Jypsie's Healing Journal
            A Guide for Pure Empaths     


I dedicate my Journal to the following Healers...

Lady Eterna, Lord Ravenstorm, Lord Nevets, Lady Lissa, Lord Grumbler, Lord Hardok, Lady Galadril and Lady Dearlae, who, without their dedication, knowledge and direct/indirect teachings, I would not be the Empath I am today.

Lady Ryshan.. Your friendly greetings, wittyness and warm smiles never cease to make others smile. A true Inspiration to all Healers.

Lord Bloodtap, my son.. who followed in my footsteps and was very dedicated to his work until his last days. I miss you much.

Empath Profession
    [Official Documentation]

The character generator offers you eight professions from which to choose. Your character's profession reflects the fact that your early training and apprenticeship have molded your thought patterns and thus affect your ability to develop certain skills and capabilities. Being a member of any one profession does not prevent you from developing all the available skills. In GemStone III, any character can develop any skill. However, your profession determines how quickly you can develop each skill, and how much effort, in the form of training points, this requires. GemStone III uses a skill-based system, modified by professional inclination, and thus represents one of the more realistic RPG systems.

The Three Spheres

The professions in GemStone III are divided into three spheres. The spheres are: Elemental, Spirit and Arms. There are professions whose domains are purely their own realms. Wizards, clerics, and empaths are pure spellusers. Fighters and thieves are pure arms users. There are also hybrid spellusers - the sorcerer combines some of the spell abilities of the wizard and cleric classes, along with its own. Finally, there are semi spellusers, those who combine skill at arms with some magical ability. Rangers and bards are semi spellusers. The pure professions are more able within their chosen realms, but the hybrids and semi spellusers tend to be more flexible.

Profession Stat Bonuses

For your chosen profession, two out of your ten stats are particularly important. Once you choose your profession, your stats in these two areas are automatically adjusted by +10.


The first Empath was the Goddess Aeia. Imaera and other Arkati gave Aiea the gift of healing another's wounds by transferring them onto herself and then healing the wounds from her own body. She was also taught the art of herbs and how to properly use them.

What is an Empath?

There are two types of Empaths..

1. Pure Empath (Healer)-- A pure healer who rarely, if at all, hunts. Usually has a higher Casting Strength and a lower Attack Strength

2. Warrior Empath (Warpath) -- Part healer, part hunter. Usually has a much higher Attack Strength and a mildly higher Defense Strength. More useful in sword swinging than waving a wand.

Empaths are pure Spiritual spell users. They use their talents to transfer wounds from others to their own bodies. They then use their recuperative powers to heal themselves. They are rewarded by the gods and their patients as well for such selflessness. Their spells concentrate on self-healing, but they also have access to other spells more useful in combat. It is difficult, but not impossible for empaths to gain skill in weapons and armor, though heavier armor types may affect how well they cast spells.

Spiritual Sphere. Prime stats are Wisdom and Logic.

They draw their spells from the major and minor spirit spells as well as the Empath spell circle.

Now on to the Journal...I hope it will be of benefit to you. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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