Lord Amadeus Mozart

Amadeus Mozart was born on the continent of Eres to Veritatia Ancillaeand Patrem Mozart. Veritatia Ancillae was an elven empath who worked asa healer in the Royal Eresian Army. She was very beautiful and had many male admirers. She'd been in love a few times to giantmen warriors, sylvan rangers and other assorted men, and was even close to marrying a couple of them. Her father, however, wanted the best for his daughterand had made plans for her to marry a successful, rich, older elf.

Patrem Mozart was a roaming bard. He'd travel from city to city telling tales of brave warriors, young love and sad deaths. He too had his loves, but his constant travelling lead him away from all of them.

It was the night before Veritatia's wedding when she heard the voice. His voice. Singing from one of the gardens behind her house.The beautiful tenor voice called to her. She wandered outside tosee who it was. She hid behind a large modwir tree and peeked around it to see the handsome human bard who was playing a lute.

He was singing a song about love, and how it hits you when you least expect it. He finished the song and looked up to see Veritatia peeking at him.They both stood still for a minute and simply gazed into each other's eyes.When they finally spoke, they told each other about who they were and what they did. Veritatia asked Patrem to take her along on his travels. Patrem didn't refuse.

After six months, Veritatia became pregnant. They moved into alittle house outside of a town called Miala so they could raise their child. She eventually gave birth to a boy named Amadeus. Both Veritatia and Patrem were quite religious. So, they named the baby Amadeus because in an ancient elven language, Amadeus means "Loved by theGods".

Veritatia raised Amadeus to appreciate the importance of being able to heal himself. She taught him about herbs and potions and desperately tried to teach him the art of transferring wounds. But, he was unsuccessful.Patrem taught Amadeus the importance of song, dance, and happiness.He also taught Amadeus how to hunt and survive in the wilds.

When Amadeus was almost eight years of age, Patrem was called to perform at a Royal Banquet in the kingdom which was a weeks journey away. If  he performed well and the King liked him, he could have been offered a  position as a court performer. During the banquet a nasty battle started outside the castle walls. A week later, Veritatia received word that Patrem  had been killed.

When Amadeus reached the age of ten, Veritatia noticed Amadeus' love for music, song, and dance. She sent him off to a school for young musicians. While there, Amadeus studied all kinds of music.He was best known throughout the school for his wonderful instrumental compositions, and the beautiful tenor voice which mirrored his father's.

After 12 years of training, Amadeus went to start a life of his own in Wehnimer's Landing. It was further away from his mother than theschool was, but he had heard good things about the town. He keptcomposing, and performed the ocassional song in BardFests and on the street.

Amadeus travelled along the path of enlightenment studying the Liabo Gods in the Monestary of Voln for around twenty years. He continues to  learn more about all of the Gods, Liabo and Lornon, everyday.

Today - Amadeus still uses the knowledge his mother taught him as a young boy. He forages for herbs and has just about everything imaginable in the herbalist's satchel you'll see him wearing. His music and songs keep him happy and uplifted. Sometimes those songs will even help him in battle. He worships his Gods and searches for the truth behind the world and his existance. Amadeus loves the Gods and hopes his name is truthful.

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