Lady Wanton Destruction

Updated: Volnes, day 18 of the month Fashanos in the year 5102

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Lady Wanton Destruction was played by Nora Allen, who was the wife of our long-time C-Code programmer, Greg Allen and Mother of Christopher Allen.

Nora was a fierce warrior in all ways, and those who knew her best both in-game and out will probably not be surprised to hear that the nickname the nurses used for her was "the fighter". Even at the end, she never quit fighting. She truly had a warrior's heart.

On Nora's behalf, her husband asks that if you are in any way able (barring religious or ethical objections), you take this opportunity to sign an organ donor card today and be sure to talk it over with your families.

For those who have known of Nora's illness, I thank you on her behalf for all your prayers, cards, and thoughts. She knew she had many people pulling for her, and I'm sure that greatly helped her to face all the trials of these past months. Whenever we mentioned that this or that person had sent their best wishes, she always brightened up - even on the worst days. You definitely meant a lot to her.

I know many of you are going to miss her terribly, just as her friends and family in Missouri will. There are no words of comfort I can think to offer, except to say that she was beautiful inside and out, brilliant, funny, and loved by many. She enriched all of our lives and will never, ever be forgotten.

We were lucky to have her and will always miss her.

Suz (GS3Fawn)

She was one of the chosen picked by Lorminstra to combat the Vvrael.

Wanton Destruction was one of the first female warriors to make title (Cinabar was the other...not sure who made it first).

She was one of the Chosen of the Vvrael quest.

She was one of the first female Gryphons.

She was (to my knowledge) the first female in the Lands to be knighted. She was the first of only 2 Gryphon females to be knighted (Deavon being the other one).

She had been in the lands for a very long time.

She, for a very long time, knew more spells then any other warrior in the Lands (Partly due to the fact that I don't believe she re-allocated after de-icing).

She was kind, brave and generous to a fault.

She wasn't intimidated by anyone or anything.... but I never met a single person that didn't like her.

She spent MANY, MANY of her free hours in the game teaching, guiding and mentoring young characters of all proffesions. She was incredibly patient.

I could tell you a few stories about her, but I'm getting a little misty eyed right now....and think it best I not continue.


Wanton was one of the first Gryphons, always one of the noblest and most beloved of us. She will be missed more than mere words can express.

P.S. -- Please pardon my soapbox, but those of you who have a driver's license, now is the time to get it out and make sure you've checked the box that says "Organ Donor." Nora was the recipient of a donor organ, and was able to spend time with us because of it. Think of all the lives who were touched, and made brighter, by Nora because of that gift.

With great sorrow, Ruffelin

I knew more of Wanton by reputation than personal experience. The times I did get to spend hunting Kiramon with her were! She is a face that will most definately be missed, and both worlds are less by the loss!

My sympathies, and those of my husband Rob, who knew her better than I and for longer, go out to her extended family, and to all Gemstone!

Truly a sad occurrance!

Lisa and Rob (Drexla and Eliandal)

I only met Nora one time out of the game, though our paths
crossed often when I was much much younger.
She was one of those few people who, the very moment you met them,
touched your life in an unforgetable and memorable way.
My deepest condolences to Greg, what a difficult time for him.

I am sure his son is of great comfort in such an otherwise painful and trying time.

~ Lissa

I knew her not, more's the pity.

To her family and friends, to all those whose lives were touched by deepest sympathy.

~Ryshan's player

I cannot find the words to express my sadness at this unspeakable tragedy. The death of Nora is a horror in itself, add to that a tiny boy who will never know his mother and it becomes almost unimaginable. To her husband, Greg, her baby, her family and friends I offer my deepest most heartfelt sympathy. Nora was a splendid woman.

Karen (Silkie)

I am terrible at words and can never do any justice to Wanton as a character. She was a wonderful character that people enjoyed tremendously. She brightened the day and was always a pleasure to see. But in honesty and fairness, Wanton was a mere glimer of what Nora was. Nora was a wonderful lady and anyone who had ever sat down to talk with her had to walk away with a smile and had to enjoy the time with her. I will never be able to do her justice in anything I write about her, but I will always hold her high in my heart. I am truly saddened by her passing.

Gemstone will always mourn the passing of Wanton, but I will mourn the passing of Nora with a heavy heart, as the world has lost a shining star and the world will be less for the loss.

John (Faegil)

Thank you both for the news that you passed along; needless to say it came as a tremendous shock to me.
To say, "I'm speechless," should convey just what a shock and loss this is.
Greg, Christopher... My deepest sympathies.


There is a memorial candle in the museum for Lady Wanton. The museum is one east of the Temple. Go inside and to the west.

[Gallery, Foyer]

The black marble floor is polished to a high sheen, in contrast with the pearl-grey granite columns lining the room. Four archways lead to different wings of the Gallery. Above the first arch is a black glaes dragon head. The second is crowned with a mountain carved from mithril. Atop the third is a bleached white dwarven skull. The graven image of a female human face hangs over the last arch. You also see a small plaque and a tall red memorial candle.

You read the plaque...

In memory of Lady Wanton, a great warrior who always valued the importance of remembering our past.


~May the Spirit of Nora Allen live on forever in our hearts and young Christopher always have an Angel to watch over him~

~ Jypsie (an organ donor for over 20 years)

Wanton loved the museum. She was amazingly well-versed in the history and culture of Elanthia. Take some time to visit the candle and remember her - then honour her memory by spending some time roaming some of the halls she loved the most.

Wanton was truly a Lady. She always had a hug, a smile, and an encouraging word for friends and strangers alike. We're poorer for her passing. I respected and admired her, and consider myself fortunate to have known her.


I met Wanton about three years ago for the first time, and the memory of that meeting stays with me til this day. She always made time for people and gave them the benefit of her caring ways. It will be a much sadder world without her presence. My deepest sympathies to her friends and families.


Well... I'm a true loss for words....

I met and talked to Wanton (Nora) each time I saw her around. She is one of the few true legends I got to know and one of the fewer still that I had great respect and keen interest in. She had a strange name and she was covered in gryphon attire. Two things of which I enjoyed poking fun at her for each time I saw her. I'm not sure where I'm going with this or how to say what I want to say....

My condolences to her family and friends, if you're feeling even a fraction of what I feel at this moment then I'm sure no words can describe or help to ease what you are currently feeling. I feel the loss and will continue to do so for as long as I walk the lands.

Dgry Kasv (Derrick)

This Tragic news really tears at the heart, Claudia and I give our deepest regrets to Nora's family and friends.

We remember Wanton as a real adventerous force in the lands and though we never met her in RL, everyone can be sure she was just as fun and loved.

Respectfully, Tommy & Claudia

I am speechless as well Krackers...sigh I face death every day in my job, but it never is easy..and one can never find the right words to say... My heart goes out to you Greg and little deepest sympathies as well..

I cant write anymore cause I cant see the keyboard..

Nancy AKA Gremlynn

I cannot express in words the deep sorrow that the loss of Nora brings. She had just truly found happiness with her marriage to Greg and the promise of greater happiness still with the birth of her son. Wanton will never be replaced in these lands, as Nora cannot be replaced in our hearts. I will miss her greatly, she was a very special lady. My deepest sympathy to Greg and other members of their family and all those closest to Nora. Please let me know if I can do anything to help.

You are in my prayers,


She is/was/will always be one of the nicest people in or out of the lands.

She was one of the most open-minded people I knew in GS3, and she gave out trust when most others shunned. A fine women indeed. Although I never knew of the "illness", I knew that her marriage brought her happiness beyond words, and that her child was very special to her.

Not Jinsem

Barry (Geoff) and I continue to be at a loss of words. No words can express what we are feeling at this time. Please Suz, please extend our deepest sympathy to Greg and tell him that he is in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

Sincerely, Nancy (Gremlynn) and Barry

Words cannot express the great depth of this tragedy. Although I never met Nora outside the game, anyone who ever met Wanton in the game could tell what a truly special person the player behind her was. Some of my fondest memories in GS3 center on my friendship with Wanton.

What she was, is what we in the best part of ourselves aspire to become. She leaves behind a legacy of kindness, courage, humor and compassion then none who knew her will ever forget.

My deepest condolences to Greg and the rest of Nora's family.

Chris, player of "Welan"

I thought I'd share a quick story with you all about Nora from the last few months. It was late on a Sunday night, and Greg needed to go take a shower, and a nap, so he asked me if I'd sit with her by myself. I agreed, and found that when I got to the hospital that she was asleep. So, I sat down, grabbed the book she was reading, and waited for her to wake up.

About 30 minutes into my stay, she started mumbling in her sleep. I spoke quietly to her, trying to soothe her, and soon her hands began waiving in the air as if she was trying to get a bee out of her face. A few seconds later, she woke up, and saw me sitting there staring at her. I asked her what she had been dreaming of, since she had been quite active during the last moments of sleep, and she told me she had been demonstrating to some newbie the use of the FLAIL verb. We both had a good laugh, and spent the rest of the visit working on a crossword puzzle together. She truly loved the game of GemStone III, and even more the people who bring it to life, both behind the scenes, and the players who make it so special.

I knew Wanton from the beginning, or close to it (we hunted cave trolls together), and had the joy of meeting Nora at a gathering in DC, and then several subsequent gatherings. When I arrived here at Simutronics, I was delighted to find her here, and to work with her. She was always a good friend, a good competitor (Scrabble and Settlers of Catan were our favorites) and a joy to be around. Things won't ever be the same without her here.

Please, anyone who hasn't looked at being an organ donor, take the few minutes to look into the possibility, and share the gift of life with someone who needs your help. I also wanted to thank all of you who have shared your thoughts with us. While it does make it hard to see through the tears at times, I know that Nora appreciates everyone's thoughts.


She was a indeed a great warrior and fine woman. Mayhaps the stone in the cemetary with all the names of the greats engraved on it, will be a fitting rememberance of one who helped shape the lands, with grace, style and loving humor.


I have known Wanton for as long as I can remember. Few could put a smile on my face as quickly as she. Some had the great fortune of meeting Nora in real life and others of us have only the memories of Wanton in gemstone.

I will treasure all my memories of her in the lands. Now that she is gone, I only regret there were not more of them. Wanton was a class act.

MY best wishes to her family, to her husband and newborn child. I do not think there are words enough in all creation that can truly express this loss.


A world without Wanton is a world with less magic in it. She embodied what the best strive to reach and her kindness, caring and patience made these lands a brighter place.

I met Nora at Simucon and felt as if I'd known her a long while. She was fun and witty and knowing as well as carrying the qualities I'd come to know from knowing Wanton/Passion.

Christopher (for when you're old enough to read this): Last year, your mom, Knightfall, Thassalante and I visited the Botanical Gardens and it was there she told me she was expecting. Her smile at the thought of being a parent lit up the sky.

Greg, there are no words adequate to express my sympathy for your loss. Seeing you and Nora loving and loved truly was magical.


I first met Nora when a few of us AOLers and a handful of GEnie players first got together in Dallas. We laughed a lot, heard stories from days past and marveled at the stat sheets on characters those GEnie players brought whilst hoisting many mugs of ale.

The last time I saw her was at the same house as the original Dallas party and we sat on the patio just talking about life in general. I was fortunate enough to have been her acquaintance and from the handful of times seeing her, I will always remember her beautiful smile and gracious nature.

A still saddened Steve/Arfalax

I'm at a loss for words. I learned of the her passing through Tsoran's page. All I could remember is a couple of lines out of one of my favorite songs: When I heard that she was gone I felt a shadow cross my heart.

The spirit of Nora / Wanton will always live in my heart, I will never forget the times we had inside GemStone and the conversations at SimuCon.

My heart goes out to all of Nora's friends and family.

Chris aka Gnafelot

Tradegy sometimes happens, To those we know and love. But those who knew you best, Knew you were a blessing from above.   But, our time we spent with you, Has unfortunatly come to an end. The world loses and angel, and we lose and incredible friend.

But within all the happy times, The sorrows and the regrets, There are the moments with you, The moments we'll never forget.  You will be greatly missed, By everyone that you knew. And in our hearts there's a place, Reserved specifically for you.

To all her friends and family my heart goes out to you. I know its not much but i wrote this at work in her honor.


One of the first things I did on arriving at Simucon was learned that you should never be off the boards for a month before landing in St. Louis.

There is a temptation to say that those who did not meet her are fortunate, as they do not feel the loss. This is backwards, of course. Theirs is the loss, as they will never have the opportunity.

This woman was one of a kind, and to her family my deepest sympathies. Lady Nora will be dearly missed, but to those who knew her there can be no doubt she is now in a place of peace and happiness.

Ray Stephens (Gherik)

I never knew the player, I only knew her magic...this is for her...

Sigh for me, cry for me, but most of all, smile for me.
Remember me, in all my grace, with magic fingers that leave no trace.
Lift your chin, and open your eyes, shed no tears, believe no lies.
Open your hand and in it place your heart, hold it well and strong there, and never let it part.
Face forward, never stepback, keep a smile upon your face,
Life is not just some silly race, creeping at some petty pace.
You never know when life is over, Only we know when one has begun.

For Nora/Lady Wanton

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