Healing & Fogging Etiquette

Healing Areas:

Empaths have certain healing areas in each town, where most nodes can be found. A node is a room that has an increased rate of mana generation, which is needed for all who use spells. Though some areas do not have a node, it is still frequented by healers.

Riverrest, you will find most healers in the Sanctuary (RR's town central)

Icemule, you can find many an empath in Town Center (TC) or the farmyard of the abandoned farmhouse (thru the south gate & climb snowbank) and occasionally the Giantman's Path (one of my old healing grounds when i was young).

The Landing, Town Square Center (TSC) or the North Gate, The Black door near thraks, mants and cave trolls, The Ledge in Shadow valley, the Boulder in Hob village, The chamber in Darkstone, the room with the runes in Sheru, the Gash, which has become somewhat abandoned by our fellow Empaths since hunting has slowed down there, tho you may find an occasional Empath still lurking, Right Gengill? <smooch>

Pinefar, At the gates of the Trading post

Teras, there are three main areas...The North Gate, The Statue and the Tower In these areas, you will find other empaths who can give you advice and make some friends. And of course theres the wandering Empath we call the field healer.

Solhaven,  North Market & Liabo Plaza are the main areas in Town as of it's recent opening. There is also a Trading Post  and Local Inn in which there is a room set up for Hunters to rest  and empaths to heal.

The Rift,  There is only one area to heal and there is always healers and clerics needed for it is quite a dangerous place, otherwise its field healing with whomever you are with on a hunt...You, of course, must be of at least 90 trainings to be able to travel here. It may be best that you wait til you are of at least 105 trainings, as an Empath, to journey as well as survive in this area. Its also a very good idea to train in swimming and climbing and leave the fluff at home ;)

Illistim, At the Dais

Vaalor, ----

Get to know the other Empaths before starting:

First of all, If you are uncaring, cruel, selfish, and are not people friendly, if you became an Empath to gain levels fast & get rich <chuckle> then stop here and find another profession...this is not for you.

You have just arrived in a room full of fellow healers. You're first step is to greet them with a friendly smile & always say hello in guild when you arrive, its a great way to get to know one another and not make any mistakes of healing someone else's fogged/dragged in patient;)

Note: **It's a good idea to highlight as many fellow Empaths as you can, i know we are VERY many and cannot highlight all colleagues but perhaps make a list or turn to my Empaths Page...there is a list of well OVER 100 members on it so far and still growing.

If you are a young Empath, don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for advice . We'll be glad to help you in anyway we can (heck, i'm well over 50 trainings and still ask for advice).

Don't be afraid to share your views with fellow healers, perhaps we could learn from each other.

Appraising & Diagnosing a patient:

Diagnose <person>, shows the patient & their wounds.

Appraise <person> shows ONLY the wounds without searching thru all the fluff...

Before healing a patient, be sure that the patient was not dragged or fogged in by or accompanied by a fellow Empath. To do this...simply Look at the description of the room...normally the patient is right behind the fogger/Empath. If a Cleric was the fogger, again, LOOK at the description  to see if an Empath is standing next to the Cleric and/or patient (usually the empath immediately starts to heal their fogged in patient so you may want to watch for that as well)

After Appraising or Diagnosing the patient, you will then proceed to heal the bleeding wounds, although most times we prefer to give blood first to avoid any casualties. If you are in an Empath populated area, you may not have to worry about that because usually the younger empaths give blood, but still it is wise to keep an eye on the patients blood units, ask them if they need blood before and after taking wounds.

I usually ask the younger empaths to take the smaller wounds as well as giving the patient blood.  Sometimes a young Empath will overheal and can't heal it down so I also like to help them out by giving them blood, herbs & mana.

Common Courtesy

Alot of empaths get frustrated with each other at times for several reasons...

The FOGGER empath.. It is their right that after they fog a deader that they get to heal the patient.. sometimes its hard to know if they are an empath or not.. and as soon as a deader is fogged in, many empaths heal the dead before asking. If you happen to do this, stop and apologize as well as offer some mana and/or Cleanup. LOOK & ASK before healing a fogged in patient.. sometimes the fogger will ask for help in healing or giving blood to her patient(s)..

FAMILY.. Not everyone know's who each other's family is ....When healing someone that is a loved one to another empath and that empath was asked to heal but you missed hearing them ask that specific person, it's best to apologizie and offer the empath some mana or clean up...

Know & respect your ELDERS!  Hightlight them so you know who they are. Elder Empaths have obviously been around for quite awhile and do not put up with unprofessional behavior but are the first to lend you a helping hand if need be.

Fogging Etiquette

Do NOT heal the person an empath fogged in unless the empath gives you permission.

Let other’s know of your intentions to go, or let others know that you are already there (this is specifically for areas such as Teras Isle, Riverrest & Pinefar, but can and should be for other places as well).

DON"T immediately grab hands, see if there is another fogger (The Cleric usually does the fogging if he/she fogged to the body first, just immediately join him/her while checking to see if other empaths were on the scene) and/or an empath present, if you don’t see any…

ASK if there is another fogger or an empath present. If there are no other foggers, empaths or clerics, then fog your patient to safety. It is considered rude if several clerics or empaths arrive on the scene after you do, and you don’t offer them a ride back to the Gate with you.

Sometimes there is no time to waste when fogging in dangerous areas (like on Teras) and this is why we prefer it announced, so mishaps don't happen and it can avoid arguments as well. I myself have ocasionally done this mistake in the landing. I will locate and see JUST the deader, i will immediately fog to the deader, grab em and fog back only to find out that after i had located, someone else had showed up as i fogged in. I do apologize to those who i have done it to, it is not done intentionally. (very rare i've done this, i assure you, I am usually more aware).

Perhaps if others located before fogging instead of just fogging, we'd all have our fair share of rescuing. <smirk>

Arriving Fogger:

The Fogger: As soon as you fog in a deader, the first thing to do is to either LK the deader or ask to have him LK'd and after healing him, STAY with the deader til you are sure he has been LK'd. If i see that he still isn't, I usually repeat asking (but not annoyingly) til the deader is LK'd or i have been told he is LK'd.

The Sitter: LOOK at the room description to see if the group Fogger is an empath, or if an empath was brought with them. If you see a dead person’s name directly behind the empath that just fogged in, then most likely that empath fogged the person in. Sometimes a Cleric will fog in the deader and an empath who is with him.

Ask in guild if an empath came with the group. Give them time to answer!!

If there are no empaths in that group, then proceed to heal the body. If you do accidentally heal a fogging empath’s patient, let the empath know it was an accident and apologize, perhaps offer some mana  and/or cleanup.

On Teras...

We have simple and logical ettiquette on the Isle...The old ways of Teras empathing still apply and we try to encourage such Etiquette to the new Empaths of the Isle.

There are three areas the empaths frequent. The main one being North Gate which is all the way north from the bank. A second area is also north of the bank, about 4-5 rooms from bank...that is the Statue where many hunters gather to rest, open boxes and spell up (we also have limits on the spelling up in that room, being that it IS for resting and many complain about the scrolling of spell casting). Third place is the Tower, which was the original healing area when teras was discovered but now is used mostly for enchanting..

Update - 9/30/00: Main Healing area on Teras has been at the statue.

Fogging & Healing Deaders & Others

When you sense that a hunter has fallen (and you have the fog spell) common courtesy is to announce on the net that you are getting the deader...if you are the first to say it, you fog to the hunter and fog him back, "LK him" or if a cleric is there, they usually LK him immediately. then announce on the net that "so&so is at gate." if a Cleric is not at the gate, ask on the net for one.

If you are not a fogger, and the fogger is not an empath or did not come in with one, you can diagnose the patient and begin healing him if another empath hasnt already attacked er i mean healed him <smirk>

We still try to make sure all empaths have a turn at healing. The old days we would take turns, but now with the population increase and some of the rude healers, it is hard to keep that going :(

Do not immediately heal someone who walks into the room, wait abit for them to ask for mending. We do have a few healers who do heal everyone in sight and I will always think that to be selfish of the healer, no matter their excuse (usual excuse is...'I am not going to sit here and wait for them to bleed to death in front of me") ::rolls her eyes:: If the hunter doesnt ask you, its most likely he KNOWS he isnt about to bleed to death. some hunters do not ask at all and its ok to ask them if they need tending to...i like to roleplay it out and strike up a conversation with them, of course starting with something like "must have been quite a battle you been in."

Alot of hunters will enter the room and lean on a specific empath or ask that specific healer to tend to their wounds. Obviously you wil not heal them because they asked someone else to do it. Don't worry if you don't get asked, once they get to know you, you will be asked quite a bit ;)

Do NOT heal an empaths mate..get to know your fellow healers before jumping in to heal anyone. You will eventually get to know who's mate is who's. Also, some empaths like to heal their own parents, &/or other family members would rather they heal them. Don't worry that you healed them not knowing, just simply apologize and maybe offer to clean up the empath.

If your head is full, leave the room and let other healers have a chance. sleepin is not allowed at the gate and if caught doin so, you'll only be dragged out of the room by hunters. go unload your tips and perhaps sit at the statue, or you can go to the inn or the Rest (west of the statue, nice place where you can sit in the house you belong to such as phoenix, aspis, twilight etc) i'm not saying ya have to do that, you can sit wherever ya want, they are just suggestions ;)

If you do stay at the gate after your head is full, you can help other healers by giving them a clean up, grow some herbs, and/or cast defense spells on the hunters who have just been raised or whoever asks for any (ask them first, some may not want any, but on Teras...that's highly unlikely).

Eliminate poisons and disease when confronted with such illness. Train just enough in spell aiming so you may use an aquamarine wand to eliminate flames upon a burning victim, or the spell of Unstun and healing of blood loss should a hunter's leathers be on fire.

Of course, common sense and common courtesy...do not heal a fogger's patient...look, ask and/or assist fogger (clean their wounds, of course ask them before doing so, if they dont ask you first)

Those are the main etiquette's of empathing on Teras. If you have any more questions or need help don't hesitate to ask, The Elders are always happy to help.

Ambush healers

Empathing is a tough profession. It can be fun and enjoyable but can also be very frustrating, especially if not all are cooperating with one another. There are many Issues of etiquette that are argued amongst fellow healers but the main one that stands out is that of "Vulturing" or some call "Ambush healing."

There are two types of ambush healers...

The Field Healer:

This healer will wander about the many hunting areas stealing wounds off the hunters in the middle of their hunt.... Some hunters appreciate this but others are very annoyed by it. The best way to deal with that is to just simply ask before healing...

Once a field healer gets to know the hunters in each hunting area, it makes it easier for the ambush healer to do her job... If she knows you do not like the ambush healing during hunts she will not heal you without asking or even wait til you ask her. This is a respectful & classy ambush healer ;).

If you want to be an Ambush healer, i suggest you go on a "field" trip with Lady Elana, if ya can keep up with her <::snicker::>. She is the perfect example of a classy, respectable Ambush healer, she doesnt steal heals from others, she offers a lending hand and is one dang good ambusher <giggle>.

The Vulture:

A name we hate to be called but in some cases, if the shoe fits... The most unliked of all Healers both by fellow healers and hunters, though some hunters don't mind it at all, as long as they get healed ( i myself think that is one of the problems causing the feuds between empaths. hunters do not understand the etiquette of empathing, and some of our fellow empaths take advantage of this.)

The vulture is the empath who doesn't give a rolton's arse about anyone or anything cept gaining fame and trainings. Some act kind to everyone to win their hearts (Empaths are the best known flirts in Elanthia). Some actually are really nice, but still have greed in their eyes. This type of healer will sit at a designated healing spot all day long and just ambush anything that walks in the room.

What Irks me is their excuses for being so greedy. 'I didn't want him to bleed to death." Puhlease! first of all they never give them a chance to even say anything, they dont even give them a chance to finish walkin in the room and they try to heal passersby who have no wounds. <smirk> ALWAYS LOOK and APPRAISE first.

Logic is.. if the hunters think they are dying from low blood and too many wounds, they most certainly speak up about it,(Exs:  help! ...I'm going to die!..i need healing fast! ...i have alot of bleeders, please help!..etc etc) if so, then heal him immediately. If a hunter walks in the room and simply asks for a healer to heal the few wounds they have and you just finished healing someone, let the next empath heal him. Some hunters enter the gate and ask: "Could someone help me please?" This does NOT necessarily mean he needs healing, perhaps he needs directions, or needs a question answered pertaining to the lands so do not assume he needs wounds healed and just grab at the poor guy...ask him what he needs first.

Asking Specific Healers:

Don't ambush, show some respect for your fellow healer and let who was asked to, heal them.

Usually a specific healer is asked to tend a hunters wounds, it is considered rude to heal a patient who had asked another empath to heal them. As mentioned above,

Empaths have the right to heal their own spouses and other family members if that said empath is present. I can understand healing your own spouse, parents and of course your own children, but i don't think its such a big deal if ya don't get to heal your Uncle, cousin, or sister, etc, unless of course they ask you to. If this were so, then some of us would be healing 24/7...I , Myself have one of the top 5 largest families in the lands, does this give me the right to heal em all if they are in the area i am healing at?  No, of course not!  Lets not be greedy eh?!

Sometimes I get many requests during a sitting for healing, and i admit i heal all the ones who do ask me, simply because most of the time i do not heal unless they ask me or if someone has been standing there quietly for some time and i seen he had wounds, then i ask him ( Sometimes i want to leave to go hunting or just rest but i can't just walk away while hunters are asking for help with their wounds, especially if i am the only one there, so i end up staying for quite awhile until another empath arrives).

I know this irks other empaths because sometimes they don't get a chance to heal much while sitting there . BUT MANY TIMES i have whispered asking other empaths to heal those hunters who have asked me and also whispered to the hunter letting him know that i asked another empath to heal them instead of me.

Due to the overpopulation of healers, i rarely have the chance to heal or even rescue so when i finally do get many requests or the opportunity to heal, then i heal to my hearts content, yet still try to be considerate of other empaths in the room, If you choose to ignore me then it is nae fault of mine.

I give 110% more than i take ;)

Ambushing Deaders:

There is NO excuse for ambushing here. They are already dead! Your first thought should be LKing them if you see that noone else did, either lk him or ask if he was lk'd. If he was fogged in, LOOK to see who fogged him in and with who, most likely the deader will be right behind the empath who fogged him in, if you are not sure how to read the screen as to who is with who...then ASK if the fogger is a healer or if a healer was fogged in with the deader...

There is no excuse whatsoever to vulture wounds from a deader.

Sometimes, though rare, a deader is DRAGGED in by an empath instead of fogged in (also an empath may be following a dragger to the gate with the deader)... again, LOOK and ASK to see if its ok to heal the deader.

During invasions

(a haven for vultures)..heal the Clerics, Empaths and foggers who risked their lives fogging in their umteenth patient and rarely have a chance to heal any bodies the Empath brought in. I usually heal their head, eyes, & nerves first, so the foggers may immediately return to rescue others. You may want to heal missing limbs if the fogger has more than one missing limb. Without hands/arms you cannot hold the deader's hands and with mutiple missing limbs it renders you from fogging as well.

In a recent invasion I, myself, fogged in a good number of the deaders who were struck. After fogging in, i recited how many deaders i brought in, immediately all empaths ambushed the deaders, ::Blink:: i never said they could heal them, although, honestly it WAS my intentions for them to do so because i went back a few times to rescue more deaders.

But do heed my warning...if you are a repeat offender of ambushing my patients, you WILL be bound, so be sure you have no bleeders when you decide to ambush my patients.

Now being its an invasion i don't complain, in fact i prefer to be the fogger, rather than get frustrated because other empaths are grabbing every wound in sight, but i still believe the common courtesy policy still be in effect here.

Well, i must say i brought in 15 deaders within a couple trips and only got to heal one of the bodies, including my own. I then sat there abit, TRYING to heal others who i could see thru the fog (the chance to get in edgewise) and chaos, who asked for healing... , i, also started healing the young empaths (as well as others who asked) and giving them blood and mana, and I made bread and herbs.

Incinerator victims

These poor hunters have lots of major wounds, all except the legs which are simple fractures. Whether you fogged em in or dragged em in, share your patient with other healers, take a few wounds (doesnt take much to get full on these poor guys) then let other healers know they too can help mend this fallen hunter. Then help one another clean up the major scars you have recieved from this healing.

Learn to compromise

and share with other empaths. If you been healing for quite sometime and your mind is full, take a break, go to a node and rest, do not sleep in the healing area, especially during invasions (like what empath WOULD be sleeping during invasions right? <chuckle>).


If you must sit or sleep there, then offer clean ups to those who are trying to heal, help a young one who is asking for directions (get some excercise, get off yer duff and show them the way <giggle>), grow a few herbs for the younger healers and hunters if ya have the spell, make some bread (thats always asked for by many healers as well as clerics and hunters) and spell up the hunters who ask or need defenses.

Cleanup Etiquette

Respect one another...

This also goes for empaths cleaning other empaths, have the decency to let the empath know you are going to clean them up when they ask for clean up, dont just grab their wounds, too many empaths grab at wounds and the empath cant see who grabbed what wounds and ya have to ask who got what wounds..... empaths are people too, show some respect and STOP pawing people, its a voilation of their privacy.

Clean up is the transfer of wounds from one Empath to another to clean up Major scars that keep you from motivations such as fogging or sending mana.

If someone is cleaning your wounds up for you, please take them back soon as she is done then check to make sure you get them all back. Sometimes, during clean up the empath will immediately take back their wounds even if you are not finished, i prefer to wait til she is done cleaning my wounds before i start taking them back. Also avoid taking wounds from hunters during cleanup, this can be rather frustrating to the Empath cleaning you up.

Ask before taking wounds from a fellow Empath unless you know each other and neither mind the wound swapping.

If i notice a young empath has taken more wounds than he can handle i whisper to him, then take all his wounds and usually keep em, then whisper to him why i did it and let him know if he ever needs help to just ask, i'd be glad to help;)

Watch out for that wound thief  They'll take your wounds and won't give them back <g>. I do it  Myself, to help other healers i see that are in rough shape...especially the young ones struggling to keep up or the foggers during invasions.

During cleanup, a little courtesy is appreciated when wound swapping, Its your responsibility, so make sure you don't have wounds in the same places as the empath who you are doing clean up with. You'll end up with bleeders which you will have to heal down yourself anyway before letting her take back her minor wounds. It can be quite frustrating trying to clean up and you end up with more wounds than ya started with and just think of all that wasted mana.

I like to ask a specific healer for clean up, because it can get a bit confusing, let alone annoying when 3-4 or 10 different healers are cleaning you up.. "Who has my right arm?" "Anyone know where my left leg is?" "did i have a left eye, i forget?"

I have sat at the gate and other areas with every minor wound on the list and when i hear a fellow healer ask for clean up, i whisper to them to heal down and take mine and in turn I take them back, send them some mana and a hug.

7/23/99 Update: It seems a comet has somehow interfered with our fogging abilities. There was a recent forum on it but unfortunately i was unable to attend...if anyone has a log of the fogging forum, please send me a copy?  Thank you very much ;)

This site is still under conderstruction, please bear with me.

Be kind, courteous & respect one another ;)

Medieval Tidbits

Blood-letting was a common medical treatment for ailments. The belief was such: if you had an ailment, affliction, or wound on one side of your body (say, an arm or leg), letting out blood on the opposite side allowed the blood in your body to "even-out", thereby weakening the effect on the afflicted side and allowing faster healing.

The primary practioners were barbers, a large number of whom also specialized in tooth-pulling. Licenced practioners performed more complicated surgeries, including hernia, kidney and gallstone, and cataract removals, often with little to no anesthetics.

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