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Spell 1101 Restores up to full HPs (health) per cast. Iflaer says:  I have combined spells 801 and 806 (Heal and Heal II) into a single spell that will act as both. When an Empath casts this spell, it will at worse act like 801. If the Empath casting the spell meets certain criteria, the spell will gain efficiency and work like 806 did in the past. This means you will get better with this spell up to a limit, which I am currently trying to set a bit better than the old spell. Immediate + self-cast Heal
Spell 1102 Heals fresh wounds to the limbs. Iflaer says:  Spell 02 LIMB REPAIR (LIMREP). Very original I am sure you will agree! This spell combines the old 802 and 807 spells into a single spell that will work on any fresh limb wound. This spell and the others share a common trait to keep a sense of balance in the system and to reflect greater efforts for greater wounds. For this spell and and the three following it, the Empath will need to be older to gain better skills. When an Empath is less then level 7, they will only be able to use this spell for minor wounds making this spell work like 802 did in the past. At level 7, the Empath will be able to use this spell to heal more serious limb wounds, the fractures and severs, but at an increased cost." Immediate + self-cast Limb Repair
Spell 1103 Heals fresh nervous system damage. Iflaer says, "Spell 03 SYSTEM REPAIR (SYSREP) works the same as does spell 02 but is for nervous system wounds." Immediate + self-cast. System Repair
Spell 1104 Heals fresh wounds to the head and neck. Iflaer says, "Spell 04 HEAD REPAIR (HEDREP) is once again just like described only for head or neck injuries. Immediate + self-cast. Head Repair
Spell 1105 Heals fresh wounds to the back, eyes, abdomen, and chest. Iflaer says, "Spell 05 ORGAN REPAIR (ORGREP) is.. Yup! Same as the others excepting as noted previously, the Empath will need to be level 10 before using the spell for more than minor wounds." Immediate + self-cast. Organ Repair
Spell 1107 Increases the first aid skills Effects tending, skinning, and diagnosing. 15 secs a level + self-cast. Tend Lore
Spell 1111 Heals scars of the limbs x Immediate + self-cast. Limb Scar Repair
Spell 1112 Heals scars of the nervous system. x Immediate + self-cast. System Scar Repair
Spell 1113 Heals scarring to the head, face, and neck. x Immediate + self-cast. Head Scar Repair
Spell 1114 Heals scarring of the body and eyes. x Immediate + self-cast. Organ Scar Repair
Spell 1116 The caster enables the target to see through their eyes for one moment. Sufficiently trained adventurers have been known to pass additional information concerning the health as well. Immediate + self-cast. Cry for Help
Spell 1120 Allows the caster to relax in safe areas. While relaxing, they can consider their experiences in the field better. Because the trance requires a deep inner sight, this spell will only allow effective trances at least an hour apart. The trance can be broken by many acts including speaking. Immediate + 30secs a level + self-cast. Relaxation
Spell 1125 Imbues the blood of the caster with the regenerative powers of trolls Subconscious thought directs these recuperative powers to damaged areas. As long as the caster remains mostly inactive, the casters wounds will reduce and scars can fade at the cost of 1 + the cost to heal similar minor damage. Immediate + 15secs a level + self-cast. Trolls Blood


1106 +10 DS Empathic casters with sufficient knowledge of their base circle gain an additional +5 to DS 15secs a level + refreshable + self-cast. Empathic Focus
Spell 1108 induce a panic reaction It has been rumored this spell can cause temporary indecision. <level x seconds> + 1 second per 3 warding failures with a minimum of 2 minutes. Empathy
Spell 1109 increasing physical AS by +15. The caster remembers past injuries and channels those memories into a sharp, short-lived rage 5secs a level + self-cast. Empathic Rage
Spell 1110 sense the minds of others as well as critters This intrusion may be noticed and cause a backlash. Immediate + self-cast Sensations
Spell 1115 target to experience a short surge of adrenaline increasing the targets strength for a moment causing them leap to their feet Some adventurers have noted that this increased strength can be so exceptional that webs have been broken. Immediate Adrenal Surge
Spell 1117

Not implemented.

Successful casting of this spell will cause the targets senses to be overloaded resulting in range of possible effects The target may get sick, be paralyzed with inaction have difficulty striking or defending, and may suffer physical damage of the nervous system. Immediate Sensory Overload
Spell 1118

Not implemented.

Creates a link between the caster and the one casted at x x Empathic Link
Spell 1119 increases the TD of the caster to great effect x Based on level of caster + 15secs a level + self-cast Strength of Will
Spell 1130 allows the caster to shift the emphasis of their intentions between attacking and defending This spell . Base 30 points shiftable between AS and physical DS dependent on stance. Empaths gain additional benefits at 1 point per 2 spells known over 30 in their base circle. Immediate + 15secs a level + self-cast.


------- ----- --------

	Offensive +100% -100%
	Advance +50% -50%
	Forward +20% -20%
	Neutral 0% 0%
	Guarded -50% +50%
	Defensive -100% +100%
Spell 1150 Allows the caster to break the targets connection to the spirit realm causing spiritually related spells to fail. Upon successful cast, 2 or more spells may be dispelled. Immediate Empathic Dispel
Spell 1175

Not implemented

x x x Unknown
Spell 1199

Not implemented.

x x x Unknown

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