Elanthian World vs Real World

I thought of bringing up this subject because of a comment made on the message boards in the Empath folder "Empaths of Elanthia. This is only my opinion of course, because of my knowledge of the medical field in the Real World and the common Empath Etiquette I was taught as an Empath growing up in Elanthia. I happen to work in the medical field, in the real world, I have been doing it since i was 14 yrs old (i actually started when i was 10 yrs old as a volunteer helping my mother with the elderly) Thats MANY years of working with the elderly, the mentally handicapped, the injured, the visually impaired, the hearing impaired, alcoholics, Alzheimer's patients and so on.

When a patient comes in, he/she has the RIGHT to say who they want or dont want helping them, therefore, we are to ASK if they have a specific doctor they would like to be seen by.  If in a big facility of course such as a HOSPITAL, the patient would reply with "it doesnt matter, or they would mention a doctor they had seen in the past, or a family doctor...

In elanthia this would be northgate and YES even TSC as well as other small empath gathering areas.

If a patient is brought in to the hospital by another because of major injuries, and/or cannot speak for themselves for whatever reason, we speak to the person who brought them in...

Again, in elanthia it would be the FOGGER or DRAGGER beit a cleric, sorcerer empath or any others who drag them in. We ask if the fogger needs assistance in healing the patient.

If a patient is brought to the hospital by ambulence, it is our duty to get him the best possible care we can provide as soon as possible...

In Elanthia this would be someone rushing into lands end yelling "help," I'm dying," "I only have a little blood left!" or whatever it is they choose to say to get immediate help. (most consider this as when we look like vultures, when not all of us are vulturing but caring for the patient who needs immediate attention). First thing an Empath should do is TRANS <PERSON>. This gives the patient blood (hp's), then APPRAISE and you can begin to heal his wounds. There also seems to be this...myth...that just because someone walks into a healing area, they are fair game for healing: "you came here, therefore you want to be healed"...FALSE! This does not give you the right to paw a person in any means. If they came in, sat down and went into rest mode, you have no right to touch this person unless they ask you to or if you notice that they are extremely losing blood from severe wounds and they don't even realize it (which is quite rare). Even then you should speak to the patient before touching them. Roleplay it out saying soemthing like: "M'Lord, that creature you encountered must have been begging for his life, his blood is all over you."

This does two things:

  1. It shows respect for the patient and his rights.

  2. Gives you both opportunity to roleplay (getting to know each other too).

The Paramedics first duty is to CHECK for vital signs and if patient is conscious, the Paramedics ASK him if he has any allergies or medical problems they should know about before giving him certain medical attention.

In Elanthia, this would be APPRAISING the patient and ASKING if he would like you to look at his wounds. Anyway you look at it, the first thing an Empath should do is ASK the patient if he wishes to be healed OR if said patient ASKS for medical attention, then you should APPRAISE a patient before taking any wounds. You need not always ASK but you can do like i mentioned above...Roleplay it out, stop rushing to get old and get to know the people around you. Afterall, that is why we are here, to roleplay and have fun.  A hunter may also run into the room asking for help because he is poisoned or diseased. First thing to do is to PREP 113 (undisease) or PREP 114 (unpoison) CAST <PERSON>, then APPRAISE patient and begin healing wounds.

There are other cases where as in a DOCTORS OFFICE, there may be one doctor or two doctors sharing this office, so we ASK which doctor they would like to see (have an appointment with) (doctors office is usually not emergencies)....

In elanthia, this would be the same as my first statement about walking into a hospital, we ASK if they would like some medical attention or wait for them to ask us if they can be looked at. There is nothing wrong with asking a patient if they need help... as mentioned in earlier posts on the boards under Empaths of Elanthia, ya dont even have to ask, but instead strike up a conversation with them about their wounds with a caring gesture leaving the choice up to the patient if he thinks he needs/wants healing, by you or any other empath.

Now granted, some hunters who walk into Land's and have MINOR wounds and dont say a word they, just stand there... that DOESNT give ANY empath the right to heal them "just because they are standing there," sometimes that person doesnt even know they have those minors, an empath will heal them without asking and the hunter will thank them saying "i didnt know i had them" or others may rip off your head because they didnt ask you to heal them, and they feel their privacy was violated. Respect others, get to know them and their preferences.

Doctors and patients tend to get to know each other and that patient prefers THAT doctor to help them. If their doctor is not available the day they go to the office for a check up, it is the patients choice to see another doctor or just wait til their doctor returns.....

In Elanthia it is similiar... If I am not there to ...lets say... heal my son, then my son will ask another empath or ask that ANY empath heal him or if he only has minors, he would or could go look for his mother to heal him.

I could go on and on about doctor/patient relations, including paramedics, fireman and policeman who sometimes are involved, but it would take up a whole novel... theres ALWAYS something new to learn in the medical field and some old practices never die.

The point is, unless the patient is in dire straits, then the empaths have NO right touching ANYONE without given permission or that you already know the hunter doesn't mind being ambushed. This of course includes fogged in patients.... which is about the only time i get to heal and even then my fogged in patients are stolen from me.

In the Real world, Doctors have to ask permision from the patient, if patient is coherent enough, OR ask their next of kin for permission to operate on the patient...

This is the same as in Elatnhia... YOU do NOT have permission to touch ANYONE without their consent. If they run in asking for healing, then by all means heal them, unless they have asked someone in particular. If they enter the room and do not ask for healing, chances are they either don't want any healing or don't realize they are bleeding.


Consent & Respect:

  1. They ask YOU or any empath to heal them

  2. You know the hunter and his preferences

  3. If they tell you it's ok to heal them anytime without asking

  4. Roleplay it out with the hunter encouraging him the opportunity to roleplay his part

Granted, Some of the Elder Healers are set in their ways and do not often ask a patient...BUT they DO still go by Empath Etiquette. They respect the wishes of their patients if asked to stop or if asked not to heal them.

SOME Healers i have seen thru the years have NO respect whatsoever for the patient nor their fellow healers. One whom is the talk of the lands these days, is that of one on Teras Isle, who has quite a reputation for sitting on her arse all night healing away everyone that wanders in, whether other Healers are there or not, or whether she is asked or not. I once tried talking to this Healer about it...but the reply was very childish, snotty and might i mention Out Of Character <smirk> When I asked if this healer would slow down some and let the new/younger Noble Healers help the hunters as well...her reply was: "I'm not stopping them and I can't help it if i type 120 words a minute faster than you people."  You people? <roll eyes>  It's really sad we have such selfishness in some folks, not willing to bend alittle for their fellow colleagues.

Now, Jypsie goes by the rules Etiquette, and yes someone mentioned it in their post, i think it was Vegra, by goin by these rules I have not been able to heal merely ANYONE because of those who DONT LOOK, APPRAISE, NOD or give a rolton's arse about the patient to acknowledge the patient they are about to heal. By the time I nod or appraise the patient, they are already healed by ten other empaths. It can be very frustrating when you like to ROLEPLAY the whole scenario...

NOTE: If you do like to roleplay your empath while healing, TSC is NOT the place to go.

And dont tell me to go elsewhere because for one thing, it is so immature, and another thing, nowadays there ISN'T anywhere else to go and roleplay my Empath in healing without falling over some empath eager to gain experience rather than care about the patient  or the roleplay (usually under the category of fogging to a patient, I locate and all i see is the patient, i fog to said patient and there's a dozen empaths and clerics there, and usually the SAME foggers who dont bother locating).

Example: One day i stood at the gate not getting any healing in edgewise cept for those who ask me specifically, when one hunter walks in and asks "Is there anyone who could help me?" As i NOD to him and asked what he needed, IMMEDIATELY I see empaths "groping" the hunter for wounds.... the hunter HAD NO WOUNDS. He was merely asking for directions to get to the chasm on the glatoph. This was uncalled for.... you may not think you are a vulture or you may claim to think that you do care about your patients but, look at yourself next time someone asks "can someone help me?" and you immediately try to heal him without even APPRAISING or asking him what he needs. It does NOT always mean he needs healing and perhaps the hunter would also like to roleplay it out, as well as ask a specific healer he feels is willing to join along with his roleplay. If you are in such a hurry to heal folks, perhaps you can be just as fast at acknowledging their needing your help in other areas such as when they ask someone to help them find their way around town or help them to find places to hunt instead of ignoring them. ;)

If you dont want to roleplay, which is the soul purpose of these lands, and someone IS trying to roleplay, respect the hunter and let him roleplay it out before you go groping for his wounds.

The other day, I FOGGED in a patient (my first healing in 3 days), a Young empath started healing him while i was announcing that "so & so" needed Lk because i ran out of it.  I asked her to stop, but she continued healing him after peering at me... I whispered to her that it would be appreciated if she could ask me if she could help him next time for i was the one who fogged him in and if she would like to learn more empathing i would gladly help her..... Her reply was: "If ya dont want anyone else to heal your patient then fog him somewhere else."  <chuckle> Obviously she was old enough to take major wounds so where did that statement come from? Did she not learn or try to learn empath etiquette? She continued to say that she was tired of other empaths telling her how to heal.  Well they wouldn't be telling her if she had learned etiquette in the first place. (I later found out the girl is my neice <sigh>).

There was only one area we were allowed to fog to and that is the North Gate, she was old enough to know this, yet she did not know?  Ignorance is bliss they say...NOW that the comet has altered our fogging abilities, we now fog to random areas in each town. Some areas are a risk to fog randomly to such as areas in Pinefar and Icemule. So do becareful fogging your patients, especially if you intend to do field healings/raisings.

Everything always seems to fall back on the Empath, its the empath thats said to be so bad, what about the hunters who do the complaining? do they complain because they really dont want empaths touching them or do they do it just have an excuse to be violent towards others? If they really meant it then they should work with us and help us teach the younger, OR noncaring empaths the right ways of empathing and that is COMMON COURTESY, RESPECT for the empath as well as the patient, and GRATITUDE (not necessarily coins or gems either, a simple & sincere thank you is all that is needed).

I have helped many a traveler in the lands in every town and it wasnt always with healing... giving rides to and from Icemule, showing people how to get to certain areas, donating gems and coins from the Wolf Clan for deeds for the young, & a whole lot of other things such as RAISING the dead and picking boxes.

Empathing does not just stop at healing. Empaths can do many things, There are many types of Empaths, like in the real world there are many types of Doctors... YOU could be that special caring Empath.... Jypsie is an Empath Extraordinaire, an Empath of all trades so to speak (yes, I pick and blast boxes too!)... The past year she has focused her talents on Raising the dead, no, she doesn't get ANY experience for it except the fact that it makes her feel good that she helped someone who needed her help.


Patient's Rights...

A hunter has a right to refuse any medical attention whether dead or alive. If he is dead and has severe wounds, yet refuses to be healed before being raised...he DOES have that right and you should respect his wishes instead of ignoring him, blacklisting him and then insulting him for refusing medical attention. When a patient refuses medical care, it is NOT your responsiblity but his own if anything happens to him upon being raised. Simply help the Cleric TEND the patients wounds and go on to the next patient in need of help(Such hunters as Kythe & Knewl, realizing the risks, still refuse to be healed, dead or alive, by ANY Empath and often carry their own herbs).

Do not state that you will never heal him again, for that is SO unprofessional. If your excuse is that it takes too long to tend the major wound, well then i feel sorry for you, because that only makes me see that you are VERY selfish and uncaring for the patient.  I would be thinking that you only care about the experience and just want to get on to the next hunter to heal/raise for more experience...

Why are you in such a hurry? What is your purpose of being here, of being an empath? There's nothing wrong with wanting to go forward but there is no hurry, take your time and enjoy the ROLE.  We are here to have fun, and to ROLEPLAY. So let's enjoy ourselves, take our time and Roleplay.

Either way, ALWAYS remember.... A person's body is their privacy, and it is in violation of their privacy to touch another person's body without given permission.

As I said, I have a odd way of explaining things but i do know I get the idea across. Thank you for reading my Journal.

~ Lady Jypsie

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