Lord Solarian

Lord Solarian Honorheart the Elf Mage.

He appears to be in his 120's, has short, wavy light brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. He is holding a silver-edged black tower shield in his left hand. He is wearing a golden linked neck chain, a crystal amulet, a fiery red opal ring, a malachite pendant, a veniom bound pyrothag hide scabbard, an engraved wooden coffer, a gold ring, a tightly woven spidersilk sack, some midnight blue casting leathers embossed with shimmering golvern runes, a woven mithril alloy mesh cloak, and a red sack.


Soul of Sol

by: Solarian, 1996

Age. Here, age meant everything.

The old were revered, honored, they commanded respect and few dared to match their power. A brown mane tossed in the wind, his hair had grown much since he had began his studies of the elemental and wizardly arts.

And yes it was inevitable, no longer was he one to be toyed with. Age had come and those who gazed on the thin elf knew there was power within. Solarian Honorheart stood atop the icy glatoph, his one eye glowing a dim orange. His other eye lost to a sorceror spell he had dabbled with in his youth. No one had ever offered to heal it.

As he stood alone, as if waiting for something, a smirk crossed his Elven features. Giants were never known for their stealth. He heard the frost giant apporaching and his eyes glowed a brilliant orange as a ball of fire appeared in his hand. The ice covered glatoph could not withstand the heat and the frost giant could feel the heat as he pounded around the bend. Throwing back his head and laughing, here was a elf that could not even reach his knee in stature.

Undoubtably some fool from the town looking for treasure. The giant seemed to draw power from the glatoph as he began to incant and cold seemed to gather within him. Without warning, a massive ball of ice came hurling at Sol. Sol calmly raised his orange staff enrunedd with a what appeared to be a mighty winged lion crested on a blazing sun. As the ball colllided with the staff, it dispersed leaving Sol untouched. "My turn"

The elf raised his hand and a roaring ball of fire flew fiercely at the giant, surrounded him and the sizzle of fried skin and boiling blood filled the air. The giant keeled over, nearly crushing the elf in it's descent. 'Over" , Sol said quietly with a orange blaze in his eye. Sol incanted and a brilliant luminecense surrounded his body briefly then faded a bit. He looked in his traveller's cloak and inventoried. Down to 10 gold wands, he would need to find more wands soon.

The natural manna in the area pulsed and his thirsty body sucked in some manna. He would need that manna for the upcoming battles. Sol climbed upwards on the glatoph and saw his goal. A steel door layed across a gap in the glatoph forming a bridge to solemn structure that seemed to built of steel as well. Whatever forces had knocked this door down where mighty and terrible. Normally on Lords and Ladies ventured across this door, for what was beyond had raw strength even the frost giant could not match.

Sol glanced at the door, and pulled a small statue of his deity Phoen out. Rubbing the statue's back, a powerful white light surrounded him and he returned the statue in his back. Grimly walking over the door, Sol knew any step in here could be his last. The walls here cold, gray, everything looked as if it was made from steel. Sol came to an intersection and paused a minute, his orange eyes glancing around. Everything looked the same.

Finally deciding on a path he ventured down and turned the corner. Pain coursed through his body as a steel fist pounded into his arm, he barely reacted in time as his staff instinctively moved to parry the blow, this golem had been waiting for him. A frown crossed his face and gesturing quickly, his image began to blur. The golem flailed in the air wildly and came close to strking the small elf again but it seemed that Sol's spells were a match even for the mighty golem. He glanced down at his bruised arm and shrugged but as he did, six more golems came pounding around the corner.

Slight panic coursed through Sol's mind, as he began to prepare a spell. If he could get a firestorm off these golems would pay dearly. The ground trembled and Sol fell on his back as one golem shook the foundation with a mighty stomp. Flailing mercilessly, Sol had no chance as thes remaining golems pounded his body. A crushed spine and it was over. His already prone body fell limp and the orange staff slipped from his grasp.

Even in death, his soul was still aware of the surroundngs. The golems flailed around aimlessly and without emotion as if looking for another intruder to crush. A touch of sadness crossed his soul even in death. Sol relaized how much he missed his love. Traliane Qyu had been away for a long time.

Sol, once a happy man and full of joy, had lost much enthusiasm since she went home. He tried to distract himself by challenging golems and frost giants with his magic and this time he lost. He wondered if anyone would come for his body. Perhaps Phoen would look kindly on him and send aid. But he really did not care. He thought, how easy it would be to just allow my soul to depart this body. It would at least perhaps ease the physical pain of separation from his love. Thoughts like this crossed his mind often now. More time passed, it seemed an eternity.

He wondered if he would just decay here, he had told no one where he was. Traliane. Traliane.Traliane. His soul cried out. Her image remained painted on his soul as he saw her in her full splendor. Her violet eyes met his and sadness and love filled his soul again. Would he ever see her again he wondered. He remebered the days when they hunted together, laughed, played, touched. He could almost feel her lips touching his own.

Emotions continued to swirl through his body. Life, is it worth continuing on? And feeling the pain every day, of being apart from his love. He wondered again if they would ever be re-united. Thoughts of allowing his soul to depart pervaded even more greatly. She will never return.

Pessimism creeeped it's way into a man that was admired because of his hope in life. Depart then. There was too much sadness, he would allow his soul to leave. His soul began to tug it's way out of the body but was jerked violently back in.

His soul focused on the surroundings and a orange haired, green eyed Lady was standing over him. Lady Galadriel had poured a life potion down his throat and thus bound the soul to the body. Well, there would be no departing now.

'Hi sis', a ghostly voice said. 'Brother... you look awful"

'Thank you for coming for me sis" "of course silly" she poked his dead body and leaned over and gently cradled the broken body in her arms, "Am taking you to get rezzed."

~ by Lady Galadriel

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