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By        GRINDSTAFFW@PLAY.NET (Mustafo)
On        Mar 21, 2000 at 20:16

[Hearthstone, Front Porch]

Airy and open, the porch is enclosed by smooth, freshly painted white modwir up to a height of about four feet. As you ponder the sky-blue color of the ceiling and a lacework of deep green ivy that crisscrosses the open space between posts, the hubbub of the world beyond quickly fades away. Rocking chairs of various sizes are an inviting sight, and an elegant marble arch provides a tantalizing view of the splendors inside the old manor. You also see a horned frog who is sitting, a doorman, the porch steps and an elegant green marble arch. Also here: Lord Mustafo Obvious paths: none.

A brilliant streak of light appears from the sky and temporarily blinds you. When your eyes focus again, you see a stairway coming down from the clouds. The stairs look as if they are made from the clouds themselves.

You look up the stairs and into the clouds. There, you see one of the most breath taking sights you have ever seen. Beautifull tall gates made of gold surrounded by picture perfect trees and bushes with numerous small animals running around, playing without a care. The light shinning down is almost blinding but you struggle to focus on the sight before you.

The gates open to reveal 4 enormous chairs sitting side by side. The chairs are crafted from the finest metals and imbedded with the most brilliant gems you could imagine. Behind the chairs, is a large tapestry which appears to be a view of some strange land. Sitting on three of the chairs, three men look down the stairs to the porch below and smile at Mustafo. As you glance up the stairs, you stare in disbelief at the sight you see.

"It is time, Mustafo. It is time to come home." says the man in the middle.

"Metaboculous" replies Mustafo, "I can not come yet, my work here is not finished. I have not finished the task that i promised you i would complete. I need more time.

"No Mustafo" says Metaboculous, "We have watched you since we journeyed here. You have done all you can. You can do no more."

"He is right Mustafo" says the man on the right, "You tried, you tried your best. You have lived up to the standards that were set forth in the lands before you arrived. One man can only do so much.

"But Bleys" replies Mustafo, "I must be allowed to try more. There are so many more to teach."

"There are many more to teach, this is true." says the man on the left, "But it is not your place anymore to teach them. It is a different time now. The old ways are no longer. Those who walk the lands now march to a different path. The path is of a new way and it has no desire to learn of the old ways."

"No Aanalar, they will learn" replies Mustafo. "If i just take more time, they will learn. They will see. I must be given more time."

"Mustafo", says Metaboculous, "You recall all the times we spent on the porch talking of the old days and what they meant. Can you honestly say you see any signs of that anymore?

"There are signs, Metaboculous, there really are. They are few and far inbetween but there are signs." says Mustafo

Bleys says "Mustafo, you are seeing what you wish to see. Think back to when you first walked the lands. Think back to how people respected each other. How people listened to each other. How people acted around each other. There are no signs of that anymore in your lands."

"He is right Mustafo", says Aanalar, "You might catch a glimpse now and then of what you wish to see, but the ways are no longer. We have watched you. We have seen you try and tell others. We have sat here and watched everything you have done since we all have left. You have carried on the traditions in ways that we will never be able to thank you enough. You came to us when you were young, you sat and listened. You asked questions. You wanted to learn. You have dedicated most of your life here to preserving our ways. For that, we will be forever greatful and that is one of the reasons we have come for you this day."

"We tought you well Mustafo" says Bleys, "We tought you all we could. But this fight is no longer your fight. You can not convince the masses that walk the lands today. They are a different breed. They have different wants, different desires, different goals. What they want can not be found by your teachings."

"But Bleys", says Mustafo, "There are my friends that do hold to the old ways. What will happen to them if i leave"?

"That is not your concern anymore" replies Metaboculous, "They know of your teachings, if they wish to follow them after you leave, then that is all the better. However, they are their own person. They will do as they wish no matter if you are there or not."

"What will become of the porch then"? asks Mustafo, "We all have fought for it for many years. Am i just to let it fall to the dogs? No one will take care of it and care for it as i have, as we have."

"Mustafo" says Aanalar, "The porch is just a place. It was a central location for us to gather and speak and share stories with others, but it is just a place. Just like any other place in the lands."

"No it was not!" yelled Mustafo "It was our place! It was a special place! It was a place where you all tought others. It was where you all tought me. It was where i tought others!

"Please understand" says Bleys, "Sure it has special meaning to you as well as us and others but it is still just a room. It was a room we held on to for many many years and it was not easy for any of us to give up. It will not be easy for you to give up but it is time. You know deep in your heart that it is time to come home."

Mustafo hangs his head slowly and closes his eyes for a momment. He opens them and looks up and around at the setting there. "How can this be just another place" he asks to himself. "Geez, they all know its more than just another place? We all fought there for it. We all died there for it. It was our place!

"Where will i go"? asks Mustafo

"Here, beside us. Have you not noticed that one chair is empty? replies Aanalar

"What of my wife? My daughter? My family"? asks Mustafo

"Mustafo" says Metaboculous, "You have provided and cared for them more than they could ever ask. You protected them from harm, you stood up for them. They all felt safe in your presence. They all love you more than you realize. They also know that you have been unhappy for a long time and they would rather loose you to let you find your happiness rather than keep you there and you remain miserable. It is a sacrifice on both parts."

Mustafo asks "Will they be able to join me one day if they so desired"

"Of course they will" replies Bleys, "Home here is not just this chair. We have already built you an entire estate. A mansion of great expanse overlooking the coastal cliffs. Tended gardens and servants ready to come to your aid should you need it for whatever reason. We know you have always liked the coast. We figured you would like it there."

"I don't even know a thing about the land you are calling me to." says Mustafo

Aanalar says "Come up the stair Mustafo, see for yourself."

Mustafo glances around the porch one last time and sighs. So many people to leave behind. So many feelings with them all. So many good times. He looks up the stair and starts walking up. As he reaches the top, he looks around and a smile comes to his face.

"This does have a famaliar look to it afterall" says Mustafo

Metaboculous, Bleys and Aanalar all smile.

"Of course it does Mustafo" says Metaboculous, "Its the land you have always wanted to visit. Its the land that you talk about every night. Its the land of which the history of it you tell and preserve."

Mustafo glances around at his surroundings.

"No, could'nt be" says Mustafo, "That big tree over there and that mean looking man standing beside it..."

"Harcourt" says Aanalar

"And over there by the East Tower..." says Mustafo

"Mikhail" says Bleys

"And over there in Town Square..." says Mustafo

"Strom and Kayla" says Metaboculous

Mustafo says "You mean...no no way....this is....."

Metaboculous, Bleys and Aanalar all smile together.

"Welcome home, Musty" says Bleys

"Welcome home, Musty" says Aanalar

"Welcome home Musty" says Metaboculous

The lone figure over by the large tree yells out..."Oh get on with it allready! Welcome home to Kelfour's Mustafo!"

Mustafo smiles as he finally realizes that he is indeed home. He turns and glances back down the stairs as they fade to nothingness. He turns back around and does indeed....go home.

A few thanks...

To my family, Dremerie, Tanri, Shadowkatt, Matti and the other thousand cousins and whatnot i have aquired over the years, you all are the greatest family an elf could hope for.

To Cadsreel for all the years knowing each other and starting out in the tower together

To Aurien for showing me the lighter side of being a rogue and for pointing out to me when i was a wee elf that pink was not an appropirate color for clothes.

To Blades for sticking it out and being a constant source of enjoyment on the porch

To Titannia for that cursed tamborine. Learn a new song one day.

To Burren, Fairgus, Amerlise, Nyte, Challen and Jesh for showing me what a rogue should be as i was growing up. If Blades wasnt a pure sorcerer, he woulda fit in this list.

To Rayzor for being my picking hero. Back then and still today. No matter what, he is still and will always be the greatest picker in the lands. By far.

To Kali for being Kali

To Wanton for making me drool on countless occasions

To Sagan for being one of the finest persons i ever met

To Kree for some of the greatest tales i have ever heard and for being the consumate rogue

To Myste and Aral for being my first ever hunting partners. Times i will never forget

To Chen for getting me started

To all the GMs that let me get away with more here than prolly anyone else. Dont think i never realized it and didnt apprecaite it.

To GM Smite for doing all he could for the rogue profession after inheriting somewhat of a mess.

To the Lorminstra Quest. Even though i have always refused to pay for an event here, this time i did and it was the finest 4 days i have ever had in these lands as far as hunting, teamwork, needing each other and cooperation. To all those stuck out in that boat ride with me, that was nothing short of a great time as well as trying to sell off all the women to the Orc Guard Bob. Extra thanks to GM Krilcan for all the effort.

To Arwen and Kerl for being great porch mates

To Gilwen and Knightfall for being the finest couple that i know in the lands and for your great stories that you allowed me to publish. And those darned sermons.

To Miphnik for all the great stories you gave me as well as the pick

To Bleys for caring more about these lands than anyone i know

To Metaboculous for showing me what this place was all about and being the finest roleplayer i ever had the pleasure to meet and for all those lessons in life that you dont think ever sunk in. They did.

To so many others that have made my times here nothing but the best. I thank you all

To my best friend in the lands Simmer who met me when i was young and let me pick his boxes when he could have gotten them easily, those countless spellups and blade blessings, for giving freely and never asking anything in return and for all the times that i needed someone to talk too and he was there to listen. We will see each other again.

And finally...

To my wife Shoshonna. Hon, you know you were my world here. We had problems like anyone but we always seemed to work them out. You are the only woman i have ever loved here and that love went beyond the game itself. We shared many years together and they were the finest years of me life, in game and outside of the game. The night i asked you to marry me in the Elven Village as well as when we got married were my proudest momments in the game. You gave me endless ammounts of fun, good times, memories and just plain made me the proudest elf that i could ever hope to be. There is nothing or was nothing in the lands that i ever cared about or loved a 10th as much as i care for and love you. I drove you crazy at times, you drove me crazy at times, but we always had each other and that is nothing anyone can take away from us. All my love hon.

I will be leaving this sunday, the 26th of March

Mustafo Nothumb
Elanthia's Most Adequate Picker


Many friends and family gathered that Sunday night to say their last farewells to this legendary porch picker. He never considered himself a legend but many know he has followed in the footsteps of our Legendary Elders and to us...He will always be a Legend.

Musty, you will always be remembered in our hearts.  Safe and fruitful journeys to you.



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