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Dedication to Lady Galadriel's Player..

Kimberly Borders

Close your eyes, 
put out the light,
I bring you a touch 
of fantasy tonight.
Lands of mist, 
mountains of gold,
Imagine yourself 
in the lands of old.
Can you smell 
the forest so green?
The sky, a color 
like none you've seen...
Sweet fairy song in the air,
Dragons a slumber, 
deep in their lair.
              - Magick '94



Kim/Galadriel lived a full life
and had many friends, 
we talked all the time about 
our children, hopes, dreams 
and just chatted in general over the years. 
A very bright spot in my life 
passed away never to be replaced again. 
And I for one shall miss her very much.
She was very talented and creative 
and did some fine art for SIMU. 
She touched many lives here 
and outside of gemstone. 
She was a mother and a wife 
and never wanted our pity 
so she kept her illness to herself.
Remember her as the kind soul she was 
and that she lived life to its fullest. 
Well now as usual 
for Jim/Celtar I'm rambling 
so I'll end this 
and just say be kind to each other people 
you'll never know when 
you'll be speaking to someone for the last time.
Btw go visit her website which is Magicklass.com 
and read abit about Kim.
-------- Jim/Celtar

Here is a poem that has 
comforted me in times of loss. 
I hope it comforts you as well. 
It's not written by me, 
but by an anonymous person 
who was rather gifted with words:

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamonds glint on the snow.
I am the gentle autumns rain,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
When you waken to the mornings hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circling flight,
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die.

May hosts of angels guide you to the light, Kim. 
Meghann <Aurorah>

I have always respected her for who she was.
A strong woman with a heart of gold 
whom never asked for anything 
in return for her kindness. 
A woman who always thought 
of others before herself. 
A beautiful Rose....

A poem came to mind 
when I heard of Kim's passing...

A Rose was planted in our mist. 
With a gental smile she did bud. 
We watched her bloom through the years. 
Decorating our lives with love.
A heart as pure as gold. 
A face that reflected the Sun. 
And a special inner beauty. 
Seen by everyone.
Now she blooms in heaven. 
Where her smile will never fade. 
And we're all so very thankful. 
For our Rose that God gave.

You touched so many lives 
more than you'll ever know....
Our hearts are with you Kim, always. 
- Laura (Jypsie)  

========================= ===============


Through the years 
of playing in Gemstone 3, 
I have met some people 
whose character shines brighter 
than Through all the bickering about greed, 
we come to forget about 
the reason we first started playing 
this game so many years ago...
to meet other people. With Galadriel's 
passing, let that be a wake-up call 
to forget about money and just 
go hang out with the people you cherish
within Gemstone 3, 
they might not be there tomorrow.

Triex Wolfex
The Titanium Kid




========= ========================

One day a sudden light
Burst upon the sky, 
And there it hung, 
shimmered bright,
But I did not wonder why. 
I knew the light, 
from where it came,
And for what it stood. 
She was the light, 
it bore her name
And it always would. 
But like all the lights,
That shine up in the sky, 
The future would bring us nights,
We would all look up and cry.


============== ================


========= ==========================

In parting, Gal, I'll invoke the warrior's prayer 
we oft spoke before 
we went out to hunt side by side...

Gods of war, I call you, My sword is by my side.
I seek a life of honor, Free from all false pride.
I will crack the whip With a bold and mighty hail.
Cover me with death If I should ever fail.
Glory. Majesty. Unity.
Hail, hail, hail!

With Love and Friendship that will endure always,

I am very saddened 
to hear the news of her passing. 
While I was not a good friend, 
or even a friend in any manner 
her work was well-known 
to most that play Gemstone, 
and I am sure in no doubt 
that she fits 
the description you gave Celtar. 
Sorry to hear it.

- Player of Briars




Galadriel, on my scouting journeys I saw many horrors, 
and one thing I looked forward to, 
one thing that kept me going, 
was the thought that I would arrive again in Wehnimers 
and see those I knew well. 
I wish I could have had the chance to know you better, 
though the fact simply is that whenever my path did cross yours, 
something inside me lifted, and I always felt more light-hearted. 

You may have only remembered me vaguely, 
yet even in those periods 
when I did not see you for months at a time, 
when I did turn up in Wehnimers again, 
and you greeted me, 
it was always with the same friendliness and warmth. 
I will never forget that, 
and I am sure those you are with now 
are more lovely than I can fathom. 
You will have made them so, 
just as you did to everyone your heart touched.
Lady Galadriel, I will remember you throughout my long travels, 
you will always have my love and respect.
I will remember you.

~ Lord Catthief Chessun, 
in loving memory of the Lady Galadriel.
You were a friend indeed to me.

Penned - May the 28th, 2000

--------------------------    -Lady Lady Galadriel Galadriel ======


That star you see, so bright and new,
Is the soul of a warrior brave and true.
So raise your eyes and smile within,
For you never really lose a friend

========================================= =======================



Her spirit lives on, and shines bright in the Heavens



Primus inter pares.

Lohlem bows his head.

An Angel to watch over me....