Tiffilyn Geretia II, earth "daughter" of Lady Tiffilynn Geretia, was born in Wehnimers Landing. She has no earth father

Hmm.. I shall explain this tale of woe from the beginning.

The goddess Ivas has many daughters. Most of Ivas' daughters do not realize that they are.

The goddess Ivas paid a visit to the Lady Tiffilynn. Ivas chose a woman who has a special alluring beauty about her, that she wanted for her own daughter. Ivas, a divine being, did not need any assistance from a male to bestow the gift of child birth. As like many goddesses and gods they do not need a second partner to have a child. They only command and it is so.

In order for the young Tiffilyn to have Lady Tiffilynn's beauty and human features. Ivas' must place her child in the womb of the poor unsuspecting Lady Tiffilynn. An odd tale this has turned out to be, no?

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