Empath Manifesto

(Or do unto others as you would they do unto you)

Authored by: Lady Galadril

1.) If you see an empath start on a patient, know that they have already diagnosed and taken the time to clean off their own wounds before starting..don't ambush heal..many paths have been left with major scars because they healed down and started taking wounds, to have the wounds they need for clean up stolen by an over zealous competitor..this isn't a race ..we are here to help and get ahead..but not on the back of another.

2.) If you get someone to take a wound from you for clean-up purposes TAKE IT BACK. If you are asked for a clean up and start to help, finish the job..don't leave someone waiting on your whims as you take wounds from others..many times someone is waiting to leave the lands or go hunt with waiting companions or even take minors without expanding the mana to heal majors cause they can't heal down a leg cause the arms are major scars with minor wounds on them...it takes a minute to take the entire body's wounds...spend that minute to help another. As long as there are not dying people in the area this should be our first priority if asked.

3.) If you are a younger empath who has overhealed and now is bleeding in a place that you can't heal, whisper to an older empath or ask someone for help in guild speak. But don't say 'Left leg a sec' and stick an older empath with a bleeding wound (which they may not be able to handle at that moment) unawares. And of course, when the older empath does heal the wound down, be sure and take the minor.

4.) Never borrow a wound off someone without asking first. It's annoying to lose the mana because someone takes a wound from you just as you're casting the spell. Also, if one person is cleaning up a lot of wounds from another empath, wait until they're finished before asking if you can borrow some of the wounds. Transferring 15 wounds from someone and having someone else snapping them off you at the same time gets confusing for EVERYONE. The best advice for borrowing wounds is BE POLITE. You wouldn't think of borrowing anything else from someone without asking...why is this different?

5.) Older Empaths such as Mistyrose...Philippa..etc are not usually at the gate..if you see them there they are usually close to leveling..if you know someone is close..cut em some slack...allow them to take a few good bleeders to get over the hump..you'd want someone to do it for you...ask in guild...and then step back..you'll get the warm fuzzies for helping a friend...better than the few experience points you'll lose.

6.) If you hear a patient ask one empath to take their wounds, or an empath tell someone 'I'll get your chest as soon as I heal mine', do not take that as an immediate invitation to take that patient's wounds. Often times, a patient would rather have a friend heal them than a stranger, and all of us would prefer to heal our loved ones ourselves if we possibly can.

7.) If you fog to a patient and find another empath there don't begin healing..first one on the scene has that patient. Also if an empath is with a dragger going to a safe spot to heal and you are sittingin that node check with the empath to see if perhaps this is true..they may have come a long distance to heal this patient.

8.) An older empath has said that she is having a real problem in that she WoR's a patient to the North Gate, and before she even has a chance to take a look at them, their wounds are snapped up. The idea that an empath has risked their life to rescue a patient, and then is not even allowed the experience of healing that patient is APPALLING to me.

9.) Try not to heal singers, reciters or yellers. Not saying let them die..just tell them that they will not be healed as fast with this uncivilized behavior. What if everyone sang, yelled or recited at the gate or TSC. Ooof!

10.) And this is mainly to new players...never sing or recite whisper your wounds to me or whisper to me if you need HP...first you are being unfair to others healing there..second you are training the players the wrong way to announce wounds and third in the crazy, loony, chaotic world of the gate and TSC you are but one other distraction.

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