay. You also see a grey cat, a falcon, and a calico cat who is sitting.

Also here: Kahlandor, Fremie, Lord Lionardo who is seated, Triex who is seated, Glii, Vrakyn, Lord Valdorn, Myrsalis, Lord Strathe, Lord Enterobios who is seated, Lady Kiora, Lady Haelra who is seated, Lord Teclys, Neddling who is seated, Lord Siegmond who is seated, Sebastianne who is seated, Lord Azryel who is seated, Lord Erabyss, Lord Treznor who is seated, Lord Porringer, Lord Aluvius who is seated, Lady Jypsie, Lord Bedin who is seated, Skulan who is seated, Lady Saigeian who is seated, Lord Wxuuan who is seated, Maji who is seated, Wildblossom who is seated, Aesear, Thirandir who is seated, Lord Alcadizaar, Lesotha who is seated, Lord Gerad, Icingdeath, Lady Danay who is seated, Nunnzio who is seated, Lady Acatia who is seated, Lord Farfield, Rhiilnar who is seated, Nazzix who is seated, Lord Raghadorn who is seated, Taranys, Helsfeld who is seated, Lord Jaelus who is seated, Lord Cadsreel who is seated, Lord Amadeus, Lord Ignis who is seated, Tavark who is seated, Lord Shadowplae who is seated, Kindal who is seated, Lord Eleath who is seated, Lord Jaltir who is seated, Jesh who is seated

Jesh says, "As long as you walk in this land, respect each other OOC ALWAYS, and play your character. A lot of people couldn't understand Jesh as a character, and that's a shame, because the gods loved it, and I know they have, I've heard it too much..."

Jypsie nods to Shadowplae.
Jesh says, "And always"
There is a twinkle in a falcon's eyes.
Azryel exclaims, "Blasphemy!"
Wildblossom says, "gobble please not now"
Jesh says, "_ALWAYS_"
You hear the faint thoughts of Kaelael echo in your mind:
"who Jesh? no telling, ye 'd have go see"
Lady Luky's group just arrived.
Jesh says, "Love the legends, not the numbers."
Reife sits down.
Raghadorn smiles at Jesh.
Lord Dgry just arrived.
Ignis nods to Jesh.
Jaltir nods to Jesh.
Luky bows.
Nunnzio nods to Jesh.
Cadsreel says, "Course."
Wxuuan says, "I'll do my best."
Lesotha nods to Jesh.
Nazzix just hugged Jesh.
Erabyss asks, "can you explain that Jesh please?"
Maji sighs.
Jesh asks, "Can I explain what?"
Wxuuan just hugged Jesh.
The grey cat rubs up against Jesh.
Acatia says, "if ye need it explained, ye don understand"
Erabyss says, "The legends, and not numbers part"
Jesh says, "I can explain anything yes."
Wxuuan asks, "gads you.. who am I going to have gems cursed for?"
Wxuuan sighs.

Shadowplae says, "I think he the people that have earned the title legend..not the ones that have merely gained fifty years"
Fremie chuckles.
Cadsreel glances at Wxuuan.
Saigeian rubs Wxuuan gently.
Porringer says, "Role, not roll."
Cadsreel raises his hand.
Safaris asks, "Why is everyone 'ere?"
Acatia nods to Shadowplae.
Sephirotad sits down.
Jesh says, "i'm sorry I'm not answering whispers, I'm using java front end ;("
Saigeian just kissed Wxuuan on the cheek.

A giant turkey comes out of hiding.
A giant turkey just went west.

Danay nods to Shadowplae.
Fremie says, "turkey"
Fremie chuckles.
Jypsie nods.
Fremie searches around for a moment.
A giant turkey runs for cover.

Fremie grins.
Helsfeld asks, "what exactly did your special box do..?"
Nazzix smiles at Jesh.
Shadowplae says, "like celtar...who is what...9 now? I consider him a legend"
Erabyss says, "The legends, and not numbers part, explain that so a hobbit like me understands"
Shadowplae shrugs.
Sephirotad says, "dat turkey know boil earth"

You hear the voice of Jubuls say, "c'mon out"
You hear the voice of Jubuls exclaim, "stupid turkey, i wan' yer leg!"
Jesh exclaims, "Oh I'm 50th Im a legend!"
Lionardo says, "to be a legend is not to become a legend"
Jesh says, "And 'Man this bastard's older then dirt!'"
Jesh says, "I guess you can say"
Triex just hugged Kiora.
Jaltir remembers thinking that about Jesh...
Jaltir rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Jesh says, "In Kulthea, Legend is not number 50"
Erabyss asks, "But what about people like him? Azryel over there, a dirty player, does that make him any less legends cause he is known more as enemy then friend?"
Acatia nods to Jaltir.
Erabyss points at Azryel.
Azryel sneers at Erabyss.
Treznor chuckles.
Jaltir grins.
Luky says, "In Elanthia, to many of us, legend is not level 50 either though."

Jesh says, "Legend is, 'Man, yeah I remember Oghier, that guy was the best damn dwarf' or 'Oh yeah, Thalior, heh whatta crazy nut' or"
Cadsreel frowns.
Azryel nods to Jesh.
Lionardo nods to Jesh.
Jesh says, "Or Valeria? Oh man, walk down the street and she's their your pocket is empty"
Safaris says, "Or Safaris, turkey worshipper."
Safaris smirks.
Triex cackles!
Safaris says, "And kobold king protector."
Neddling asks, "was he true to his character, however vile or good he/she might be?"
Jaltir says, "Not precisely the words I'd use to describe Thalior."

Jypsie says, "a legend is someone who leaves their mark in the lands, a helping hand of sorts, who earned his right to be called legend not because he has made legend in mere numbers"
Jesh says, "Or "Kayla? Damn! Best loving healer in the world!""
Kahlandor says, "Oh i'd say Thalior is definately a Legend"
Shadowplae smiles at Jesh.
Jesh says, "A legend lives"
Jaltir grins.
Erabyss exclaims, "Boy that ERabyss! I've never been loved by a hobbit like him!"
Kiora says, "Jesh had a way with legs"
Jesh says, "A 50th level person doesn't."
Erabyss blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

* Jubuls just bit the dust!

Jypsie says, "I told Jubuls not to play with them turkeys."
Jypsie shakes her head.
Shadowplae laughs.
Dgry says, "or kali"
Kiora winks at Jesh.
Safaris says, "Bleeds was a legend."
Porringer says, "Bleeds comes to mind."
Maji nods to Jesh.
Kahlandor says, "I heard of him about 6 minutes after I left the farm"
Danay begins chuckling at Kiora.
Reife nods to Luky.
Jesh says, "Kali's just nuts ;)"
Dgry chuckles.
Eleath grins.
Jaltir nods to Jesh.
Cadsreel chuckles.
Ignis chuckles.
Tavark begins chuckling at Jesh.
Wildblossom says, "kali is a sweetie"
Kiora just hugged Jesh.
Saigeian giggles.
Shadowplae grins.
Acatia grins.

Jesh says, "A lot of people will walk away and say"
Jesh says, "Jesh is fulla crap"
Jesh says, "Hell, I've heard that a lot"
Lionardo points at Reife.
Jaltir chuckles.
Lionardo says, "ill remember him"
Jesh says, "But a lot of people will say"
Reife chuckles.
Azryel says, "Jesh, I remember watching in a awe as you, Kali, and Thalior had a three way boxing match. It's things like that, simple trival things that are now missing from the lands."
Jypsie says, "because they dont care jesh, they just dont care"
You hear the faint thoughts of Bandanas echo in your mind: "thanks valdorn for draggin me dere"
Jypsie sighs.
Cadsreel says, "I miss Dmitri..."
Cadsreel sighs.
Triex rubs a crystal amulet.

Jypsie nods to Cadsreel.
Aronious gives Jypsie a smooch.
Raghadorn says, "That's inspiring Jesh..with so many people in the lands now, it's a competition to see who can get "better" really need to set back and ask, "Why am I in the lands?" If the answer is to get yer numbers up there..yer in the wrong place."
Ignis says, "He is still around.."
Azryel says, "Or perhaps Jesh, the time you legged Kailani, I still applaud you to this day for that."
Jesh says, "If you want me to make myself clear I will:"
Nunnzio stands up.
Safaris says, "I liked Manny when he dressed up as a cockatrice."
Safaris smiles.

You hear the faint thoughts of Triex echo in your mind:
"bah, dis is ridiculous. if 1 more legend that i truly admire leaves, i'm gonna drop my axe and all my belongins from ze tree in TSC and leave."
Jaltir chuckles.
Neddling says, "the more that leave the lands, the few remain to show by example"
Cadsreel says, "True, but I remember ALWAYS seeing him."

Ignis nods to Cadsreel.
Cadsreel rubs Jesh gently.
Luky nods to Neddling.
Saigeian nods to Neddling.
You hear the faint thoughts of Triex echo in your mind:
"Pretty soon, only legends that will be left are the little egotistical newbie legends"
Eleath says, "gee.. and i thought i'd hear Jesh speaking.. not everyone else"
Azryel says, "My question is Jesh, is if you still have Kailani's leg, may I have it? It would make a lovely trophy..."
Eleath scowls.
Azryel nods to Jesh.
Raghadorn says, "Not ALL the people new to the lands are here to destroy the old ways."
Tavark nods to Eleath.
Danay nods to Raghadorn.
Jesh says, "I never said that."
Raghadorn says, "I was nae refering ta what ye said Jesh.".
Jesh nods.
Luky says, "Just a shame that some of the elders give up and leave instead of passing things on."
Raghadorn says, "many a reply stated something similar ta that."
Jesh says, "Luky"
Azryel nods to Luky.
Ignis says, "They have Luky"
Azryel says, "Yes, it is."
Cadsreel says, "Luky.."
Jesh says, "I have spent 8, EIGHT years here"
You hear the faint thoughts of Ariethe echo in your mind:
"there is no such thing as a newbie legend, though there are immature ones perhaps"
Raghadorn looks over at Jesh and shakes his head.
Luky says, "And I have spent 5."
Kiora says, "there are considerably fewer folks than there was not to long ago, if there was a way to get them to listen, to open up their eyes"
Jesh says, "I have passed on more then a lot of people"
Kiora sighs.

Jypsie says, "true Ragh, not all, but those who do ruin it for others who do care"
Safaris says, "I have spent 4 in various lifetimes."
Jesh asks, "And I don't care about what items I left behind, you know what? I took them all with me, why?"
Enterobios nods to Kiora.
Luky asks, "Yes, but you are fed up and leaving, correct?"
Raghadorn smiles at Jypsie.
You hear the faint thoughts of Triex echo in your mind:
"newbie is a state of mind that applies to everyone who acts immature-like."
Cadsreel says, "Cause the friendships matter most."
Kindal says, "just Jesh bein Jesh fer the last 4 years i have know him has left plenty to pass on"
Jesh says, "because this is what I heard: "JESH Give me your items!!" "Hey I'll buy that from you!""
Raghadorn says, "We peoples who love the lands and the stories she holds need ta stick tagether."
Raghadorn leans on Jesh.
Safaris rubs Jesh gently.
Jesh nods to Lionardo.
Lionardo bows to Jesh.
Jypsie nods to Jesh.
You hear the faint thoughts of Beliwyf echo in your mind:
"its the bad-azz big turkey from 'ell"
Shadowplae sighs.
Jypsie nods to Jesh.
Treznor grumbles.
Aluvius says, "aye, I understand Jesh...I'll never consider myself a Legend no matter if I ever make the training simply because I grew up with people like ye, Dart, Pan and so could I fill those shoes? And I'm not the only one from my generation to fill that way to be sure."
Kiora rolls her eyes.
Lionardo waves to Jesh.
Wildblossom says, "I heard about that jesh and that's sickening"
Jesh says, "I'm sorry but a person is a person, not an item"
Kiora rubs Jesh gently.
Nunnzio says, "I must take leave m'lord Jesh, but know this, even tho I never fought side by side with you, I've been around as Bathiel and have grown to respect you. And in respect to my family, Letisha, Arliquin, and several others, which no longer are here in the lands, I bid you farewell and best of luck for the future."
Nazzix says, "Your stories are worth more than the items..."

Neddling says, "Yes, Jesh, and I think the truth is that it is not the best part of your life anymore. "
Aluvius nods to Jesh.
Azryel says, "Jesh, all for the better, those items will be, and always will be apart of your Legend."
Jesh just hugged Nunnzio.
Nunnzio just hugged Jesh.
Jesh says, "the legend part is very difficult"
Nunnzio bows to Jesh.
Jypsie says, "exactly Azryel"
Nunnzio waves.
Jesh says, "You can not just be 50th or above"
Luky says, "Well I am dissappointed."
Triex says, "what i'm seein is that too many of the people that i've looked up to over ze years are leavin"
Triex grumbles.
Reife nods to Triex.
Azryel says, "Yes, I know some young Legends myself."
Azryel nods.
Raghadorn says, "Who decided that anyway? The 50th = legend? Whatta mook."
Jesh says, "Any lasting impressoin, anything of that nature, anything honorable, anything dishonorable anything that is great and memorable"
Azryel says, "Rag, the same person that decided, when we are all 20, we are all noble."
Jesh exclaims, "You can be 10th level and be a legend!"

You hear the faint thoughts of Bandanas echo in your mind: "<-- chases turkey with a fistfull of dried bread crumbs, here turkey, here turkey..."
Safaris says, "I consider Briars a legend."
Treznor says, "that was in the days before non-stop power-hunting occured"
Skulan says, "I guess its just a brave new world now"
Maji says, "Ya shall be missed Jesh. Good luck wif wha ever ya end up doin sir."
Jesh says, "Many nears ago"
Maji and Jesh shake hands.
Jesh says, "Many years, even."
Triex says, "but, if ye truly love past legendary persons, you'll share your stories of what they shared with you...and that is what shall always keep them alive"
Jesh and Maji shake hands.
Tavark says, "Briars is just pink."
Maji stands up.
Maji bows to Jesh.

Jesh says, "Many years ago 20th was very hard to achieve."
Luky asks, "So Jesh why bother influencing now, here, with your opinions if you are bailing on us?"
Safaris says, "Briars is unique."
Jesh says, "50th was unheard of."
Bedin just arrived.
Jesh says, "That is why 50th was 'legend'"
Aluvius says, "took me 2 years to reach me Lordship"
Suddenly, Glii bursts into tears!
Kiora says, "I have held a great repsect for you since i met you, long time back when i was jus a young one in Hearthstone, you are an anomoly to all folks in the lands, a legend among legends."
Raghadorn nods.

Jesh says, "I really don't want to walk away from here and have everyone say"
Jesh says, "Boy that guy (ooc) is ignorant or egotistical."
Bedin says, "How bloody untimely."
Treznor says, "believe me, they won't Jesh"
Farfield says, "this is too damn sad - we will miss ya and the lands will feel empty for a while - and, sadly, folks will forget your advice - so maybe we should name the jail for you - you can still see the moon from the cell on the left "

Azryel asks, "Jesh, what is the biggest factor in your wanting to leave?"
Jesh says, "Jesh as a character had a VERY large Ego."
Luky says, "That is not what I would think."
Jesh says, "He wouldnt be jesh , if not ;)"
You hear the faint thoughts of Wxuuan echo in your mind:
"luky I don't know.. I feel lost in all this... like losing a cornerstone.. but I still haven't heard a reason that sits well for me."
Raghadorn exclaims, "Long live Jesh!"
Luky says, "I thinks he gave up"
Jellonius bows to Jesh.
Jesh says, "Why I left"
Shadowplae says in guild speak, "I'll remember ye as the king of teefs, myself"
Bedin asks, "Jesh, may I tell a very short story which might inspire?"
Suddenly, Glii bursts into tears!
Myrsalis just went west.
Wildblossom says, "Jesh anyone whom can't seperate a charicter from the person behind it is a moron"
You hear the faint thoughts of Dreesen echo in your mind:
"Wxuuan what did Jesh say to everybody?"
Jesh smiles at Luky.
Jellonius nods to Dgry.
Bedin leans on Jesh.
Jesh says, "Ok Why I left:"
Jesh says, "Several reasons."
Luky says, "And you did Jesh, gave up."
Jesh says, "First of all, and the biggest factor is this"
Cadsreel says, "Luky, all things end."
Cadsreel glances at Luky.
Triex says, "Luky please, ya not helpin."
Jesh says, "After the Gemstone site had opened,"
Danay nods to Cadsreel.
Danay sighs.
Rhiilnar glances at Luky.
Rhiilnar sighs.
Azryel says, "Wild, you have no idea how often i run into that problem. People are idiots by nature, it's what makes us human."
Jesh says, "Simutronics decided to use some of my artwork without asking. When I spoke with several superiors"
Enterobios says, "dont be upset with Luky...shes entitled to speak her mind"
Acatia nods to Jesh.
Jesh says, "I was told that and don't quote this, "that we thought the letter was sent out.""

You hear the faint thoughts of Vilimader echo in your mind:
"basically respect the person.. and not the AS... level or any numbers they are.. and that a "Legend" is how a person acts no matter what level or anything they are.."
Luky says, "An I know I speak for others as well."
Jesh says, "Something along that line."
Lord Bandanas just arrived.
Wildblossom says, "jesh did they take it down?"
Bandanas sits down.
Jypsie just hugged Bandanas.
You hear the faint thoughts of Nunnzio echo in your mind:
"what Jesh is saying is too much to say, but he is speaking his mind of wisdom, and he makes alot of sense, alot of people would learn much from him"

Bandanas just gave Jypsie a smooch.
Bandanas just gave Enterobios a smooch.
Reife just tried to pull Bandanas towards him!
You hear the faint thoughts of Wxuuan echo in your mind:
"Jesh is here.. speaking.. all the way east from outside the gate past the dinghy.. come.. sit and listen..."
Jesh says, "Secondly, after seeing so much chaos and so much idioticy throughout characters, people like Luky who will not even listen and are one track"
Safaris touches one finger to his lips.
Bandanas leans on Reife.
You hear the faint thoughts of Acatia echo in your mind:
"listen bein the key word"
Jypsie nods to Jesh.
Raghadorn's jaw drops.
Jesh says, "I decided that it was enough. To have so much bickering and arguing, it made my time here unenjoyable."
Pennikins just arrived.
Pennikins sits down.
Lord Tsalaroth just arrived.

Jesh says, "To leave is very hard like I said earlier."
Azryel says, "Teras will do that to you"
Bandanas blinks.
Aronious nods to Jesh.
Azryel just nudged Jesh.
Luky frowns.
Jesh pokes Azryel in the ribs.
Jesh says, "Like I said earlier"
Raghadorn rubs Jypsie gently.
Jesh rubs Azryel gently.
Shadowplae smirks.
Raghadorn smiles at Jypsie.
Wildblossom says, "it is true that there are some real jerks here but there are going to be idits no matter where one goes"
Triex says, "seeing Lord Meta go was enough, seein Berr go would just be too much."
Triex sniffs.

Jesh says, "Like I said earlier, everyone that I know is great, and it was my time, I'll still hopefully live as someone as a fun legend and maybe in peoples eyes, a legend they hated ;) But to see things like"
Kiora says, "people dun want to work together anymore, they want to complain at each other, and show each other they know it all, I remember a time when an invasion happened the net selling stopped immediately and everyone was focused on saving one another while protecting the town"
Jesh says, " "Jesh said this out of character" and can not understand that it is in character ;("
Jesh nods to Kiora.
Jesh says, "Power Kiora."
Jypsie says, "yer so right Kiora"
Porringer nods to Kiora.
Enterobios nods to Kiora.
Jypsie nods to Jesh.
Kiora says, "i miss those days"
Resurrectra just hugged Jypsie.
Skulan says, "Your a piece of history Jesh...and I think its kinda poetic that ya leave....kind of like inta the sunset"
Triex says, "those days are long gone..."
Resurrectra exclaims, "hello jypsie!"
Enterobios says, "it was more fun before i titled......"
Raghadorn says in guild speak, "I wish there was a way we could take selling off the amunet."
Jypsie just kissed Resurrectra on the cheek.
Raghadorn says, "I wish there was a way we could take selling off the amunet."
Resurrectra just hugged Kiora.
Bedin says, "Now wait..."
Triex says, "along with the days of the gods actually coming down and interactin wit ze people"
Triex grumbles.
Jesh says, "Now Luky walks away with a whisper saying basically I am 'adoring' people who are giving me 'sympathy'..."
Aluvius nods to Triex.
Jesh says, "That's the stuff that makes me unhappy."
Jaltir sighs.
Cadsreel nods to Jesh.
Jypsie rubs Jesh gently.
Jaltir nods to Jesh.
Jesh says, "Well"
Triex says, "I ignore people like Luky. "
Azryel says, "Jesh, you find no sympathy in me. I am here to pay my respect."
Jesh says, "Overall I guess I should leave now ;)"
Raghadorn says, "Sypathy? Jesh i dont know you at all really. I have a thought of what you stand for..and that's why i'm here listening."
Triex says, "People who have thick skulls and just don't understand"
Triex rolls his eyes.
Bedin says, "Lord Bleeds showed up the other day....Jesh. And many of us were standing around him, he was speaking."
Kindal asks, "one thing that really gets me, Jesh member when Dmitri would sit and tell stories fer hours?"
Bedin says, "He cast at someone..."
Kindal says, "he was here last week"
Cadsreel nods to Kindal.
Kindal says, "doin tha same thing"
Jesh says, "I just want to say one damn bold statement before I leave"
Bedin says, "A mere 280 CS. You look at lord Bleeds Suncrusher..."
Wildblossom says, "you will be missed Jesh"
Aluvius asks, "well Jesh, yer name shall never fade....for example, how many people here actually knew Harcourt?"
Bedin says, "he appears to be in his 80's."
Aluvius says, "and his name still strikes fear to dis day..."
Kindal says, "i dont mean to offend anyone but there were only 2 or 3 poeple sittin there listnin"
Azryel says, "Implode Jesh"
Bedin says, "half the people could have wiped the floor with him"
Bedin says, "But they all bowed and respected him."
Azryel cackles!
Jesh says, "And call this ignorant call it egotistical but I think I speak for a lot of old timers"
Aluvius rubs the back of his head where Harcourt slapped it last.
Bedin says, "It was that one day, that I saw their would be hope."
>whisper jesh ye been speakin' fer a lotta not-so-old timers too ;)Ok.
Raghadorn says, "Sounds like it's time for a GS4. Newbies and mooks only."

Jesh says, "Never forget the true legends, never forget the ones who cared, and remember, everything was in character (well, ok MOST! hell we all make mistakes), and remember, 50th is a pond, and a legend is the ocean."
Jesh waves.
Jesh stands up.
Jesh just went west.

Eleath says, "your a good man Jesh, I wish I was around earlier so that we may have grown up together and have been able to call each other friend"
Wxuuan sighs.
Cadsreel says, "Taday, a monument of da lands falls ta erosion."
Jypsie sighs.
Ignis shakes his head.
Bedin sighs.
Treznor sighs.
Suddenly, Kahlandor bursts into tears!
Ignis says, "Damn"
Danay shifts her weight.
Cadsreel frowns.
Suddenly, Jaltir bursts into tears!
Shadowplae just kissed Jypsie on the nose.
Acatia snuggles up to Eleath.
Kahlandor sniffs.
Raghadorn sighs.
Rhiilnar sighs.
Bandanas nods to Cadsreel.
Cadsreel sighs.
Haelra gives Shadowplae a firm punch and backs away from him.
Bedin nods to Cadsreel.
Raghadorn says, "there goes a good good man."