Silvean's Farewell

Day of Feastday, day 5 of the month Jastatos in the year 5102

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From:  "Joshua Canzona"   
Date:  Sat Oct 5, 2002  9:32 pm 
Subject:  Gemstone III    

In all honesty, I did not expect to come to this conclusion. I apologize for my enormous delay in reaching it. I have decided, however, that I no longer have the desire, the time, or the money to keep up with Gemstone III. It was a good online roleplaying game, it remains a good game, and I think it is infinitely superior to any of the newer graphic oriented games appearing on the internet.

I never associated myself personally with the game or its players. I was often criticized for my so-called "aloof" stance as a result. Regardless, it is not difficult for me to say goodbye. I consider roleplaying an introspective activity and I learned a lot about myself through Gemstone. I do not wish to get any more scholarly, long-winded, or complicated than that.

Due to successes, positive achievements, and lucky happenings in my life I am now concerned with other issues than Gemstone III. I do not, however, wish to belittle the game, roleplayers, or internet users.

I will say, however, that I created the character of Silvean when I was twelve years old. My best development of that character occured when I was fifteen. As I lived in a desolate area, I literally had nothing else to do except play Gemstone until I was able to drive and so forth. When I got older and had increasing responsibilities in my academic and personal life it was no longer beneficial for me to dedicate a great deal of time to Gemstone.

Life is made to be lived, and even if Gemstone is fun in the same way that television or standard video games can be fun, you have to think about how it benefits you in the long run.

Everything in moderation is the key, consider this. Again, however, this is not a letter to criticize anyone. It's a letter to explain why I am moving on. The ten years that I played Gemstone to varying degrees were wonderful.

The House Chesylcha project, if started about three years earlier would have been great. But it was crafted for a different game than what Gemstone III is now.

Regardless, I hope I added something to the game. I hope someone remembers the character I made. I will not destroy Silvean or my Gemstone account personally. Maybe I could pick it up again someday if I had the sufficient resources in both time and spare money.

Best of luck, Joshua 
Player of Silvean Rashere


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