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[Image]Suz Dodd aka GameMaster Lady Fawn

Condolences from the GS3 Forums....

Remembering Suz

It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to Suz Dodd, former product manager of GemStone III and Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes, who passed away in her sleep this morning. Suz will be remembered for her compassion, and as a sweet and kind soul who always looked out for others. The countless friends she made in her long service to Elanthia serves as a testament to her eternally warm spirit.

Remembering Suz Dodd (GM Fawn)

When I first came to Elanthia I had troubles with giving commands & just plain learning the ropes. Somehow in all that a nice warm hearted person named GM Fawn was watching. I had a crystal amulet explode on me which I guess was a bug in the game. She came along when I learned how to assist & just made me feel great. You always remember sweet people regardless of titles, position, & importances. All I can say is we need more people like GM Fawn in this crazy mixed up world. We need folks to stop being pests & look at the heart of the matter & upon each other. GM Fawn did that with such class & perfection. It is sad she is gone. But to her Elanthia family & real life family I give my love, support, & prayers. Folks we all need to step back & take a look at what this incredible lady showed us with her life.

Care, concern, & joy filled her life. I pray her example to us all continues. GM Fawn know that lil Hasek never has forgotten you nor has his big uncle Legend Haashek. I bow in respect & love to an awesome lady.

Legend Haashek Nedved

One of my best GSIII memories, thanks Suz/Fawn

This is really sad news and it honestly feels like a true piece of the essence of Gemstone has been laid to rest.

Fawn was definitely the most patient and I would say kindhearted Gamemaster I have known of even though she was the only one to ever lock me out of Gemstone III. I completely deserved it because I was using a vulgar mouth and I wasted no time in apologizing to her once I was able to return, and she wasted no time in forgiving me.

I was sad when she left the game. And now that she is really gone I feel even more sadness...

One of my favorite memories will always be when I became a legend (level 50 back then) and she came and personally congratulated me. In fact, it was something that she would commonly do back then, and there weren't that many legends around at the time, but I remember it was about two weeks after I had become legend and I still had not heard from her, so I was getting a bit down. But then, all of a sudden (without me mentioning anything about it to anyone) she popped up and gave me a great big hug and a congratulations and we had a nice chat. I had gotten many congratulations from my friends and family here in Gemstone III, but Fawn's congratulations was like the missing link and so that moment was really special for me.

I think many would agree back then that she was almost like a mother figure. I could see how she had that effect on people, especially newcomers. And I'm sure that many would agree that this is like a death in the family.

Rest in peace Suz/Fawn and may your adventures be neverending!

<salute> <hugs>



I fondly remember you and those other pieces of you that travelled our lands during the Genie days. I have never ever in any life met someone who cared so deeply for those people who travelled in her world.

I remember getting scolded by you because I let some big friends of mine explain to a young adventurer in no uncertain terms that no-one kissed Lady Misdy without her consent. Especially with the front Misdy had. It made me think, and reconsider. Because of that scolding, I took a good part of my time and sat at the north gates, getting to know new folks, and meeting alot of people I knew as friends.

I remember sending a report thought out because a friend Warrior was having such a difficult time, he was talking of leaving, and was working on saying goodbye. You answered the Report, when you didn't have to, and sat with us for the better part of two hours just listening to his frustration and offering him hope. That warrior is still around today.

I remember introducing Ughsplat to you and Berr, and him calling you Grammama, and the delightful reaction that provoked. You had me in tears, I was laughing so hard.

My heart is heavy at your passing, but as long as the memories remain, so will you.

Mike McInnnis


I didn't have the chance to know you as the others did. I was able to chat once or twice with you in game and elsewhere.

I know you are a legend in many peoples eyes. And you should be. You were a very dear person in their hearts, and I'm glad they had you.

You will be missed.



Maybe my best known character is Roxana, and I am Krisenfest's wife both in game and out. I'm very sorry to hear this sad new about Suz also.

We've been trading old Fawn and Gemstone stories and I just like to say that I am sure she never realized it, but I always thought she was a peacock!

You see, I am German and to me Fawn sounded very close to the German word "Pfau". Which actually means "peacock". Fawn was probably the first Gamemaster I ever saw and she just had this radiant aura of honest friendliness, it was just like a peacock opening his beautiful feathers. And so peacock for me always stuck.

Thank you for the many fond memories Suz/Peacock!


Any loss is felt by all

I never got the chance to meet her but hearing of this tragedy, I want to wish her family and friends my condolences. It's always hard to lose someone and she seemed to be such a connection in the link of Simu. I am sure many, many people will feel this loss for a long time to come.

Chaerion's soulkeeper

Remembering Suz

I'm deeply saddened. Suz(Fawn) was and still is a profound influence on all our lives and the ones we portray.  I offer my condolences to the extended Simu family.



...was also the first GM I really had any interaction with, near 7 years ago.

I lost everything I owned during a big freeze. She personally took the time to replace it all, and did it without complaint. Of course the NEXT time it happened, she wasn't so sympathetic...

It's always so sad when someone so young leaves us, unexpectedly or not.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Kristen/Coriana et al

My deepest sympathy and prayers

I didn't really know her but i saw he online a couple times she was nice and took everything easily...Its really bad that shes gone though

Time heals all wounds

I also want to send my deepest sympathies to Suz's family, friends, and co-workers at Simu.

I only met her once, briefly (and had a noce chuckle together) ... but her impact on Gemstone cannot be understated.

I'm sorry to see her leave this world, but hope know that her spirit will live on.

-Jon / Prestius

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I never had the pleasure of getting to know Suz (GM Fawn) as many others have. I just wish to offer my prayers and condolences to her family and all of her friends. The loss of a loved one is always hard, but in time, the wounds will heal and the good memories will make you smile. Always hold onto your memories. May God Bless you and you rest in peace Suz.

Christina / Augie

A true lady

Suz was a true lady in every way. She meant to much to every Genie player and so many more. She was truly a kind hearted lady, that cared for every person who played the game, even the ones that were in trouble all the time.

I meet her in real life many times, and she was always happy and wonderful to be around.

In game her PC was engaged to Berr and was the "step mom" that helped raise me as Faegil.

I will miss you Suz, you will be remembered for what you were, a true lady and a special friend.

John Faegil


I just want to express my sympathy and send my condolences to Suz Dodd's family for their tragic lost. You know, reading the posts of all these people, you have to realize how much of a great person Suz was, the fact that a whole entire game has come together to express their feelings. God bless the family to help deal with this loss. Suz/Fawn, you will not be forgotten.



I can't believe you are no longer with us. The legendary Fawn. The lady who gave the best hugs whenever she saw me and laughed with truth and mischief. Seeing you was always the highlight of my conventions because you welcomed me every time.

Working with you was a blessing, even when you ran ragged. I was so sad when you left Simu...I guess now I know why. I wish I could have said one more goodbye.

Blessed be Suz, my Simu Mom. I love you. I continue to miss you.

Ana/GM Ianthe


The terrible sense of loss I feel knowing that Fawn has moved on bites me to the bone.

Suz you are a mythical legend to all that walk the streets of Elanthia

It could not be better said if one were to say

Divine she was
with Compassion and understanding
touching all lives that she meets
thru keyboard or in the flesh
the absense of her in our Real Life World
brings a sense of sorrow yet also
makes me realise she is headed
to a better place now

Til again we meet Suz
We shall all see you on the other side...

~ the Hayworth family


I knew Suz best as Daryann, a happy ranger who even when she first joined the adventure was a ray of sunshine. I remember with particular fondness, now bittersweet, her inquisitiveness about the game, and her delight at learning new things. Of course, whe was always so friendly and patient and bright; but for some reason the best memories I have of Daryann were how every so often I would realize how well she really understood the lands and the people here. Also the way she treated one of my secret characters, without knowing that it was me, hunting with him despite the fact that she could have done much better on her own. Simutronics was definitely onto something when it gave Suz responsibility for our world as Fawn. This is a great shock and loss. As all the others have said, I will truly miss her.

~ Art/Artuero

Sad Loss...

I'd never met her in real life. But the times she would talk to my character and seeing how she responded to player issues in the lands and on the GEnie boards, little things like that; she was always very generous, kind-hearted, and concerned about everyone's experience in the lands.

I'm sorry to see her go and my prayers and condolences.


"And all their tears shall be wiped away..."

If you know what that quote is from, then you understand my wish for Suz. If you don't, find it, read it, and I hope it rewards you. It's a spirit of wishing better for others that I think I recall most of Fawn. For that's how I knew her, as her GM persona. I wish I had had the time to know her, and Galadriel, and others we have lost, and all my old friends, and new friends, and friends to be; as people, not names...but life is like that.

My heart goes out to her family, as they have the hardest part now. She is in a better place, and I don't doubt smiling down on all of us. Give her family your prayers.

Next time the world, or the game or whatever gets you down or mad, think of Fawn and hug someone, or help a newbie. She will live with us always as we carry on what she worked so hard at.

Take Care Suz.

Brian/Killjar (Don't think I ain't watching.)

One of my best GSIII memories, thanks Suz/Fawn

Of the GM's that I've had the chance to meet I can honestly say that Suz(GM Fawn) left biggest impression. She was always good natured and lightened the room when she was there. I send my heart and prayers out to her family and the Simu team as well.


Heavy Hearts

Words can never express the loss that Suz/Fawn's family and coworkers must feel.

Please know she is thought of in the highest regard by more people than you could ever imagine.

My prayers for you who loved her, is for strength and eventual healing.

John/ Amgard


A lost character in the mangler...
Tarts in tree spirits....
Run by hugs....
Whispered laughs at fighting creatures with acantha leaf....
A release from the consultation room after a false accusation
Ever a watchful eye....

Two will miss your whispers....

Dear Fawn, travel this new path with our love....



Fawned memories

My heart goes out to all of Suz's family, coworkers and team-mates, first and foremost. You had the privilege of knowing Suz better than most of us. Your loss is profound, but find solace knowing that your burden is shared by thousands of others. As Fawn, Suz touched the lives of more people than I could begin to recount. Every one of those people, to a man, holds her in the highest regard and esteem. She was a pleasure to be around, and principled in all her actions and words. She had a fantastic way of being firm while still using a soft and caring touch. Many was the night that my enjoyment of Elanthia was heightened simply knowing that she was somewhere in our midst setting things right, and spreading mirth and cheer, and copious hugs whereever her flash of light brought her. Fortunate are those of us who have had the opportunity to interact with her in a direct manner in the game. I will never forget the first time I saw a young deer fleeting across the path from the North Gate to Hearthstone Manor. I cherish the opportunities that I had to chat with her when she dropped in on us just to see how things were going for us, the individual players. Her loss leaves an empty space in Elanthia that can not, and will not, ever be filled again. There will be another Product Manager, but there will never be another Fawn. It is my most sincere belief that Kim (Galadriel) and Wanton, among others, were there to meet her at the moment of her passing, to welcome her into the next great adventure of her existence.

With deepest sympathy,
Lord Higlac Wexstan

Sorry for the loss...

Today a world is weaken by a loss.
Even though i never met you,
Your impact has been true.

For everyone is morning your passing.
I look at the lives you have touch,
Who wants to hug so much.

You will be missed by many and none to few.
She now looks over us, not from a screen,
Making sure we find our way through our dreams.

One day i will meet her spirit with open arms.
And everything will be fully bliss,
Her spirit is with us so she will never be missed.

I'm sorry i never got to meet her. She sounds like she was a wonderful person. I give this poem and my condolences to her friends, family, and co-workers.


A memory of Fawn

Early in my time in GSIII I was reading a log of one of Pauper's Haunted House parties and I remember seeing Fawn "drinking" someone's blood - the first time I realized GM's had "superpowers" to write their own scripts. She was great - displaying the kind of quick wit I wish I had and leading by example of what could be done in this game.

My thoughts go to her friends and family - I'm sure the heart-hole is deep.


There will be laughter after pain; there will be sunshine after rain. (Mark Knopfler)


Suz was such a delightful person: kind, wise, warm, and witty. I have so many memories -- working with her in GemStone III and H&X:AoH, watching her interact with players (and staff) as she took time to get to know them and listen to them. She was very creative too: I remember the areas that she designed were lovely and packed with so much detail that they really came alive. It was fun just to be around her and to see what she'd come up with next. I will miss her...

Miriani / Limerick


I met Suz at Gemcon in 1998. At a get together after the costume party, I recall her going around the room and talking with each of the attendees. The discussion was as much about who we were as it was about the game. She seemed genuinely interested in the people behind the characters.

I am saddened -- and genuinely surprised -- to hear of her death. We citizens of Elanthia are all poorer for her passing.


(Haaka's player)

Why I love Suz

The scene is a restaurant somewhere in St. Charles after SimuCon. A handful of us are having lunch and Suz asks me how I'd feel about working on a game related to the TV shows, Hercules and Xena. I laughed; at that point, I hadn't actually seen either show but the idea seemed incongruous. Her next question is, "Have you ever thought you might want to be a product manager someday?" I laughed again; I had no such ambitions.

So fast forward: by the next summer, I was helping design Athens and painting my little heart out for our version of Greece tinged with New Zealand. In one meeting, Suz introduced us to a visitor from Renaissance Pictures (who worked with us on incorporating elements of the show with our game); she got to me and said, "I don't know what Tracy's title is." "I'm the comic relief," I said. Within a year of that, my partner in crime Limerick and I took on roles as Suz's assistant product managers. And later still, when Limerick and Suz both moved on, I stayed.

Even after she stopped working in our game, she influenced me personally. "Say, GS3's Issigri has been on leave; maybe he might want to come back to a smaller product -- can you talk to him?" she said in the summer of 2000. Come the following January, after much talking between me and Issigri, he and I got married. She's the first person I called to tell, even before anyone in my own family, shrieking with laughter on the phone with her like a teenager.

All the time I've been involved with Simutronics, Suz has been here for me. I loved how she could explain things so calmly and kindly. Whenever I lost my temper, she could soothe me over like magic. Sometimes it seemed as though our thoughts were exactly the same about different things; she was my cosmic twin. I wished fervently to grow up to be just like her.

And I still do.



I only knew you in passing

May the Lord shine on you as you have shined on so many

We will always love you and will miss you.

May your next adventure be as fun as you have given us

We love you and miss you.


(GS) Shaniya

PS wish I could raise you like I have raised so many

Our Lady Fawn

Our Lady Fawn, one of the few mystics of the lands, keeping an eye on us as God watched her. She has passed now but will not decay for she shall be in the hearts of everyone and with that she will live on. We pray for her safe passage to the heavens, we pray for her family and loved ones, we pray that she will still watch us, we pray we pray we pray.

Arewen Cbaoth Priest of Charl

Graceful Landings

One of my first days in Gemstone, long long ago, a ranger lady dropped lightly from the treehouse in Town Square Central, with catlike grace, and then she gave my in-game boyfriend a huge smooch, gave me a tickle, and bounded off.

Of all the nerve! Kissing my boyfriend! And what was worse, he didn't seem to mind. "That was FAWN", he explained, with just a touch of awe.

I always regarded Fawn as the slightly stern schoolmarm you didn't want to have to explain things to if you'd been naughty, but who was always there for you when you needed compassion.

She was always there for you when you had an emergency, such as needing chocolate sauce for your honeymoon, or creating beautiful new places for the community to enjoy. She realy did care enough to get to know each of us. It was not a hard thing when the population was much smaller, but it was still wonderful knowing that someone cared about you as an individual.

Her presence on the GEnie boards was soothing when things began to get raucous. Her support of our in game rp efforts and player run groups was steadfast.

When Suz made the leap to the next reality, I'm sure that she landed on her feet with all of Fawn's catlike grace. She was always a lady and as long as any of us breathes, she'll be remembered.

As a side note, I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face, and my dog just appeared in the room with a travel-sized packet of facial tissues that she removed from my briefcase. I can't help thinking that the ranger lady just sent an animal companion to comfort me and help me dry my tears.

~ Carolyn

Suz Dodd...

I don't know where to begin to express the feelings I am feeling upon hearing of this sad news.

A major part of the Lands is no longer with us. Fawn/Suz really truly did care about the players and the Lands and made them what they are today.

She was a pioneer for women in the gaming industry as well.

Barry and I both send our condolences to her family, friends and co-workers. Words are never adequate to express how you feel at times like these.

Nancy and Barry Hutchins
aka Gremlynn and Geoff


I echo my wife's sentiments...

Fawn/Daryann/Suz Dodd was one of the first, if not the first, person from Gemstone who congratulated Nancy and I on our real world marriage. That is just another example of how she cared about the players behind the characters.

again our condolences to family, friends, and co-workers..



For those of you who didn't know Suz, I'll tell you this: everything anyone here has said about her -- BELIEVE THEM.

I'm a cynic, I admit it. When people die, there's a tendency to look back on their lives through rose-colored glasses, to elevate them to a status that they didn't hold in life. It's a perfectly human reaction, a byproduct of grief.

This is not true with Suz.

She was quite simply one of the nicest people I ever knew.

I can't adorn the truth with any more adjectives. She was just a nice, caring person.

And I miss her.


Webmaster of the Wild Simu Frontier

A bright light amongst the dreary shadows...

Player of GM Lady Fawn has passed on. 48 yrs is not much time in this world, but she did the most one could do with it. She was one of the reasons I stayed on in Gemstone when we first went to the web. She also was the first noble I ever saw (that took several days of constant playing) and she knew how to take an encounter and transform it into an epic! I never got a chance to meet her in person, but I did have the pleasure of knowing her in character.

~ Alarinn


I had the priviledge of sharing Suz's life for the last 5 years. She truly was an amazing woman, who had a bottomless capacity for caring. She loved the people of her games, both GemStone III and Hercules and Xena; Alliance of Heroes. She often spoke about the GMs in the games as her family, and the players as her extended family. I'll print this thread out, and bring it with me to her funeral, to share with others who knew her outside of these virtual worlds.

In the last days of her life, she and I would reminisce about the joys she had in sharing her time with all of you. She truly cherished each and every encounter. She touched my heart and soul, just as she touched yours. She will be missed.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts.


Fawn I miss you...

This is indeed sad news. I was one of the first to ever play Gemstone III, back in the Genie days, some of you oldtimers may remember me. I must say that without a doubt, Fawn/Daryann was one of the finest people I ever met in the Gemstone III environement. As a player, Daryann was loyal, one of the finest friends you could imagine. As a GM later, she was one of the most understanding GMs ever employed here, I think even the GMs will admit that. She was always willing to listen to you, even a knucklehead like me who complained too much about things that really were not that important.

Let me tell you folks, losing an old friend like this IS important. All I can think of is the many times Fawn was so patient and understanding to the players of this game. We all wanted the good changes to come, she knew that, but was able to keep us on an even keel as the game progressed.

The world is less pleasant today for her loss, I shall always remember her, along with many of the other players and GMs (especially Gira also) that I have missed over the last few years. May she find the reward she so richly deserves...

Corwin D'Amber, co-founder of House Arcane

Michael L. McLawhorn

A very sad day...

A wonderful person who will never be forgotten. This news saddens me deeply. My thoughts and prayers go out to everybody who was priviledged enough to have known her.



Golly how the years have flown by, and now another of the GMs from the first few years of Gemstone has passed. Although I never met her in person, she was the kindest GM I ever spoke with. She listened to me and my complaints at a forum she hosted.

When the oldest thing to hunt was the Spider Temple and many were left out in the cold as far as something to hunt because the critters in the ST were tweaked for COL members. At the forum I stated that I didn't mind if a critter was nasty and hit hard as long as I could hit the bloody thing. That the current situation was unfair because it was join the COL or forget advancing and there was a good natured rivalry between the 3 or 4 mages within striking distance of getting ET. At 1 point of damage on a roll of 99 or 100 the ST was un-group huntable for me. Hit for the point, but the people who actualy did real damage got all the experiance.

Well after the Forum that Fawn hosted a new area and critter appeared. Pumas I think about 26 or 28 trainings. Nasty as hell hitters and they swing fast er...clawed fast. At least they were hittable. This allowed me to eventualy advance to get the spell. I was upset that the area had been released because we weren't able to get all the spells and it was a sacrifice to take the training path to ET. I know that Fawn listened, cared about my concerns, and was involved with solveing the problem.

Fawn, I never met you in person, but I would have been pleased to.



Though I hadn't seen or talked to Suz for several years, two people let me know of her passing before I signed on the web this morning to see her picture on my homepage. I have many wonderful memories of this lady, from my first days in GS where she calmed down a frothing at the mouth newbie (me), to my last encounter with her, sitting next to her on the bus at one of the Simucons, talking non-stop all the way to whereever we were going, many memories that will live on, mostly, that she always made me laugh. This was her gift to us, given without asking, accepted with gratitude. She touched so many lives. She will be sorely missed.


Suz Dodd...

I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus singing of the kindness and gentility of GM Fawn. Our pathes too rarely crossed, but on those occasions when they did, she made it clear that she was one ranger who knew where she was going and who made you want to go there too, just because it would be so much fun. My heartfelt condolences to her loved ones.

Tony Ricca / Bromos


It's funny. I play only sporadically now, mostly to see old friends and remember old places. But when I heard that my dear friend Suz had passed, I came here first. Elanthia was as much Suz's home (and mine) as any other place on or off Earth. And I needed to touch a piece of that place that held her heart again.

The world needs more people like Suz. As Steph said, when someone dies, we tend to gild their lives, remembering only the good. But with Suz, there is only good to remember. I have never met a more caring, loving, wonderful individual than Suz, and I doubt I ever will. Even in a world made up of text, she could convey a wealth of love and friendship without a single emoticon.

She believed in me, she inspired me, and she made me someone I could not have been otherwise. She taught me how to work hard, to finish my commitments, to look at things objectively. But what was more, she taught me about love and friendship, and showed me that I could do anything in the world so long as I set my sights on it.

Her faith in me meant the world. And her loss leaves an empty spot in my heart. I'll miss the heck out of her.

- Once Varevice, now only Gryph

Tis always hard...

Tis always hard to say goodbye to one who meant so much to so many, while most who's paths she crossed had never met face-to-face.

Tis always hard to realize that one so dear to our hearts will not be there again with a kind word or a strong hug.

Tis always hard to look back at all the times, both good and bad, and realize that there weren't any bad times to recall (which is a good thing).

Tis always hard knowing that one so young was taken from us within a moment's notice.

Tis always hard to turn one's head and see a piece of her and expect them to appear, yet they never do, nor will again.

I joined the Simutronics Staff as a GameHost in January of 1999. In March of 2000, I was promoted to a Sage position. In January of 2001, I was promoted to the GameMaster I am today. While I haven't been privy to know Suz as well or as much as the other staff who have been players for a long time, some even playing with her, or working by her side for such a long time, I can recall countless times she has made me smile with some quirky comment. She was one so full of life, both for the world around her outside as much as the world most of us knew her within. Suz may be gone from us in body, but her spirit, which was so full of emotion for us all, will always be a part of us, whether we are a player or staff member, we are all richer for knowing her. We will all keep her spirit alive with both the stories we can tell of her, both outside and within the realms, and we will continue to tell those new of the person she was so they may feel a part of what we all have been a part of for so long.

Suz, you will be sorely missed by us all, but we shall hold dear the treasured memories that you have given us all. Until we meet again, safe travels and adventures to you.

GameMaster Silvaran


It's a sad irony to think that you remember so much about a person only when those memories are finite. I found out about Suz's passing from my brother over the phone about a half an hour ago and my head has been swimming with every encounter I have had the pleasure to have held with her, in realm and out. I remember vividly sitting in those ugly Victorian straight-backed chairs in the St. Louis Mark hotel the evening after the opening of Simucon. She was half-slumped and just giggly, as only one can be after spending one too many hours awake in preparation. Ever so down-to-earth (or down-to-Elanith for those who have completely lost touch)Suz enjoyed people for who they were. I wish her well in whatever realm she conquers next.



Over 8 years ago, Suz/Fawn's intelligent yet feisty posts, especially on GEnie, were among the very short list of things that convinced me to give Gemstone III a chance.

I've known a handful of wonderful people I met only, and could only have met, because we played, or interacted through, Gemstone, who have passed on. I mourn the loss of each and every one.

The family and friends of Suz Dodd have my sincerest condolences on her passing.

While we mourn her passing, may we all celebrate her life as well.

-Matthew Spira


I was just reading over everyone's posts.. and I think I ran into her once.

All these messages really touches me, and shows that she was a kind woman. It shows how amazing she was, just by everyone posting their messages.. I mean, it seems like nothing when one does it.. but when a mass does, it's a blessing. Seeing all these makes me realize I am prettymuch nothing compared to the kindness of others. I know for a fact, if I were to pass, her messages would still be atleast, if not more than, thrice mine.

Truely makes me wish that I would have known her as much as others. Suz sounds like the kind of caring person we should all try to be sometimes. Her kind are few and far between, and though I never met her, I already miss her. She never met me, but still, our loss weighs heavy on my heart, for it is very sad to see one of our own go.

My condolences to anyone close to her.. and my blessings..

~Karnok Leonti


A very very shocking and sad thing for me to read upon finally getting my system back up and running, after my move.

Fawn/Suz ment so much to all of us, someone who doesn't come along often. As I mentioned on the GS prime bbs, it seems as if every time I blink someone has passed on. Saddens me greatly to once more have to read of someone I cared about and considered a friend, to have passed on.

Its been nice though to see old faces posting here who I had no idea where still even here. GM Miriani of the chain mail bikini from the old GEnie HSN days(Dunk a GM booth), dear Tedra of the gentle words and grim claidhmore swing, Geoff and Gremlynn who I do get to read on the GS prime bbs, Shalnhh who I never get to read or interact with now that I nolonger play DR, Corwin who's presense isn't felt nearly enough in the realms, The crazy Bat, Modrian who has refered to me as the silly fiter...etc..etc I really wish that it didn't take something like this to happen for me to feel the presense of old faces, friends and such.

(Appolgizes for the run on sentence..I'm trying to give Robert/Krakii a frothing fit) :>

I will always think of Fawn and think fondly, she was a dearheart and always pleasant to interact with as her self or her characters.

Jim and err Celtar

Thank you Suz...

She changed my life.

She helped me find my place when I didn't know I was lost. She gave me the opportunity to explore creativity I didn't know I had. She opened the door to a career among friends that I love as dearly as I loved her. She was my friend, mentor and colleague.

Thank you Suz. Thank you for being the wonderful person that you were, are and will be in the next life.

You changed my life.

Heron / Quill / Jeff

I will miss you...

Suz embodied Gemstone to me. Clever, caring, bubbly, intelligent. I have never attended a SimuCon?this is one reason I should have tried harder to make it. She is one of the people who I've always wanted to meet.

Suz, I'll miss you.


Fawn, A Lady

Oh, such memories. Before the "December Born", when when I was so new, I had not a clue what whas beyond the gates of Wehnimer's Landing. Fawn...a byword, a watchword, someone to me, who held all the keys to knowledge in my realms.

A patient, and sometimes, deservedly so, not so patient lady. I remember her appearing on Teras, and chastising Celtic when I was but a young Empath. What was I doing on the Isle anyway? It was there, it was new, and the lady made it a challenge to my elders, Celtic, Blades, Starsnuffer, Merry, Featherhair, Lissa.

They all bequeathed to me a love of Elanthia. And that is in great part ot the Lady Fawn.

I met her one Simucon a long time ago now it seems. There I did what I now still do in lands, read fortunes.

I am glad to have met her, gladder that I didn't have to read for her.

What are we all, but ships that pass in the night?

If by chance, we have the good fortune to touch others and make a difference....count us all for the better of it.

I remember her patience, I remember her laying down the law, I remember the VERY big and lusterous sword in her office at Simucon.

"Gather ye yer arms,
 wield with justice
 and prudence your blade.
 Ever honorable,
 ever true."

My Lady Fawn, rest ye with serene heart.

~ Cullien


I'll miss you, deer. Put a good word in for me if you can. Perhaps we'll find my missing leg up there. That's the one place we weren't able to check.



I have to say I feel at a loss because I have never met Fawn in game (that I can remember) or out but to hear the love everyone else has for this remarkable lady brings tears to my owns eyes.

I do remember hearing good things about her even before this. I envy those of you who knew her. For those of you, remember her always and she will never be gone. I pray - I believe her spirit has moved on to the better place.

Aryleste/ and player

Thank You...


May the place you're exploring be as exciting as the worlds you brought to so many others. Many of my fondest memories are from a land that could only have existed with your touch, for that I will always be grateful. I am sorry to see you go.

Bleeds/Derek Sanderson

The woods that call us all now and then .....

The passing of a friend and loved one touches us all in different ways. I did not know Fawn though in reading a short bit about her, I can see that I have missed a gentle soul. During the time I have spent in the Lands I have seen many leave to great saddness. I like to this that this little Fawn simply wnadered into the Sylvan woods that have been calling her heart all along.

Soiren Mitran

Suz Dodd...

Fawn was the first GM I ever had any interaction with, in a situation that would have prompted more stern of punishment, she took me by the hand and gave me the benefit of the doubt, and taught me a thing or two about Elanthia. In the years to follow, I found myself, when needing advice or help with a problem, directly seeking her out. She was always willing and helpful.

Even though I no longer trudge through the Landing in search of a good drink, I will always remember Fawn and all the help she gave a dumb, obnoxious dwarf.

Chris, and the lost soul of Arthaxionn.

Sad events indeed...

Sad news all around the realm this year and now another name and face added to our community of fallen at young ages. I was fortunate enough to have met you both in game and at SimuCons.

A real pistol with an aura of delight in each and every encounter on either side of the screen with many delights among the gamers and toying dismays as you moved from ranks from a whitty player and into the folds of Simutronics. Your presence is and will be missed greatly with all others who too have passed from us and on to the next great adventure.

With much love and sadness,


He of many faces~

To Suz...

As can often occur, the boundary between sentiment and sensibility disintegrates and what is left is one or the other.

When my senses capitulated to overwhelming sentiment you offered to me a deliverance from far more than you could have imagined just by the virtue of your compassion that you so freely gave.

I wish now, that I could have told you just how well things did turn out.

My appreciation goes to you, my condolences to your family and loved ones, and my thanks to whatever greater power shared you with us.


Our Sympathies...

Our deepest sympathies to her close friends and family.

Words never seem adequate in times like these, but know that you do not grieve alone.

~Nichoel and Josh

AKA Stormyrain and Nutmegg


It's been awhile since I've poked around Elanthia, and this is very sad news to find. I will miss you Fawn, you were one of the people that brought a special magic to the world.

Kalas Lifebane

Thank You...

On Bruce's behalf, I printed out the messages in this category (as well as the Farewell topic in the GS3 folder) and took them to Suz's memorial service. Suz's mother and family were very pleased to see the expressions of sympathy from Suz's online family and thank you all for your kind words.

To help them see who we are, I also included photos of the individuals who posted messages (where available), as well as any photos of Suz from past SimuCons. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and didn't ask permission beforehand; I thank you belatedly for having these photos. I don't remember which websites provided which shots (some from Jesh, Celtic, the official memory sites, Hyzenthlay and Lissa), so please forgive me. The family was delighted to see the faces of the people who loved Suz as they did together with the heartfelt responses from the community that she loved.



Tragedy hits Elanthia...

How can one say thanks, and give praise for one who did so much, for so long, so efficiently. I don't like calling on the GMs often, but I saw Fawn show up to take care of my or another players problem.

I did disagree with her once a long time ago... Went so far as to use a sign of hopeless a few times to make my point. She was sympathetic, but even GMs have rules that they cannot bend, (chuckle that was so many years ago, I don't even remember what we argued about.) When she was on the scene, one knew beyond a shadow of a doubt problems would resolved. We will miss you.

Pat Jarvis

Lady Warmcuddles GentleBreeze, handmaid of Charl

Goodbye and safe journey...

You were the nicest GM that ever lectured me on some of my more illicit acts, but you always listened to my point of view.

Until the next Adventure.


Not goodbye... just farewell

Fawn was the first GM I ever met and with no offense meant to the rest, she was the best.

To Hope: When my time is up that I go where Suz went.

To Know: She'll have everything in order.

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