Lord Rozak

Impressions of Rozak: 7 years back

Rozak came to be well known quite quickly as his close friendships with Sagan, Daryann, Kali and many other Legends Legends became quite evident. Rozak, at the time, was seen quite often with Sagan and a cleric by the name of Cistan I believe. At this time in the lands there was no fallback to GM's there was only town justice for things like civil disturbance and the breaking of secret oaths.

Rozak was one who enforced certain behaviors at an early age and was feared even by those many years his elder. If this was because of his associations or not, I do not know. I do know that thanks to Rozak and people like Thalior and Sagan(to a smaller degree) many people were put in place to conform at an early age.

Once the masses really started pouring into the realms everyone was overcome. At one point I know he was quite a successful merchant amassing a huge fortune and many thought he was the wealthiest non-mage character in the game(I tend to think Gillaume had more but I do not know).

I know very little of Rozaks present endeavors except that he was chairman of House Jakarta, a house which subsequently was closed. I suppose that is all part of the mystery surronding the persona known as "Rozak".

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