Artuero and the Torkaan
As told by Lord Lorent

Lorent sits down.
You smile.
Lorent says, "Alright, Artuero and the Torkaan, or rolton as they are now called."
[A Shaded Path]
Graceful birches sway solemnly along the shaded path leading toward a finely-trimmed, emerald green lawn. A long, rectangular reflecting pool stands at the center of the lawn, surrounded by conical pine trees. Terraced gardens lead up towards a large, grey-stone house.
Also here: Buco, Lorent who is seated
Obvious paths: north, southwest.
Lorent says, "One day this lass found a sword in a box, that Artuero had openned."
Lorent says, "So being the inquisitive rogue that he is he offered to let her test it on him...."
Lorent says, "So they went out the gates to just past where the west gate now is..."
Lorent says, "And they found out that no matter how the lass swung that she just could not hit Artuero."
Lorent says, "So Artuero lay down on the ground, removing his armor as well, and the lass swung..."
You lean forward.
Lorent says, "She swung a mighty blow, but even that should not have killed him..."
Lorent says, "But what neither of them knew was that the sword was poisoned... and just as Artuero stood up, down he went in a heap dead from the poison."
You gasp.
Lorent says, "Now as it happenned just before the lass swung there was a Torkaan grazing near by, and the noise had got its attention."
Lorent says, "Now being curious the Torkaan started walking towards them."
Lorent says, "And so when the people rushed to rescue poor Artuero slain by posin what they found was..."
Lorent says, "His dead body with a Torkaan standing over it, drooling."
You shudder.
Lorent says, "And even though both he and the lass said that it was the sword that killed him.. everyone thought it was a Torkaan."
Lorent chuckles.
You giggle.
Lorent says, "And that you see is the story of Artuero and the Torkaan."
You say, "poor Artuero"
You giggle.
Lorent says, "Aye and would you believe he told that story to me and a few others on the steps..."
Lorent smiles wryly.
You say, "next time i see him i must ask him if he seen any rolton's lately"
You giggle.
Lorent says, "And I enjoy telling it... keeps him humble."
You ask, "he did?"
You giggle.
Lorent says, "Aye of course my mother Lady Wanton asked."
Lorent says, "She would have nagged him to death until he told it."
You say, "funny ...he and Jypta have soemthing in common"
You say, "she too was kilt by a rolton"
You nod.
Lorent says, "You think Artuero is going to say no to Wanton."
Lorent chuckles.
You say, "she had just trained to recive her title and on her way to the party ther family and friends had for her"
You say, "on her way there a rolton came chargin up to her slammed her good too"
Lorent says, "Only thing that happenned to me with a rolton is that I woke up one morn and one was licking me.."
You giggle.
Lorent says, "Your brother snuck off Jypsie."
You say, "nah"
Jypsie points in the shadows
You hear someone whistling to himself in the shadows.
Lorent says, "Mind if I flush him out."
You smile.
Beliwyf joins your group.
You smile.
Lorent says, "Ahh, now I do nae get to use my spells..."
Lorent cackles!
Lorent gestures and utters a phrase of magic.
Lorent gestures.
You giggle.
Lorent says, "Well all I fear I must be running..."
Lorent whispers, "time here is limited these days.."
You hug Lorent.
Lorent says, "Glad to see you again Jypsie."
Beliwyf waves to Lorent.
Lorent stands up.
You nod.
Beliwyf bows to Lorent.
Lorent hugs you.
Lorent just kissed you on the cheek.
Jypsie says, "Thanks for the story."
Jypsie smiles at Lorent.
Lorent says, "Of course and any others that I have I will tell as well, and I have a few...."
Beliwyf and Lorent shake hands.
Lorent says, "If you want next time we meet Jypsie."
You smile.
You say, "I love to hear tales of other's adventures."
Lorent and Beliwyf shake hands.
You nod.
Lorent whispers, "and if you did not know, I am Davim's brother of long ago."
Lorent winks at you.
Your jaw drops.
You giggle.
You give Lorent a smooch.
Lorent whispers, "I had not thought you had put it together... but its true I just changed forms."
Lorent whistles tunelessly to himself.
You smile.
You say, "hard to keep up these days"
You giggle.
Lorent chuckles.
Lorent says, "These days, try two years or so since he left."
You say, "aye"
You nod.
Lorent just kissed you on the cheek.
Lorent says, "well I need to go, I will see you again."
Lorent waves.
Beliwyf waves to Lorent.
Beliwyf says, "stay safe lorent"
Lorent says, "And you.."
Lorent returns home from a hard day of adventuring.

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