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Jypsie's Tales of Elanthia


Jypsie's Tales of Elanthia

Tales of fact & fiction by Jypsie Calbot

Incredible tales of adventures in the Land of enchantment, monsters and mayhem.  

"Jypsie has written fantastic tales through the years but none as well written and imaginative as the ones in this Tome."

- Kullani

"I love when Jypsie tells of ghost stories and adventures of the dark Lady and now I can read them here in her new Tome."

- Genia

"I can't tell you how many times I have read these tales Jypsie has written. They're intriguing, romantic, suspenseful and some quite funny. Check it out for yourself!"

- Marlena

"I have heard her tales and was very interested when I heard she was writing them in a tome for all to see in her library. I can't wait to read the others she will add here!"


copyrighted July 29th 2002

Tales for your reading pleasure...


Chapter One  My Life in Elanthia

Chaptor Two   Lady & the Tower

Chaptor Three - Jypta Implodes the Catacombs

Chaptor Four - Jypta finds Aronious

Chaptor Five - Tanitia's Spirit

Chaptor Six - The Gash

Chaptor Seven - The Krolvin Ship

Chaptor Eight - Iooy, Aronious & Jypta

Chaptor Nine - Jipzy and the Serpent

Chaptor Ten - One Dark & Deadly Night

Chaptor Eleven -

Chaptor Twelve -

Chaptor Thirteen -

Chaptor fourteen -

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