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Story of The Wizard Melgorehn
as told by Lord Silvean

You hear the faint thoughts of Silvean echo in your mind:
"Anyone interested in hearing the story of the wizard Melgorehn and his life,
the reach, and his eventual death should come to the Museum foyer
where I will be speaking on these events in five minutes."

[Wehnimer's Museum, Grand Foyer]
You are in the grand entry hall of the Wehnimer's Museum. This building houses much ancient and historical lore, artifacts and antiquities. The museum complex consists of galleries bedecked in fine works of art, wings devoted to historical artifacts, a library of rare manuscripts, a wing devoted to the natural history of Elanthia, and a Hall of Magic and Technology. You also see a silver chalice and a striking marble trophy.
Also in the room: Lorekeeper Dartamus, Lady Titaniia, Lady Leanness, Lord Silvean
Obvious exits: north, south, east, west, out.
You say, "Evenin, all"
Leanness says, "Evening Jypsie"
Dartamus smiles at Titaniia.
Titaniia nods to Silvean.
Dartamus smiles at you.
Titaniia curtsies to you.
Dartamus says, "Hello there"
You smile.

Silvean leans on his scythe.
Silvean taps some nightmare black warlock's robes.
Silvean says, "Well, I suppose I'll get started in just a minute."
Silvean asks, "Anyone ever heard of Melgorehn, asides from his name connected with the mountain?"
Direstrike says, "Somewhat."
Direstrike says, "Nea much dat ah kin recall doh."
Silvean says, "Other most popular connection is that he created the floating disk spell."
Silvean says, "He has an older name too, I bet Starsnuffer knows that one."
Silvean says, "Bit outdated, for all purposes I simply refer to him as Melgorehn."
Giantphang just arrived.
Silvean says, "This story occurs many years ago before Wehnimer's was in existence."
Silvean says, "The heart of it surrounds a quandry that Melgorehn was in concerning his magical studies."
Silvean says, "See, Melgorehn was a wizard, but it is incorrect to read that title as a profession narrowed to what our local Wizards study."
Silvean says, "Melgorehn was an immensely powerful man, he could bend time and overturn cities."
Silvean says, "He just had one slight problem, most of his power depended entirely on magical relics of untold age."
Silvean says, "Now, any wizard can tell you that it takes a good amount of time and power to charge a ruby amulet or something with a few walls of force."
Silvean says, "Imagine how much power a relic that can destroy a city requires."
Dartamus winces.
Silvean says, "Melgorehn found that he was spending immense amounts of his personal time recharging his tools rather than using their abilities for study, so he developed a theory that is now referred to as "Melgorehn's theory"."
Silvean says, "Funny how they have the same name, history is full of happenstance."
Titaniia scratches her head.
Direstrike smirks.
Leanness chuckles.
Starsnuffer sits down.
Silvean says, "Well, Melgorehn's theory stated that somewhere on Elanthia there had to be a location of such natural and pure power that an item could charge itself there on its own without any outside influence whatsoever."
Silvean says, "If he was correct, Melgorehn could turn his life around."
Silvean nods to Starsnuffer.
Leanness rubs her chin thoughtfully.
Starsnuffer smiles.
Silvean begins chuckling at Starsnuffer.
Silvean says, "So this began Melgorehn's search."
Silvean says, "Now Melgorehn had a very powerful orb of teleportation in his control at this time."
Silvean says, "It could take him to any location of this world in the blink of an eye, at the expense of great power, naturally."
Leanness blinks at Silvean.
Silvean says, "And so Melgorehn basically would study maps and ancient lore for nothing more than mere legends of magical occurance, teleport to the general area, and reach out with his magical senses for proof of his theory."
Silvean says, "This went on for nearly a year."
Faent's group just arrived.
Silvean says, "And so his search brought him to the Wehnimer's area..."
Titaniia scratches her head.
Lorent sits down.
Titaniia asks, "He never went out an' hunted an' stretched his limbs?"
Silvean says, "Here he found the proof of his theory."
Faent mutters something about beginning before he arrived.
Faent sits down.
Silvean says, "Which is a good thing, his orb of teleporation shattered upon his last trip here."
Leanness blinks.
Direstrike says, "Oops... dats wha' 'appens when ye dun take care o' yer stuffs."
Direstrike shakes his head.
Silvean says, "Now, I point this out for a reason. If you ever read the history of Melgorehn every time he loses or destroys a relic, it's highlighted a thousand times."
Silvean says, "Many historians would trace objects of ungodly power all the way from the Age of Drakes to find that the line of owners ends with Melgorehn."
Silvean says, "And so the teleporation device ended with him."
Dartamus shakes his head.
Dartamus says, "Such a waste.."
Leanness groans.
Silvean says, "Well, he found his spot that would naturally charge items. It was perfection and vindication at last."
Leanness says, "Typical mage"
Silvean says, "Just two little problems."
Leanness gulps.
Silvean says, "Problem one, the spot was about a few thousand feet in the air."
Silvean says, "Hrmm... what to do.."
Silvean says, "Melgorehn decided on a plan."
Silvean says, "Travelling to a nearby mountain he had noticed on his maps Melgorehn brought forth an artifact that was suitable for moving objects great distances."
Direstrike leans forward on his travelling stick, listening intently.
Silvean says, "Melgorehn figured it could also move a great object small distances."
Silvean rolls his eyes.
Direstrike cackles!
Silvean says, "Well, Melgorehn used this relic and every bit of his power to send this found mountain soaring into the heavens and towards his theoretical spot of power."
Silvean says, "And so with the mountain he had a natural ladder up to the location as he desired."
Faent says, "I would probably have had a tower erected, but stupid old Melgorehn had to tamper with a mountain."
Direstrike asks, "Stupid!?"
Silvean says, "The relic he used was reduced to heated goo."
Direstrike says, "Towahs crumble und fall tah ruin.."
Giantphang smacks his lips.
Giantphang exclaims, " goo!"
Direstrike says, "Moutains are ferevah..."
Giantphang drools.
Direstrike says, "Same princahble as diamond rings."
Silvean says, "Now in this area at the time lived a group of Dwarves."
Lorent says, "Direstrike even mountains crumble to dust."
Faent says, "Moutains do not last forever, simple giantman."
Silvean says, "Rather proud clan that specialized in building."
You clear your throat.
Giantphang says, "goo is yummy, I know dat much"
Giantphang nods.
You shift your weight.
Sylphsyte bites her lip.
Silvean says, "Shh."
Faent holds a finger to his lip.
Silvean says, "Well, Melgorehn offered this clan a few thousand fortunes in gold to begin work immediately on a grand project in the mountain."
Silvean says, "This explains the Dwarven writing if any of you have ever been up to the Reach."
Arianiss says, "Amazingly, writing I learned as a child."
Arianiss nods to Silvean.
Silvean says, "This clan of Dwarves worked quickly and in under a year they had build a huge system of caverns and a most clever means of reaching the point of power Melgorehn discovered."
Silvean says, "They named the mountain Melgorehn's Reach."
Starsnuffer clasps Leanness's hand tenderly.
s>Leanness leans on Titaniia.
Starsnuffer cuddles up with Leanness.
Silvean says, "Problem two, yes indeed the spot would naturally charge items due to a most interesting occurance of the moons being in alignment and focusing on the spot."
Silvean says, "Problem was this occurance occured about every thousand years or so."
Silvean says, "Hrmm.. what to do.."
Direstrike says, "Moons..."
You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.
Silvean says, "Melgorehn had a plan."
Meshach suddenly fades into view.
Silvean says, "You see he had in his collection a relic that could bend time based on the same work used in the Wizard's haste spells."
Silvean says, "This relic could draw a whole room into a different relm of time itself."
Giantphang removes a lime and whipped cream pie from in his tart satchel.
Giantphang takes a bite of his whipped cream pie.
Silvean says, "Melgorehn made some eh.. personal adjustments to this relic to make the effects more longlasting, and less painful to a man's health as the time was adjusted to no longer effect occupants."
Silvean says, "And so he cast one of the greatest spells of all history on that room and it still exists today."
Silvean says, "Every time those moons align and an object is recharged, a thousand years has passed in Melgorehn time."
Silvean says, "And the relic was turned to dust."
Leanness smiles.
Silvean says, "Three down."
Giantphang takes a bite of his whipped cream pie.
Dartamus says, "Yeesh."
Direstrike grins.
Direstrike says, "Ah like dis guy's style..."
Silvean says, "Well, Melgorehn set to work immediately with his new recharging moonbeam and pedestal."
Sylphsyte smiles.
Silvean says, "He was quite satisfied with his years of work and the price he paid for it."
Silvean says, "But after many eventful years there a bit of bad luck came his way."
Faent takes a drink from his sylvan brandy.
Silvean says, "See, one winter a mighty dragon happened to be flapping over the Wehnimer's area and it looked down to see the Reach there."
Leanness leans forward.
Silvean says, "Dragon thought, "Hmm. That place looks rather cozy.""
Dartamus chuckles.
Faent says, "The days of the dragons were dark indeed..."
Sylphsyte grins.
Silvean says, "And so it made its home right in one of the larger natural caverns of Melgorehn's home."
Silvean says, "Cavern happened to be right below the pedestal room."
Silvean says, "The last words of Melgorehn were found in a diary there that read, "A dragon has taken up residence in my home. It snores rather loudly. I am going to shoo it away.""
Sylphsyte giggles.
Dartamus groans.
Leanness grins.
Direstrike grins.
Faent says, "Fortunately, most here have never seen one."
Silvean says, "And so Melgorehn fetched up his staff and went down to face the dragon who gobbled him up whole promptly and went back to sleep."
Starsnuffer smiles.
Dartamus chuckles.
Silvean says, "He underestimated his foe a bit."
Sylphsyte chuckles.
Direstrike grins.
Titaniia stares off into space.
Silvean says, "And so he was a bit of a muddled man."
Saryn says, "just mildly however"
Silvean says, "But he was still hundreds of years old and quite probably the most powerful mortal in Elanthia for the last few of those hundred."
Starsnuffer says, "you missed a key point."
Direstrike grins.
Direstrike says, "Ah gots some quest'ns when yer done...."
Silvean says, "The Dragon's lair is still in the Reach, you can catch a glimpse of it in the water tunnels, if I recall."
Silvean says, "He filled it with treasure."
Starsnuffer nods to Silvean.
Sylphsyte bites her lip.
Silvean says, "Which one? I never keep these stories written down, that way they are always different."
Starsnuffer says, "You forgot to mention that by the time he had the recharging altar in place, and workable. .. he had no relics left which to recharge."
Silvean begins chuckling at Starsnuffer.
Silvean says, "He was an oddball."
Starsnuffer smiles.
Direstrike asks, "Ack! All o' 'is beautiful items?"
Dartamus chuckles.
Silvean says, "All the significant ones."
Giantphang takes a bite of his whipped cream pie.
Direstrike asks, "Wha' 'appened tah deh citah destroy'n one?"
Direstrike raises an eyebrow.
Faent says, "He was more annoying than he was odd."
Starsnuffer says, "oh, quite the contrary"
Starsnuffer smiles at Faent.
Meshach glances at Faent.
Starsnuffer says, "he left us those wonderful water tunnels."
Arianiss asks, "Who is Loul?"
Direstrike says, "Ah was gunna ask wha' 'appened tah all o' 'is items.... some o' dem sounded rathah worf purchase'n."
Faent begins chuckling at Starsnuffer.
Lorent glances at Starsnuffer.
Silvean nods to Lorent.
Lorent chuckles.
Silvean says, "There's more."
Direstrike says, "Ah ain' been up tah deh reach sense ah was ahy young man..."
Silvean says, "Melgorehn didn't merely die."
Dartamus says, "Too stubborn for that."
Dartamus grins.
Silvean says, "You see right when the dragon gobbled him an effect went into place that he had prepared long before."
Silvean says, "A most significant spell."
You lean forward.
Silvean says, "His death triggered the entire mountain to turn completely invisible and practically nonexistent in this world."
Silvean says, "IT was in between time actually, very complex sort of magic."
Leanness raises an eyebrow.
Titaniia furrows her brow.
Titaniia mutters magik.
Dartamus rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Silvean says, "Poor dragon."
Silvean says, "Well, eventually the spell just ran out."
Silvean says, "Over a thousand years or so it didn't last."
Silvean says, "People of Wehnimer's got out of bed one day and there was this mountain in their backyard."
Dartamus chuckles.
You nod.
Silvean says, "Rather shaking."
Sylphsyte smiles.
Leanness chuckles.
Direstrike chuckles.
Dartamus says, "I'd imagine"
Dartamus chuckles.
Starsnuffer says, "sort of like finding a dwarf in the halfling kettle."
Faent says, "Another interesting tidbit. It was the conjunction of the great moon Liabo, and it's smaller satellite Tililok that enabled the recharging."
Silvean says, "Other most amusing story I have about Wehnimer's is a merchant that was there once."
Leanness rubs Starsnuffer gently.
Leanness says, "It was an accident, I swear"
Silvean says, "Wehnimer's mountain that is."
Starsnuffer scowls at Leanness.
Direstrike asks, "Merchant?"
Direstrike leans forward on his travelling stick, listening intently.
Silvean says, "You see this merchant told everyone through the crystal amulet, and this was years ago mind you, that he would be setting up his services on top of Melgorehn's Reach."
Starsnuffer smiles.
Silvean says, "And so people piled up to the top of that mountain."
Silvean says, "And the fellow charged a fortune and never really gave into what he was going to do except that he was magical."
Silvean says, "Said he would add power to a magical item."
Silvean says, "So the first fellow hands over a fortune for the time and gives him a staff or something."
Silvean says, "Merchant sits it on the pedestal."
Starsnuffer grins.
Titaniia laughs!
Leanness gazes heavenward.
Direstrike smirks.
Starsnuffer says, "No it wasn't Celtic."
Starsnuffer pokes Leanness in the ribs.
Direstrike says, "Smart merchant."
Silvean says, "Anyway Leanness, a dragon ate Melgorehn whole."
Leanness snickers.
Silvean says, "And its horde is still in the mountain."
Leanness says, "Poor dragon"
Leanness asks, "Horde?"
Leanness wrings her hands.
Silvean says, "You can see the claw marks where Celtic has tried to get a grip on the wall near that entrance in the water tunnels."
Starsnuffer nods to Leanness.
Direstrike says, "Silvean, ye mind if'n ah add yer storah tah deh merchant's 'andbook? Tis ahy work in progress which will nea beh pulished till meh death."
Leanness laughs!
Titaniia says, "eesh..count on th' teef to think of th' treasure"
Leanness says, "Shoulda just put us all out of misery and let him drown"
Silvean says, "Go ahead, just give me credit."
Leanness grins.
Direstrike says, "Was quite ahy storah und worthah tah write, in ahy chaptah about 'ow nea tah treat yer items..."
Direstrike grins.
Direstrike says, "Surelah, surelah...."
Direstrike smiles.
Sylphsyte smiles.
Starsnuffer says, "now everyone run to the water tunnels, and see if you can find the horde"
Palito just went out.
Silvean says, "What we need is more merchants with potions that blow things up."
Leanness smiles at Starsnuffer.
Titaniia chuckles.
Direstrike grins.
Leanness says, "I can lend out Snuffer to do that"
Titaniia says, "Thankee fer th' story, Silvean"
Starsnuffer chuckles.
Silvean nods.
Titaniia says, "I like it better more times I hear it"
Direstrike says, "One mer thin'... Dat pendant around yer neck ist most pertah..."
Sylphsyte grins.
Direstrike turns towards Silvean and renders a sharp salute with his travelling stick.
Titaniia says, "Just goes ta show how dangerous magik is."
Faent says, "Aye, it was a great recitation of Loul's blunders, Silvean."
Titaniia nods.
Dartamus says, "Question for ya Silvean."
Faent smiles.
Dartamus smiles at Silvean.
Silvean says, "As I said, I tell it differently every time. Lylia was floored when I told her that."
Direstrike says, "Ah than' yas fer yer time."
Silvean says, "She figured I just repeated the exact same words."
Silvean says, "Shows how she listens."
Leanness grins.
Silvean nods to Dartamus.
Dartamus asks, "Where can one find the complete history of Melgorehn?"
Titaniia says, "She still gets all googly-eyed when yer around."
Titaniia nods to Silvean.
Starsnuffer says, "the mountain gets bigger every time too"
Silvean says, "That's just about all there is."
Silvean nods to Starsnuffer.
Direstrike squints at some steel-rimmed spectacles.
Silvean says, "IT does."
Dartamus nods.
Sylphsyte curtsies.
Direstrike leans over trying to inspect Silvean's pendant.
Dartamus stands up.
Silvean says, "What was his old name? Lohl or something."
Direstrike squints at some steel-rimmed spectacles.
Dartamus groans.
Dartamus rubs his sore knee.
Arianiss asks, "Loul?"
Silvean shows Direstrike his dark moonstone pendant.
Faent says, "Most libraries have several, somewhat incomplete books on the Enchater, Dartamus. "
Silvean shows Direstrike his slate pendant.
Faent says, "Loul the Enchater."
Dartamus nods to Faent.
Silvean says, "Loul."
Silvean nods.
Silvean says, "That's her."
Faent smiles at Silvean.
Arianiss asks, "Her?"
(Starsnuffer leans over and whispers to Leanness, "Originally it was a footstool, not a mountain, and it was a mouse that bit him, not a dragon.")
Silvean says, "As in the name."
Silvean says, "Her."
Leanness begins chuckling at Starsnuffer.
You grin.
Silvean says, "He was a man."
Dartamus begins chuckling at Starsnuffer.
Silvean says, "Was not."
Silvean mumbles something that you don't quite catch.
Titaniia curtsies.
Lady Titaniia just went out.
Direstrike begins chuckling at Starsnuffer.
Starsnuffer says, "Thank you for sharing that with us, Silvean"
Giantphang takes a bite of his whipped cream pie.
Dartamus says, "Now don't go sniveling up and pouting, Silvean."
Dartamus grins.
Silvean says, "My pleasure."
Giantphang smiles at Silvean.
Paerel just went north.
Silvean says, "There was something interesting I was going to say."
Leanness says, "Yes, thank you very much. Youve been a great help "
Silvean mumbles something that you don't quite catch.
Giantphang says, " Good story mister Silvean"
Giantphang bounces around happily.
Leanness smiles at Silvean.
Dartamus says, "Twas a grand story, thanks of sharing it with us."
You say, "Thank you once again Silvean"
Dartamus smiles.
Silvean says, "Oh, I try and force all of the "old" history out of my head."
Dartamus nods to Silvean.
Starsnuffer smiles at Leanness.
Direstrike says, "Gosh dis weathah ist terrible."
Silvean says, "It complicates things, especially when it contradicts."
Silvean mutters under his breath.
Silvean says, "That really annoys me."
Direstrike says, "Som'n needs tah patch up deh 'oles in dis dern place."

Further discussion went on a few moments longer then all thanked Silvean for yet,
another well told story of the histories of our lands.

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