Dark Lord Thisselwick


You see Dark Lord Thisselwick Flandders the Master of Necromancy.

He appears to be just short of ancient, has ragged, singed blond hair, dark piercing eyes, and blackened skin.

He has a nightmare steed tattoo on his leg, a symbol of Luukos tattoo on his arm, and a skull tattoo covering his face.

He is in horrible shape.

He is wearing some handsome black snakeskin leathers, a rune-inscribed kobold skin medicine bag, a scorched dark elven wand harness traced with arcane runes in crimson glaes, a rugged greenish-black snakeskin backpack covered in mystic runes of necromancy, a midnight black necromancer's cloak with old mystic runes, an emerald Luukos symbol and a laje banded tower shield.

But just who is this man behind the iron mask, so to speak? Where did he come from? From my encounters with him, he is quite a unique individual. Abandoned at birth by his biological parents, he has set out to prove himself to the world. He takes a fond liking to most women, but he claims that there is only one he would ever marry.

Also, it seems that he has taken quite a stand with Luukos to spread his word. His leathers have the symbols of Luukos stitched into the trim and his entire body permeates of undead and souls, similarly to that of Luukos. Not much else than this is known, though. He tends to keep to himself, and is most often found on Teras hiding away in the lunatic asylum.

No one yet has been able to find out much more than this, but then again, I'm sure that by the time people are reading this, much more will have been found out. My time here on Elanthia is coming quickly to and end.

If I must give one word of caution about this individual, beware of his notorious tendancies to stun tree jumpers and snerts who get in his way. He is not the type of person who want in a bad mood.

- The Dark Lord


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