Lord Berr
Interview with Lord Berr

Lord Berr was known for his heroics and his great helpfulness to others. Berr’s name is synonymous with most of the lands discoveries and great invasions. The Broken Lands, Darkstone, Estrion, the Mines, Teras, his role with Terate, he had a part in discovering and interacting with them all. My first real experience talking to him was during the discovery of the Sheru temple and he dispatched about 20 harbingers while I was bound and certain to die. Typical of Berr, he left a few limbless harbs for me to kill just to gain experience before we left to go chat a bit. Because Berr never went demonic and was seen as recently as 1998, I feel he still belongs as the number one spot amongst warriors. Berr, like Meta, was growing disenfranchised with the warrior profession. After redux came out, which he was a tester of, he grew weary of the limitations of the warrior profession and also the fact that warriors were no longer the supreme weapon wielders in terms of AS. Although today there are many great warriors, I suggest that Berr’s name not be forgotten and kept among your annals of great warriors. As Gaq once said, "Doan fergit him. Icon."

The Interview

You see Lord Berr Zerkcer the Giantman Warrior.
He appears to be in his 100's, has long, straight black hair, grey eyes, and tanned skin. He is in good shape.
He is holding a roasted roa'ter sandwich in his right hand.

He is wearing some reinforced krodera full plate, a blackened Mularos pendant, a shiny starburst earring, a dusty veil iron helm, a siren-lizard skin weapon harness, a soot-covered krodera shield, a silver anklet, an elaborate Phoen charm, a copper Niima bracelet, some well-worn mithril chain gauntlets, a black deathstone talisman on a shining steel chain, a black fur sack, a deep red glaes spider charm, a dark troll king hide belt with a jade inlaid veil iron buckle, a silvery spider silk backpack, a well-worn crimson leather greatcloak, a brilliant red glaes pin, a wrist sheath, a tiny claidhmore pin, a ruby amulet, and a gold ring.

Berr bows to you.

Berr smiles at you.

You ask, "how ya been?"

Berr asks, "I been well Lass, and yuse?"

You say, "been good"

Berr says, "Good ta hears"

Berr grins.

You ask, "so how ya like da new df?"

You lean on Berr.

Berr shrugs.

Berr says, "Itsa start"

You ask, "heared it's changed since da tests?"

Berr says, "Abit"

Berr says, "Its not as good"

You nod.

You ask, "have time fer a couple questions?"

Berr says, "I reckons"

Berr smiles at you.

You just poured yourself some refreshing whiskey. Cheers!!

Berr is about to indulge himself with a roasted roa'ter sandwich!

Berr says, "Hungry actually"

Berr says, "Thanks"

Berr grins.

Berr takes a bite of his roa'ter sandwich.

Berr asks, "So whassup?"

You say, "Am gonna put some infos up on my spidersilk tree.."

You say, "but I don't know enuff ta put up"

You giggle.

Berr says, "Ahhh"

Berr nods.

Berr says, "No one does really"

Berr chuckles.

You grin.

Berr says, "Alot o it is kept a secret on purpose"

You say, "well I aint alone then.. good ta hear. I thought maybe I was just missin somethin"

You grin.

Berr says, "Nope"

You ask, "how can ya tell if ya activate it when ya check in?"

Berr says, "Get hit before n after"

You ask, "do the trainers tell ya anything bout it?"

Berr says, "Nope"

Berr says, "Nuthin"

You ask, "hm suppose ta go into effect bout 30 years aye?"

Berr says, "Welp I aint sure"

Berr says, "We really have no idea"

Berr shrugs.

You nod to Berr.

You ask, "other then what the news is saying, what would ya suggest?"

Berr says, "All I know is what trainin seems best"

Berr says, "All you can talk about it primary n weapon skills really"

You say, "can I quote ya on these? Folks like hearin what ya got ta say on it."

You grin.

You tickle Berr.

Berr says, "My quote is"

Berr says, "Itsa start."

Berr says, "Ophion n I had a chat"

Berr says, "We both agree what the limitations are"

Berr takes a bite of his roa'ter sandwich.

You say, "aye.. things are better though.."

Berr says, "Spells are still better"

You ask, "do ya know if it effects fighter type trainers only? Will this make magic users get negitive defense from it?"

Berr says, "Blood supply jes became a big issue fer fiters"

You nod to Berr.

Berr says, "Nuthin will be taken from anyone"

Berr says, "I aint sure its possible ta be a old hobbit fiter"

Berr says, "And some would say that's ok"

You ask, "I figured but thought I'd ask.. so this fer warriors only or rangers an rogues an the like too?"

Berr says, "All can have it"

Berr says, "Any spells you know reduces it"

You nod.

You ask, "k, do ya know any spells?"

You duck your head.

Berr says, "Anyone that knows more than say 10 spells is prolly not gettin very much till dey are real old"

Berr asks, "Me?"

Berr says, "No"

Berr says, "My guess is dis from conversations I's had"

You say, "good. I told someone ya was da pure fighter hero type."

You wink at Berr.

Berr says, "My trainin is about what Ophion figgered the average 125th year fighter would have"

You nod to Berr.

Berr says, "So, bein I's 81 I's better trained than avergage"

You say, "aye"

Berr says, "But"

Berr says, "I am alot more vulnerable than a 81st year Sorc"

You nod to Berr.

Berr says, "And thats da comparisons folks need ta make"

Berr says, "This dont put us up dere with a like trained Sorc or Wizard"

You ask, "do you think much about the armor changes? Think that'll help too?"

Berr says, "IT has"

Berr nods to you.

You nod.

Berr says, "I doubt you could EVER get a critical hit greater than 6 on me"

Berr says, "From a weapon that is"

You grin.

You nod to Berr.

Berr says, "The numbers make it impossible"

Berr says, "I wont ever see a weapon or bolt deathcrit"

Berr says, "Ever"

You ask, "how bout da TD? Does the DF help against spells?"

Berr says, "But, I'll get knicked to death alot"

Berr says, "Dont help a lick against wardin attacks"

You say, "ahh feared that. "

Berr shrugs.

Berr says, "Got to have some weakness"

You ask, "So what ya advise fer warriors that hunt wagglin critters?"

Berr says, "Very few critters use wardin attacks"

Berr says, "I aint talkin firebolts"

Berr says, "I's talkin bind, eblast, etc"

You nod to Berr.

Berr says, "I seen critters castin DC now"

You ask, "what DC?"

Berr says, "A arch fiend blew da hell outta me"

You shiver.

Berr says, "Dark catalyse"

You shudder.

Berr says, "Dat Sorc spell dey always use"

You say, "nasty stuff"

You nod to Berr.

Berr says, "Yep"

Berr says, "Toast"

Berr says, "No defense, no nuthin"

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Berr says, "Da big problem is secondary attacks"

Berr says, "As ya get older yu see more...what da Gods call 'equalizers'"

You ask, "when ya defenses be down already?"

Berr says, "Manuever attacks and special spell attacks"

You nod to Berr.

Berr says, "Roater's dives"

You say, "aye, I hunts them alot"

Berr says, "Those are dealt with thru bein nimble"

Berr says, "Reduce emcumberance"

Berr says, "Get mobility"

Berr says, "And train in CM"

Berr says, "Simple"

Berr says, "Problem is"

Berr says, "When da attack succeeds none of da changes are considered"

Berr says, "A mage in a robe or a warrior in plate take the same damage"

You nod to Berr.

You ask, "So.. as far as huntin goes.. What would ya recomend ta hunt fer a level 30 warrior that trained bout like ya?"

Berr says, "Rooters is good"

Berr grins.

You grin.

Berr says, "Good learnin and good loot"

You ask, "an level 40?"

Berr says, "Nice combination"

You nod to Berr.

Berr says, "Kiramon prolly"

Berr says, "Same thing"

Berr says, "Good loot too"

You say, "was considerin tryin em soon"

You grin.

You say, "well I sure thank ya for the questions. I've been scratchin me head fer days."

You giggle.

Berr chuckles.

Berr asks, "Does it help any?"

Berr says, "Jes remember tho"

Berr says, "When a rooter attacks you'll be fine"

Berr says, "When yu get hit by a dive its the same as before"

Berr says, "No help"

You say, "aye lotta help thank ya."

You nod to Berr.

Berr grins.

You say, "I have yet ta get hit by a dive.. been dere a few dozen times. Must be me lucky charm"

You grin.

You tap a imflass greathelm.

Berr says, "Yep"

Berr says, "Or yur light"

Berr nods to you.

Berr says, "Stay light"

You look at Berr and shake your head.

You say, "aint light"

Berr says, "Itsa pure manuever attack"

Berr says, "Light fer what yur carryin"

You say, "all this sheath stuffs. I aint hit nuthin in under 7 seconds in a few years"

Berr is admiring you.

Babbling again, eh?

You tickle Berr.

Berr says, "Ahhh and hooman helps alot too"

You take a drink from your dwarven rye whiskey.

You say, "ahh.. an me boots."

You tap some sleek black leather boots.

Berr grins.

Berr says, "Get ranger's moblility too"

Berr says,"Helps alot"

Berr says, "Da more ranger spells da ranger knows da better da spell is too"

Berr chuckles.

Berr says, "Jes call on da net fer one"

Berr grins.

You say, "I need ta get some amulets made maybe"

You nod to Berr.

You grin.

Berr nods.

Berr asks, "Welp, dat helps any?"

You say, "helped lots"

You hug Berr.

Berr hugs you.

Berr chuckles.

Berr takes a bite of his roa'ter sandwich.

You say, "thank ya a bunch"

Berr says, "Anytime"

Berr smiles at you.

You take a drink from your dwarven rye whiskey.

You smile.

interview by Lady Galadriel
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