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First Read the Policies... --->

  • Now that you have finished reading the Policy, you are now ready to roll your character. Your choices are Full Generator and Quick Generator. For the serious Roleplayer, go for the Full Gen. Quick Gen doesn't always give you good roles or place your stats where you would prefer them.
  • In a Full Gen you want to obtain a certain total number roll. What you do is take the numbers it gives you and add them together. If the total is above 640, which is the minimum you should go for, you may start to place your stats. If you can get anything above 640, definately accept it.
  • There are two good ways of getting this total:  Go into the Wizard and click on Configuration, Text Strings, Global Names. Click on New and type in 70. Click Ok. Keep doing this until you have all numbers from 70-100 highlighted. Press OK again and click on File, then Save Configuration. When you start to roll your numbers by pressing G, you will notice that these numbers are highlighted. Keep pressing G until you see at least 3 and preferably 4 of these highlighted numbers on a line. Next, take your calculator and add all the numbers together. If it is equal to or more than 640, stop. If not, keep rolling. The second and easier way is to download Rubein's AutoRoller. The Autoroller does the work for you. Just set it up, set the roll you want (most try for 640+, getting anything above 660 is rare but not impossible.  UPDATE: The Mangler has been renovated and now you may choose where you wish to put your rolls to your stats. Unfortunately the sum of your rolls will only equal to 420 PLUS your primary stats +10 & +10 totaling a sum of 640. I have no idea if the autoroller is yet to be workable with the new mangler. Ask Rubein.

Before rolling up your character check the following:

Where do I place my stats?

After all your stats for your profession have been generated, you now choose your race. Certain races have bonuses or penalties which apply to various stats. These bonuses apply above and beyond whatever bonuses or penalties your character has because of the actual value of the stat.

Your race also influences your health points. You gain health points each time you train in the body development skill. Each race has a maximum number of health points. If you take damage in excess of your health points, you die.

Your race will also play a major role in determining how much you can carry. Encumbrance is based on race, strength, and constitution. In general, larger races can carry more than smaller ones, as your carrying capacity is a direct function of your weight.

Character Stats

(CO) Constitution                 (ST) Strength
(DE) Dexterity                       (RE) Reflexes
(DI) Discipline                       (CH) Charisma
(WI) Wisdom                        (IN) Intelligence
(LO) Logic                            (AU) Aura

What does each stat stand for?

  • Mental Training Points = (DIS + AURA + LOG + CHR + WIS + INT) / 10

  • Physical Training Points = (DIS + AURA + STR + CON + RFLX + DEX) / 10

  1. Discipline (DI): Used in calculations in your training points – how many points you have to use for training in different skills each level. I put one of my highest numbers here.  Affects how many training points you have, guild skills, and how much experience your mind can take during a healing or hunting session.

  2. Intelligence (IN): Experience Absorption - This stat is one of the factors affecting how quickly your character can absorb field experience into real experience, which is how you gain levels. In other words it determines the amount of experience your head can hold before you have to rest. Affects how much experience you can take during a healing or hunting session.

  3. Logic (LO):  It determines how fast we absorb experience, from fried to clear as a bell. It also figures into the calculation for our mental training points. Helps with your CS. Logic is a measure of mental quickness. It is the mental equivalent of the Dexterity stat. Logic is a very important factor in determining how much your character can grasp at a time (in terms of experience points) and thus how quickly you can advance.  Affects how fast you can absorb the experience you have gained and your CS (Casting Strength). Note: The higher your Logic & Intelligence, the faster you absorb.

  4. Aura (AU):  This stat has a direct effect on the power of some spell casting professions (wizards, bards and sorcerers). Arms Sphere characters' mana points also depend on this stat, should they learn any spells. . Determines your starting spirit points (Aura stat/10 rounded up). This stat, along with discipline, determines your mental training points. This stat also determines the amount of "life force" or Spirit Points that your character possesses. Affects how many training points you have and how many spirit points you have. Also factors into some elemental and sorcerer spell warding.

  5. Wisdom (WI):  Wisdom bonuses can help you find what is hidden, be it a trap or a thief. In addition, high wisdom is desired for certain spell casting professions (clerics, empaths, rangers and sorcerers).  Determines the mana points we start with and gain each training. Affects how many mana points we have, our lockpick and disarm skills, perception, and our TD (Target or Spell Defense).

  6. Constitution (CO): General health and well being, including resistance to disease, injury, poison, and other types of damage.  Affects Strength, how much health you have, how much you weigh and your resistance to disease and poison.

  7. Reflex (RE): Determines your Defense Strength (DS).  A measure of reflexes and conscious reaction time. Your character benefits defensively from good reflexes. Helps us to dodge clouds and such. Affects our offensive stance DS (Defensive Strength), our ability to dodge things, our ability to pick boxes, the armor we can wear, and our climbing skill.

  8. Strength (ST): Determines your attack (AS) and calculates your beginning health along with constitution. This also Affects your base DS, reduces your roundtime when you move, and lets you carry/wear more things. This is your major stat if you are a hunting empath. Empaths should put a high number due to its VERY slow gain. (This was my only error in creating Jypsie)

  9. Dexterity (DE): The ability to use tools, missile weapons, and also to evade some attacks. A high dexterity will help you maneuver around the lands and also affects how well you can aim spells.   Helps in waving AS based wands, such as blue, silver, metal, etc. Most empaths only use twisted wands as they get older, because they don’t require any spell aiming, just magic item use. Also helps in wearing/carrying mass amounts of items. Great for them ~Fluffernutters~. Affects our ability to climb, our AS with wizard spells and wands, our AS with a bow or crossbow in archery, our ability to brawl, our ability with Voln Fu, our ability to dodge things, our ability to disarm and pick boxes, the armor we can wear, and more.

  10. Charisma (CH): This stat calculates into your mental training points, but otherwise simply makes merchants like you. Place your lowest number here. Also includes such traits as courage, leadership, self-esteem, bearing, presence, morale and ego. Affects your ability to get a good discount at merchants. It helps with some guild skills though no one is sure the Empath Guild will have something similar to the Warrior Guild Warcry skill.

**Remember Wisdom and Logic get a +10 Bonus for empaths and they grow fast, so put a medium number in those slots.

For instance, If you have a roll of 79, 79, 57, 46, 59, 42, 48, 54, 40, 49, put the 57 in Logic and the 59 in Wisdom. It will then be 67 and 69 instead of the original number you placed on those stats. The above number is not a very good roll, I simply used it as an example of how the bonus works.

What skills should I train in as an Empath?

Skill Training Menu for Empath Profession

   Bonus   P/M (T) Skill Name                     Bonus   P/M (T) Skill Name
 1)  0   25/20 (1) Two Weapon Combat        15)  0     2/8 (1) Picking Locks           
 2)  0    15/1 (1) Armor Use                             16)  0     6/5 (1) Stalking & Hiding       
 3)  0     7/1 (1) Shield Use                              17)  0     0/3 (2) Perception              
 4)  0   20/15 (1) Combat Maneuvers            18) --    0/10 (3) Spell Research          
 5)  0    10/1 (1) Edged Weapons                  19)  0     0/3 (2) Scroll Reading          
 6)  0     9/1 (1) Blunt Weapons                     20)  0     0/4 (2) Magic Item Use          
 7)  0    20/3 (1) Two-Handed Weapons      21)  0     0/2 (3) Mana Sharing            
 8)  0    20/3 (1) Ranged Weapons                22)  0     3/2 (1) Spell Aiming            
 9)  0    20/3 (1) Thrown Weapons                23)  0   15/15 (1) Ambush                  
10)  0    20/3 (1) Pole Arm Weapons             24)  0     2/0 (3) Physical Training       
11)  0     6/2 (1) Climbing                                 25)  0     1/0 (3) First Aid               
12)  0     3/1 (1) Swimming                               26)  0     0/3 (1) Trading                 
13)  0   20/25 (1) Multi-Opponent Combat   27)  0     3/3 (1) Picking Pockets         
14)  0     2/9 (1) Disarming Traps                   28)  0    20/3 (1) Brawling

Skill Training for Empath Profession

*indicates mandatory training | *indicates optional training

P/M (T) Skill Name

P/M (T) Skill Name

25/20 (1) Two Weapon Combat: Not for the Empath Profession, even if you are a warpath, it's your choice but i don't reccomend it and it's too expensive.

2/8 (1) *Picking: A good place for extra points in later years, so you can open your own boxes.

15/1 (1) *Armor: Train 8 times (40) and stop. Double leather covers your entire body absorbing damage better. Empaths cannot wear heavier leather than full leather because unfortunately it hinders our spellcasting.

6/5 (1) *Stalking and hiding: A few trains doesn’t hurt, but not necessary, tho it is quite useful in later years for certain hunting areas like that on Teras Isle.

7/1 (1) *Shield: Every year the rest of your life. Every training raises your defense.

0/3 (2) *Perception: Helps you find objects, traps, hiders, and sense pickpockets. Train in this until at least 100 or so, especially if you plan to pick boxes in your later years.

20/15 (1) *Combat Maneuvers:  Warpaths train in this. I am far from a Warpath, but since my elder years i have trained in it a few times. It helps you to dodge clouds and some critter attacks, also raises your AS +1 every other year you train in it.

0/10 (3) *Spell Research...see spell chart below. Train in empath circle for at least the first ten levels. Train at least twice a level. 

0/1 (1) *Edged/Blunt Weapons: A must for every Profession. Train every year for the rest of your life. Holding a weapon and shield will raise your defense when you go to rescue someone.

0/3 (2) *Scroll reading: A good place for those extra points. You’ll be able to cast spells from other circles including Raise Dead scrolls. It's also useful for reading the runes in Misty Chamber.

9/1 (1) Blunt Weapons: Some Empaths prefer blunt weapons and its ok and inexpensive...but i highly reccomend edged instead.

0/4 (2) *Magic Item Use: For twisted wand users, or embedded wands.

20/3 (1) Two-Handed Weapons: Another that I don't recommend for Empaths, using a twohanded weapon means no use of a shield and renders your defense and we Empaths, need all the defense we can get.

0/2 (3) *Mana Sharing: Train here for twice a level until you have 102, then once a year the rest of your life, tho sometimes i train twice in it (at my levels i have all these points and running out of places to put them and i help in alot of infusing for Wizards and this requires good share and lots of mana).

20/3 (1) Ranged Weapons: This was attempted by a an empath friend of mine but it did not work out very well. He died more times than i care to count.

3/2 (1) *Spell Aiming: Only if you plan on using Wizard type wands such as Gold, Blue & Aqua (Aqua wands come in handy when you need to cool off someone's poor "sizzling" body)  :(

20/3 (1) Thrown Weapons: Again Empaths need not train in this.

15/15 (1) Ambush: Expensive <ouch!> Don't even bother unless you are a Warpath in elder years

20/3 (1) Pole Arm Weapons: Empaths need not train in this either.

2/0 (3) *Physical Training: once a level until you max out, then once every other level the rest of your life. Extra PT will help you regain your blood faster.

6/2 (1) *Climbing : You’ll need 10 in each by the time you are 15 or so, and you’ll need 50 in each before you can go to Swan Castle or Pinefar safely. Climbing is also useful and needed in some areas on Teras Isle and going to the Rift.

1/0 (3) *First Aid: This helps you skin critters and tend wounds. Train every level the rest of your life. In my later years I have double trained in it, again, because I have so many points and running out of places to put them.

3/1 (1) *Swimming: You’ll need 10 in each by the time you are 15 or so, and you’ll need 50 in each before you can go to Swan Castle or Pinefar safely. Climbing is also useful and needed in some areas on Teras Isle and going to the Rift.

0/3 (1) *Trading: Simply for dealing with merchants, I don't care much for this, but its up to you if you are into the almighty discount.

20/25 (1) Multi-Opponent Combat: Two Weapons: Empaths are not designed by the gods to use these skills. Two-Handed weapons: This would give you more power, but to use it you can’t hold a shield at the same time, and your defense will be terribly low no matter how many spells you defend yourself with.

3/3 (1) *Pick Pockets: A few trains in this will help you see a thief reaching in your pockets as well as useful for rogues and others to master pickpocketing.

2/9 (1) *Disarm Traps: Great for finding those deadly traps on boxes, I started training in this in my later years.

20/3 (1) Brawling: If you join Voln, it would be helpful to train in Brawling whenever you have enough TP for them Volnfu kicks and such.

At my levels, you run out of ideas what to train, so i have trained extra in armor and other skills. I began training in disarm and Picking awhile back so i could pick my own boxes as well as for others.

Skill Training at 119 Levels

Armor Use : 154 (54)

Shield Use : 216 (116)

Combat Maneuvers : 66 (14)

Edged Weapons : 216 (116)

Climbing : 141 (41)

Swimming : 130 (35)

Disarm Traps : 142 (42)

Pick Locks : 141 (41)

Stalking & Hiding : 149 (49)

Perception : 186 (86)

Scroll Reading : 136 (38)

Magic Item Use : 193 (93)

Mana Sharing : 236 (136)

Spell Aiming : 138 (39)

Physical Training : 240 (140)

First Aid : 200 (100)

Trading : 5 (1)

Picking Pockets : 20 (4)

Training in pickpocketing does not necessarily mean you plan to steal, it is also helpful in spotting a thief along with training in perception.

A more descriptive look at each skill....

Weapons: Polearms, brawling, two-handed, or even ranged are interesting to train in and will make your character unique, however, edged weapon and blunt training is the most commonly chosen. By training in ranged weapons you can have a great attack, however, your defenses may suffer. Brawling may be good if you plan to join VOLN and learn Voln FU. Pure healers may not need to train in weapons at all if they plan to never hunt, but i believe it is still a good idea to train in it anyway EVERY level if you're rescuing fallen adventurers.

We start out by gaining at least 5 to our AS each time we train in it. Sometimes more if our Strength stat has gone up. After a while it begins to drop off to 4, 3, 2, and 1 per level. Even after we reach 140 bonus in it and only receive +1 for each time we train in it after that it is important. +40 to your AS is still +40 after 40 trainings.

Shield Use: Try to train in this every level. This will help you to increase your defenses over time. Once you reach 140 bonus in it you can make a choice whether to continue or not. After the 140 mark you will only get +1 to your defenses every 10 times you train in it.

Armor Use: This is a tricky one. For the stronger races like giantman, human, and dwarf you can get away with little or no armor training and still wear double leather with no problem. The rest of us should at least train to 10 bonus. This will allow us to wear light leather. It is recommended that you train to 40 bonus so you can wear double leather. Double leather covers your entire body and absorbs damage better. You may at one point decide to wear something heavier. With roughly 70 bonus (not taking into account your race, dexterity, reflexes, or strength) you could wear a chain mail type armor. Heavier armors have some advantages and disadvantages you may want to be aware of. Look for something that has been lightened or padded. It doesn't matter as much if you chose damage or crit padding. They'll both help you. Lightened armor will allow you to carry more without encumbrance though it may fall apart easier when it is hit by something.

  • Pros:

  1. Better CvA against spells. A better CvA is useful in an instance where your spell warding, TD, is lower than a critters' CS. You will be able to avoid being hit easier.

  2. Better damage absorption. The amount of damage a set of brigadine armor can take is higher than a set of double leather. So you would be able to take a shot for a minor that would normally cause you a bleeding or broken wound in your double leather.

  3. Better durability against breakage. The higher the armor type the better it does against breakage. So you won’t need to replace or fix your armor as much.

  • Cons:

  1. Weight of the armor. Naturally we can't carry much weight as it is. For hobbits this is doubly true. The more protection a set of armor has, the more it weighs.

  2. Spell failure. Normally this isn't an issue for us. However, when we move to a heavier armor, above double leather, we begin to experience this. It can be worked around by removing your armor for a short period of time to cast whatever spells you need. Be warned! Spell failure also affects our healing spells.

  3. Encumbrance factor. Each type of armor has an encumbrance penalty. As you begin to wear heavier types of armor you will notice that it's harder to stand. This also affects you during certain maneuver attacks. If you are not properly trained for the armor you are wearing you will always fail some maneuver attacks. You will also have trouble hiding and doing other things.


Spell Research: You should always train in this at least twice every level. For the pure healer or the casting hunter you can work in a third spell once in a while. Usually it's from every 3rd to 5th level that you can. A hunting empath has a better chance of going for more CM instead. You can only cast a spell that you are the same level or higher of. You can tell by the number of the spell if you are old enough to cast it yet. Take 1105, 205, and 105 for example. You will not be able to cast them until you are level 5. The level of the spell usually lets you know how much mana you will need to cast that spell. If you cast it without enough mana you will get nerve damage and possibly even death.

Mana Share: This is a great skill to have. You should always at least train in it once. Double training until you have 100 bonus is a good idea. At 100 bonus we can get enough mana from most. Having more is even better. This allows you to get more mana from those who don't have the same amount of share as you. It also works in reverse. So the more you have the more you can send to a younger empath who has less mana share than you do! It's based on a percentage scale and type of mana. For spirit mana to spirit mana share it would be a straight transfer. So if you were to share with a cleric (spirit) and you had 100 bonus and he had 50 bonus, he would get 75% of the mana you sent. For sharing to a profession that is elemental like a wizard there would be a slight negative. It's so small it is not worth mentioning.

Physical Training: By training in this you will increase the amount of health points that you have. Train in this twice per training until you have at least 100 bonus. At that point you can either stop or continue until you have more. If you plan to do any healing at all I would suggest at least singling past this point. With a higher bonus you will be able to recover health points (HPs), or better known as blood, quicker and it will affect how much health you get per cast of 1101 (Heal).

First Aid: You should always double in this in my opinion. While it is true that with 200 bonus and no scars we can skin anything under the sun this may not hold true forever. There are more and more critters being introduced each week. Besides affecting our skinning ability it helps our tending skill. The more we have the more we can tend and for longer. Pretty soon, usually by title, you will be able to tend severed limbs with the pros!

Perception: This is up to you. For the most part it allows us to see things that are hidden. It used to play a big part in stopping pickpockets along with a minor bit of pickpocket skill. This is still in a way true. Unfortunately not as much as it was. Pick up at least 10 bonus so you can see hidden trap doors. If you wish to prevent pickpockets you may wish to train it at least once a level. If you plan to do ranged weapons (archery) you should train in it every level since perception plays a big part in the aiming of your arrows or bolts. Possibly 2x a level.

Climbing: If you ever plan to visit Melghoren's Reach, PineFar Trading Post, or some of the other out of the way areas you may want to train in this. Melghoren's Reach doesn't require too much. I think it's about 10 bonus. PineFar is another matter. If you get to the age that you can survive up there, starting around level 30, you should have at least 50 bonus in it. The hardest locations to climb in the game are the wall in the Twin Canyons and the Nightmare Gorge.

Swimming: If you plan to live in River's Rest or hunt in DarkStone or even be in Voln you may want to train to around 20 bonus in this. This should be enough to get you wherever you may want to go. Future areas have been hinted at that require a lot more so be prepared.

Combat Maneuvers (CM): This is an odd skill since it is not implemented the way the name suggests. It adds +1 AS for every two ranks in it that you have. It has the additional bonuses of helping your dodging against special attacks and your ability to ambush from the open. The pure healer should be able to completely ignore this training option. A hunting empath should train in this. Even the casting empaths. Even though the changes to special attacks have made CM less much of a thing to have you should still get it for the extra AS.

Magic Item Use: If you plan on using twisted wands you should have at least 20 bonus in it. If you want to use wizard wands you may want to train in this twice a level until you have around 100 bonus or more. To use a wand you must have it in your right hand and be standing. Then WAVE it at something.

Twisted (Mana Disrupt 702) wands can be used in any stance. Aquamarine (Minor Water 903), Metal (Major Cold 907), Crystal (Acid), Iron (Minor Shock 901), Slate (Disintegration), Golden (Minor Fire 906), and Silver wands (Minor Shock 901) are the various types of wizard ones. To use wizard wands you would need to go into an offensive stance to get the full effect of them. Magic Item Use also affects your ability to use things like Lorminstra staffs (Preservation 305) and other items.

Scroll Reading: You may want to pick up if you plan on using scrolls or visiting the Misty Chamber or even casting Living Spell (208). If you do train in it pick up at least 30 bonus. To use a scroll you must have both hands empty. Then READ the scroll and INVOKE the spell. So if the scroll has 301 on it you would READ SCROLL, INVOKE 301, CAST <target>. If it is a spell in the 1000s, it is a bard spell. You have to SING these instead of casting them.

Here are some other skills that are not as important but have their use.

Spell Aiming for the use of fire spirit as a hunting spell should always be trained in if you do it. The use of wizard wands is dependent on our dexterity, magic item use, stance, and spell aiming skill. So if you do want to use fire spirit or wizard wands to hunt you should do this once a level.

Trading is useful if you want merchant discounts. I have seen people with a decent trading skill get at least 25% off at major merchants like the Juggernaut and Spitfire. It can also affect how much you get for gems and other items at the shops when you sell them. So don't discount this skill!

Ambush and Hiding are more playthings for empaths. As a rogue it'd be of a low enough cost to seriously consider. Do remember that your ambush aiming skill from the open comes from your CM training and NOT ambush. If you ambush from hiding the ambush skill comes into play. In order to get the benefits of crit level raises you would need to single train in ambush and hiding from the very beginning. It is a very costly path to take. You may also want to consider that with recent changes to ambush and hiding that will make is very difficult for anyone who only singles in hiding and ambush.. You may find out more about ambushing if you are truly interested in it by reading the guide I provided info on at the bottom of the document. (Note: It had been stated during a weapon forum that certain weapons have a much better aim factor than others)

Pickpocket skill helps us see pickpockets better. It also allows us to pickpocket from others. Not a good idea. I might mention that being able to see pickpockets is dependent on multiple factors. Not just on one or two skills. Area effects (fog, lighting, darkness), pickpocket skill, wisdom, perception, dice roll, and more count into this. A person who has double trained in perception and singled in pickpockets can theoretically at level 40 block a rogue at level 60 who has doubled in pickpockets.

Picking and Disarming are almost worthless to us in later years. Since the implementation of Call Lightning (125) we can open most, but not all, boxes fairly easily. If you absolutely must have a box opened you may want to go to a rogue instead of doing it yourself. Not only will you save yourself training points but also you will find that with how difficult boxes are now that you may very well be saving your life! However, if you want to pick your own boxes you will need to single in Picking Locks and Disarming Traps nearly every level from level 0. Or at least every other level. You most likely won’t be able to pick your own level but you will be able to get some boxes.

Armor, shield, edged, climbing, swimming, perception, spell research, scroll reading, magic item use, mana sharing, spell aiming, physical training, first aid.

If you do not have enough traning points (TP) to train in all the above mentioned, then train in the most important skills such as...



Edged(or blunt)


Mana Sharing

Physical Training

First Aid


Spell Research (2 spells each training)

Amount per training

once every

once every

twice every

twice every

once every

twice every other

once every

twice every

If you have some left over and you should, train in climbing, swimming, scroll reading, magic item use and spell aiming once each. You can actually train in these skills every other training. Whenever you obtain extra TP's, you can always train in any of them twice in a training except for spell aiming.

As you get older you can train in other skills if you have enough TP's such as stalking, hiding, disarming, picking, trading and brawling (usually for volners).

How should I train in my spells?

Training in Spell Research is important to your profession as you will be needing your spells to survive.

What spells do Empaths get and what do they do?

  • The Empath spell circle is essential to your profession. You need to train in these spells in order to heal your patients as well as yourself. It also helps in gaining your casting strength.

  • The Minor Spirit Circle aids in your spirit defense and casting strength when roaming dangerous hunting areas.

  • The Major spirit circle also aids your defense and helps gain your casting strength.

Spell training for an empath is very important. By training in the empath base list we are able to heal others and heal ourselves at the same time. So if you don’t

like the idea of hunting or are playing an empath that could never hurt another living thing you may find it best to stick with the empath base list at least once a level. One of the things I tried to do with each is to stagger the spells by importance. This also gives the benefit of reducing the time it takes to cast them down to 5 seconds or zero. I’ll take each to level 25 and stop there to let you pick out how you will continue on.

Pure Healer:

The pure healer will have spell training focused on the empath base list. This prepares them for the new empath spell list. It is also for when the time it takes to heal down a wound is dependent on how many ranks in the empath spell list you have.

Level 0 (If you did a Quick Gen you will skip this level) -

Empath base list (1101) and Minor Spirit (101)
Level 1 - Empath (1102) and Major Spirit (201)
Level 2 - Empath (1103) and Minor Spirit (102)
Level 3 - Empath (1104) and Major Spirit (202)
Level 4 - Empath (1105) and Minor Spirit (103)
Level 5 - Empath (1106) and Minor Spirit (104)
Level 6 - Empath (1107) and Minor Spirit (105)
Level 7 - Empath (1108) and Minor Spirit (106)
Level 8 - Empath (1109) and Minor Spirit (107)
Level 9 - Empath (1110) and Minor Spirit (108)
Level 10 - Empath (1111) and Major Spirit (203)
Level 11 - Empath (1112) and Major Spirit (204)
Level 12 - Empath (1113) and Minor Spirit (109)
Level 13 - Empath (1114) and Major Spirit (205)
Level 14 - Empath (1115) and Minor Spirit (110)
Level 15 - Empath (1116) and Major Spirit (206)
Level 16 - Empath (1117) and Minor Spirit (111)
Level 17 - Empath (1118) and Major Spirit (207)
Level 18 - Minor Spirit (112) and Major Spirit (208)
Level 19 - Minor Spirit (113) and Major Spirit (209)
Level 20 - Minor Spirit (114) and Major Spirit (210)
Level 21 - Major Spirit (211) and Major Spirit (212)
Level 22 - Empath (1119) and Major Spirit (213)
Level 23 - Empath (1120) and Minor Spirit (115)
Level 24 - Empath (1121) and Major Spirit (214)
Level 25 - Empath (1122) and Minor Spirit (116)


The warpath will be focused on the attack and defensive spells.

Level 0 (If you did a Quick Gen you will skip this level) -

Minor Spirit (101) and Major Spirit (201)
Level 1 - Empath (1101) and Major Spirit (202)
Level 2 - Minor Spirit (102) and Major Spirit (203)
Level 3 - Empath (1102) and Minor Spirit (103)
Level 4 - Empath (1103) and Major Spirit (204)
Level 5 - Empath (1104) and Major Spirit (205)
Level 6 - Empath (1105) and Major Spirit (206)
Level 7 - Empath (1106) and Major Spirit (207)
Level 8 - Empath (1107) and Major Spirit (208)
Level 9 - Empath (1108) and Minor Spirit (104)
Level 10 - Empath (1109) and Major Spirit (209)
Level 11 - Empath (1110) and Major Spirit (210)
Level 12 - Major Spirit (211) and Major Spirit (212)
Level 13 - Major Spirit (213) and Major Spirit (214)
Level 14 - Major Spirit (215) and Minor Spirit (105)
Level 15 - Minor Spirit (106) and Minor Spirit (107)
Level 16 - Minor Spirit (108) and Minor Spirit (109)
Level 17 - Minor Spirit (110) and Minor Spirit (111)
Level 18 - Empath (1111) and Minor Spirit (112)
Level 19 - Empath (1112) and Minor Spirit (113)
Level 20 - Minor Spirit (114) and Minor Spirit (115)
Level 21 - Minor Spirit (116) and Minor Spirit (117)
Level 22 - Minor Spirit (118) and Minor Spirit (120)
Level 23 - Empath (1113) and Major Spirit (216)
Level 24 - Empath (1114) and Major Spirit (217)
Level 25 - Empath (1115) and Major Spirit (218)

You should keep doubling in spells for the rest of your training from that point on. This allows you to get from 4-5 CS each time instead of 3 if you stop. Triple training in spells can allow you to gain up to 6 CS in a specific spell circle but it is costly. If you are a pure healer you may want to do some triple training in spells. If you are a hunter you should go for CM training instead. It is very important since Bind (214) is one of the only spells we use to hunt all the time at higher levels. With a low CS we wouldn't be able to hunt at times!

You might be wondering why there is an emphasis on the minor spirit circle in the pure healer path listed above. It has been my belief that empaths should obtain the spells that help others first. The major spirit circle has very few spells that help others. It has mainly those that only help the person who has trained in them. Another issue is the changes at the higher levels that are now occurring. Many of the critters are starting to show a high TD against Bind. Since bind was the traditional spell most empaths trained to have a high CS in it has hurt them. By training mainly in minor spirit or even in a balanced regimen we can avoid this problem.

Another useful hunting spell for empaths has been the Unbalance spell. It’s a great spell to use to knock a critter down and stun them. Unfortunately, as with Bind, there are critters that either have a high TD against that specific spell or are immune to it.

To find out how many levels in spells you have actually learned up to that point you can type in SPELL at any time. This will tell you how many levels you have in each spell circle. You can also type in SPELL ALL to get a full list of the spells you have.

A neat thing that is coming in the future is the changes to herbs. They will be made a lot weaker than they are now. For now, all you have to do is advance in levels to reduce the time it takes to heal down a wound with an herb. In the future, if you are not an empath, it will never go down in time. So if an herb takes 180 seconds at level 5 for them, it will take 180 seconds at level 200! Not to mention the herbs will be weaker. The advantage goes to empaths in this case. The time it takes for an empath to use an herb or heal down a wound will go down by level and our base empath spell training. It will be affected most by the spell training so if you want to take advantage of this as a healer you might want to train up it as much as possible.


  • Mental Training Points = (DIS + AURA + LOG + CHR + WIS + INT) / 10

  • Physical Training Points = (DIS + AURA + STR + CON + RFLX + DEX) / 10

Discipline and Aura should have the highest numbers

Choosing a Race: To tell how quickly each stat will grow in a particular race. Take the stat number you have and divide it by the number under the race and stat you decide on placing it (you will see a chart as you create your character)

Notice the difference in growth of each stat.. Some stats grow faster than others but can also change the rate of growth as you gain levels. This, you should determine before placing your stats. Strength is the slowest growing stat for Empaths so put a fairly high number here if you wish to hunt efficiently.

Example of the approximate growth below...(bear with me, i was never good with math), heh.            

                        Level 35 to Level 119 - Sylvankind Empath      

Level 35

Level 97  

Level  119 


Constitution (CO): 65 Constitution (CO): 92

Constitution (CO): 99

every 1.5 levels
Dexterity (DE): 66 Dexterity (DE): 81 Dexterity (DE): 85 every 5.3 levels
Discipline (DI): 95 Discipline (DI): 100 Discipline (DI): 100 every 2.5 levels
Logic (LO): 100 Logic (LO): 100 Logic (LO): 100 every 2 levels
Intelligence (IN): 67 Intelligence (IN): 91 Intelligence (IN): 98 every 1.7 levels
Strength (ST): 62 Strength (ST): 68 Strength (ST): 70 every 9+ levels
Reflexes (RE): 54 Reflexes (RE): 77 Reflexes (RE): 83 every 3.5 levels
Charisma (CH): 53 Charisma (CH): 76 Charisma (CH): 82 every 4.8 levels
Wisdom (WI): 100 Wisdom (WI): 100 Wisdom (WI): 100 2.5 levels
Aura (AU):100 Aura (AU):100 Aura (AU): 100 2.5 levels

*My logic, wisdom and aura started at 100 but thanks to my brother Ryp he helped me determine the "basic" growth of these stats.


Mana Nodes: Normal recovery is 15% rounded to the nearest whole number and Node recovery is 25% of your max mana rounded to the nearest whole number. Example of Mana Recovery Spell Research: If you have enough points left over, then you can triple train in your spell lists which could give you 5-6 toward your CS (usually every 3-5 levels) Weapons: Choosing a weapon, shield and armor is very important for fighting and defense. you can find learn about such at The Forge 
Various Wands: For the wand waver; Slate (Disintegration), Twisted (Mana Disrupt), Blue (Ice), Aquamarine (Minor Water), Metal (Major Cold), Crystal (Acid), Iron (Minor Shock), and Silver wands (Minor Shock) Other Wands & Rods (Embeddable with any of the above) and new wands have been found in various areas such as a glaes wand  & bone wand. SKILLS AND SPELLS: *Continue to train in your Minor Spirit to obtain Spell 150(Wall of Force)as well as your other Spell Lists to continue gaining a high CS. To know what skills OR spells you already have, simply Type: SKILL or SPELL Maps: Once your ready to explore the lands you are going to need maps to help you get around. Try Tsoran's maps

Some Spells aren't implemented but is a good idea to train in them for later use.

Click on the Spell Circles below to see each spell.

- -

Training per Level
	    1. 101/1101
	    2. 201/1102
	    3. 102/1103
	    4. 202/1104
	    5. 103/1105
	    6. 203/1106
	    7. 104/1107
	    8. 105/1108
	    9. 106/1109
	  10. 107/1110
          11. 108/109
	   12. 204/205

	    13. 110/206
	    14. 207/208
	    15. 209/210
	    16. 211/111
	    17. 212/112
	    18. 213/113
	    19. 214/114
	    20. 215/115
	    21. 216/116
	    22. 217/117
	    23. 218/118
	    24. 219/119
	    25. 220/120
Depending on which magics you want first is up to you 
in how you continue to train in your spells. 
With the new changes, I suggest continuing the 
Empath Circle and Minor Spirit, at least up to 130/1130.
Whenever you have enough/extra TP's (training points), 
train in a third spell circle

My Character is ready so now what do I do?:
Now you have a Name, a Race and a Profession (Empath of course) you are ready to adventure into the lands of Elanthia. Wait and Listen to the voices in the alley to help you get started, be patient, you'll get there ;)

Use your DIR (direction) command to find your way to town (this command is only helpful for levels 1 & 2, then you will no longer be able to use it).

Now you are ready to explore the town and gain experience to level one. Using your DIR command, go to all the places listed. Go inside the buildings (you may have to go thru several rooms in order to accomplish your experience) when done, come out. When you get the "feeling of accomplishment" then you know you have just recieved experience and you are ready to go to your next destination. Be sure to have the Thrak Inn your last destination because by then, you will be ready to train again.

The following is a script to help you complete your first level training: Copy and paste it to your wizard

Level 0 to Level 1 Script

After you have trained to Level One at the Thrak Inn go see the warrior Thrak in the trophy room behind the curtain...curtsy/bow to him then sit down and listen to all he has to say. When he is finished, he will ask you some multiple choice questions which you in turn will answer in this way:  Answer True, Answer 3, etc etc.  When you have answered all questions correctly, he will then reward you with 3000 experience pts.

Now what to do?... When you first enter the lands, you will be provided with a backpack, leathers, a weapon, shield, pouch, acantha leaf, and less than 1000 coins. These coins are a loan you must pay back to the clerk. You may buy items with what you have or immediately pay off your debt. If you do not pay off your debt, you will not be able to give or accept coins from others. Sometimes when dpeositing your coins into the bank the clerk will come and collect your debt automatically.

Go to Moot Hall, directly to the clerk who will give you a job...to find out what job you will get, simply ASK CLERK ABOUT WORK. He will give you a message to delivery which you may get paid for in coins if the (NPC) tips you (Tips vary in amounts...Jack, The blacksmith is a great tipper.) Usually if you do not get a tip, you will get another message in return to take back to the clerk and he may reward you with coins. Do this several times if you wish to gain coins to pay off your debt as well as pocket some for yourself.  You can take a break from deliverig messages and do a little hunting in giant rats if you wish.

Yelling in town or on the amunet becomes annoying to other adventurers, if you must ask where the gypsy or runner is, best way is to ask politely. I never bothered to ask anyone, i just hunted and ran errands as well as explored the town for knowledge and usually bumped into who i was looking for. Oh I almost forgot!  You get expeirence for running errands ;)

Tired of looking for the Gypsy or that ever speedy Runner?...Then let's hunt! Where can I hunt? Catacombs is the place to start..Use your DIR again to find the catacombs (Be sure to have your weapon and shield ready before entering). Now you are ready to rid Elanthia of them pesky Rats. Hunt here til your mind is full then you may rest and get healed in the culdesac (entrance to the catacombs). continue this til you are ready for your next training (you will know when your are ready).

You are anxious to heal the wounded....You have now learned to give blood and heal minor & medium wounds (bleeders)...I have to say i did more hunting than healing in my early years. While resting from a hunt i would sit in TC (Town Center, Icemule Trace) and helped the wounded whenever I could (I still ran errands for the clerk as well, i liked to keep busy). In Healing major wounds, If you take more than ya can handle, ask a fellow empath to help you out, but try not to make a habit of it, they do have their own wounds to deal with as well.

Remember to always watch your blood level while healing bleeders and giving blood. Tend your wounds til you can heal them down. Of course, don't take more than you can handle, you're liable to be a patient yourself :(

The Empath Spells for scar removal are for your use only. You cannot remove scars from others. The only way you can remove scars from others is if they have wounds over their scars. To heal your scars, you must heal down your wounds first. Then proceed to use your spells to heal down the major scars to the minor scars til you are scar free.

By now You should be able to heal yourself and others with ease. It gets quite boring sitting on your rump all day healing, so get up now and then to stretch your bones. Roam to other areas, visit friends, or wander the lower level battlefields to help and heal young adventurers. Do some hunting of your own, but don't sit on your rump all day. If an empath is truly needed, it's almost guaranteed one will be called for over the amunet.

Some Places for Empaths to hunt

With or without a partner or two or try a group hunt if you prefer!  Also note that some of these critters are ~undead~ and you will need your weapon blessed by a Cleric.  You can always find a Cleric willing to bless your weapon at Voln Courtyard among other places  and other towns such as Town Square, the Park or you could ask/listen on the net so long as you abide by Net Etiquette.

Check out the Bestiery  to find out where you can find these critters. It has every critter listed, up to date, complete with stats, abilities, locations and more.

Here are a few older critters to wet your appetite...

18-25 : Fire rats & cats, warcats.

Now you're raking in the silvers. 
You might be able to come here sooner, 
depending on when your skills
Watch out for pounces, fire crits and disease!

26-35 : Pookas, Mares, Miners.

Undead: The Ledge is a great place to hang out, 
and you can pretty much always 
get a bless there. Pookas and Miners 
have nice boxes, Mares have nice skins. 

36-48 : Kiramons.

Once again, raking in the silvers! 
Great skins. They have lots of blood
but if you hit them in the head
hard enough, you'll do fine
Otherwise you'll be swinginging alot! 

46-64 : Shoots, Wasps, Lizards.

Nice skins, and nice gems. 
Shoot thorns give us a good taste of 
our own medicine. 

55-64 : Wind Wraiths.

Undead. Pretty harmless. 
They have those nice vials
that gives you three different uses
such as pour it on your weapon
to bless it, pour it into a fallen hunter
to Lifekeep the deader or by drinking it, 
it will give you strength.. 

64+ : Pyros, wasps

Nice boxes. Their shards aren't 
too bad compared to shoot thorns
But if you trained well in skinning
you can collect their firethorns.
Firethorns unpoison you simply
by rubbing it. 

Camping in a hunting area - Does anyone own that room?

	 No. Out of common courtesy you should respect their
	right to hunt where they plant their flag. On the other hand, they should
	have a good reason to deny you hunting, particularly in crowded or very small
	areas. However, even if they were rude enough to answer with a simple "no"
	to your request to join their hunting party, it would be just as wrong of
	you to start whacking at the creatures as soon as they walk in.
	 Yes. You always have the right to defend yourself.
	But remember that you began the conflict in a way by inviting yourself to
	hunt. It would be better of you to just move on and avoid such a conflict
	in the first place. If they should happen to attack you then you could simply
	take the hint and move on instead of turning the situation into a
	 No. If they decided to REPORT you in the situation
	you've described then I'd guess any intelligent gamemaster would tell both
	parties to go their separate ways and forget about it. You would both be
	in the wrong afterall.
	 ~ Lord Psycat 

Note:  Many changes have come about recently with spells to many professions as well as other mechanics. I will be updating my Journal as soon as I can, so that all the above makes sense. Thanks for your patients.  Dated Mar 20, 2001

Now onto your next step...

Healing & Fogging Etiquette

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