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The Elders, Legends and Most Respected (or Feared in some cases) Residents of Kulthea/Elanthia

Tales, Bios, Dedications & Farewells

Lady Galadriel Lady Wanton
Lord Bleeds
Lady Rayyne
  • Rayyne & Terate

Lord Celtic Lord Jesh
Lord Arvegil Lord Barberik
Lord Briars Lord Sylvine
Lord Kree Lord Metaboculous
Lord Rozak Lord Setzier
Lord Starsnuffer Lady Lylia & Lord Silvean
Lord Truekillr Lord Enegue
Lord Mustafo Lady Alixi
Lady Lascivia Lady Terrenth
Lord Dwu Lord Solarian
Lady Lochraven Lady Snowie
Lord Gowain Lord Drizzsdt
Lord Miphnik Lord Zebbry
Lord Ravenstorm Lord Sagan
Lord Blades Lord Giantsheild
Lord Orfeo Lord Quiet
Lord Knightfall Lady Gilwen
Lord Thassallante Lord Krisenfest
Lord Chen Lord Chaum
Lord Damangherik Lord Welan

Lord Brinn
Lord Jafirnn
Lord Cemb
Lady Kytaara

Members of the Silver Gryphons
Check out the brief Bios of some of our Knightly Gryphons.

Lady Deavon
Lord Errick
Lord Welan
Lord Hyoko

The Elders of Arcane - Check out the brief Bios of our most Respected Elders. Unavailable at this time :(

Lady Amerlise
Lord Aristobulous
Lord Artuero
Interview with Artuero
Lady Arwen 
Lord Kerl
Lord Beldin Lord Berr Berr & the Rolton Lord Bleys Lord Brinn Lord Thrud
Lady Daryann
Lord Fairgus
Lord Gilluame
Lady Gremlynn
Lord Hexxon
Lord Kadaen
Lady Kali
Lord Challen
Lady Tedra
Lady Merry
Lord Moonpie
Lord Nimloth
Lord Noonga
Lord Ragni
Lord Raphael
Lord Rayzor
Lady Rune
Lady Savvi
Lord Trachten
Lady Luciana
Lady Jylli
Lord Logun
Lord Burren
Lord Dartaghan
Lady Kayla
Lord Kodos
Lord Zharahk

If you have any  memories, logs, Tales or bios on the following Characters you'd like to share, send them to the Librarian.

Nighthawk, Silkie, Artuero, Jesh, Leianna, Snowie, Trayot, Mnar, Merry, Ohr, Nimloth, Ragni, Jylli, Dabu, Ashemu, Ascot, Cavemann, Tedra, Lorelei, Chen, Stanyon, Enegue, Bronyr, Rumproast, Moonpie, Ellizza, Giantshield, Virtis, Zharak, Gilluame, Ravenstorm, Aristobulous, Artistansas, Noonga, Burren, Fairgus, Featherhair, Cynric, Miriweather, Welan, Celtar, Blades, Knightfall, Miphnik, Bleys, Aries, Morgaine, Silvean, Lylia, Shallowgrave, Sekara, Trachten, Warble, Kyrion, Challen, Dartagahn, Analar/Aanalar, Gremlynn, Geoff, Rune, Logun, Bladepoint, Wiswraith, Raphael, Jala, Writher, Rayyne, Wanton, Tedra, Phillipa, Cntrille, Trachten, Krackenstar, Beldin, Kyreth, Natasha, Oathur, Oberon, Hilgavolkas, Kendrick, Keric, Bevan, Brinn, Pan, Odds, Zebbry, Airioch, Hexxon, Kayla, Kythyn, Caer, Thrudh, Savvi, Fairmaiden, Mustafo, Lurch, Bonehitter, Chaum, Stanyon, Sydna, Dreamweaver, Lyrista, Ladyfair, Zimbangu, Landreth, Elvanion, Miriani, Erebor, Taarna, Strom, Zepath, Fawn, Kygar, Palma, Kenner, Floren, Jerusha, Bugg, Caretaker, Cythira, Darkraven, Kenner, Rakrist, Armaxis, Setzier, Spike, Lonewalker, any GM's former characters, and others I will be adding as I remember them.

Do you have a Bio or Adventure you want to tell? Perhaps you have memories you wish to share of Legends, Heroes or Villians you have encountered? Tell us about it!

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