Thaisis Nor'star   

The Cursed Mage

On an ordinary night in an average halfling village a young halfling boy was born to the Nor'star family. As custom the infant was examined, testing his magic capabilities. The elder was shocked, as he had not seen an aura at this strong a caliber since the old days of the pure.

Thaisis grew up as any halfling boy would, widdling his days away reading tombs of wizardry, working hard to become an adept. He was aspiring, top of his class. His mentor had to slow him down many times. He was having trouble slowing down, he loved studying magic, it was his life long dream, a dream which would be shattered.

One night Thaisis was startled from his slumber by a loud cry. He peered out his small window to see a horde of Dhe' Nari invading his small viallge. Being small weak and scared he cried out for his mother, who apparently was a step ahead of the young mage. He knew the Dhe'nar only from books, and what he saw was bein horendous, and would scar his mind for eternity. His mother, knowing her first obligation was to help fight the impoossible fight against the Dhe'nar, snuck back inside, wrapped her son in blankets and ran out of the village, screaming for help. She happened upon two warriors, and knew what she must do. And so it was, she left her son with the men and ran back to the village to help where she could. Years went by and Thaisis, his dreams of becomming a mage lost, his family and village lost, took up practicing with the warriors who by now, loved him as a son.

He spent months trying to become a potent sword weilder, but knew deep down that with his measley strength, he would never ever be capable of being the warrior his two guardians were. They took Thaisis to Wehnimer's for the first time, and it turned out to be a bad time. As they entered the gates and began to sell wares of old and new, demons and horrid beasts invaded the bustling town, and in the battle, Thaisis lost his two guardian warriors. Heart broke, he left the town, running suicidaly into the deep woods. His dreams lost, his family lost, everyone dear to him gone, he fell into the deepest depression.

Deciding his life held no true purpose, he decided to end it. That night Thaisis made his way to the top of a summit, where he intended to jump. Up there, was an old man, looking out over the stars. Thaisis was highly intrigued by the man, his cloak shimmering with a strange depth, draping his body in the thickest black. When Thaisis made his presence known, the man turned and looked upon the young boy. Thaisis gasped, seeing the mans eyes an ominous shifting green, shimmering in the darkness. The man spoke to him of a temple, where he may find the stone of his dream. Thaisis blinked and the man was gone. Not knowing what this meant, nor caring, Thaisis lept from the cliff.... Thaisis jumped up from his seemingly long slumber, gazing about, trying to see through the bursting bubbles of pain that were blurring his vision. When he could see, he found himself in a courtyard surrounding a tall black shimmering tower. He remembered seeing that black, he couldnt remember where, but he remembered seeing it. It then occured to him that he was still alive, though how this was, he could not fathom. Doing the only sensible thing he could think of, he trudged on towards the tower at a slow discouraged pace.

When he arrived at the tower's main gate, he gazed at it in awe, the symbols and runes tracing about the iron bars and the glowing essence seeming to surround the very tower itself. He touched the intricatly gem imbedded gold lock, which abruptly delivered a small shock to his finger. He jumped back, starring at the lock, then smiled to himself as the lock popped open... Becomming slightly excited, he walked the stairs towards the top of the tower with increasing speed, stopping only to stair at the enigmatic changing of colors of the stairs. When he reached the top of the tower, the scene he witnessed, for some reason did not surprise him. Eight men, mages from the looks, sat gathered around a single elder mage, chanting and casting strange spells and the like. He was about to make his presence known when the old mage in the middle, draped in the consuming black cloak, glance up at him.

Thaisis was horror struck, looking into the shifting green eyes, remembering now where he had seen that color. Thaisis began to back away, ready to turn and flee when the ancient man smiled at him, and motioned for him to sit. Thaisis did as he was told. This mage then explained to him that he had found his dream stone, this tower, his chance to do what he so wanted to. Thaisis accepted, and with a new outlook on life, took up the initiation to the towers group. This consisted of a transfer of power, which awakened him to the reason all of them had such strange eyes. The man brought fourth a blue book, the only book in the tower. Thaisis gazed at the book wonderously, absorbing the run inscribed cover, and the enormous size of the book. He then did as he was told, placing his hand on the book, he chanted the word of the tower. He gazed at his reflection in the mirror, his eyes a swirling enigmatic violet, no pupil or iris, just that shifting deep purple.

Thaisis spent his teenage years and much of his younger years learning from these mages, which soon grew to him as he did them. After a time, he felt he lacked something. The elder mage, knowing what it was sadly told him that he must return to the mundane world, and never return again. The man had him place his hands on that enormous, large book, and he began to chant, the same thing he had enchanted 20 years ago, this time backwards. Thaisis felt drained, weaker. When looking into the mirror he saw his eyes now had pupils and iris all the same. But his iris was an onimous deep violet, his only reminder to him, of the people that gave his life meaning. He would once again loose those dear to him. Thaisis woke up to find himself at the bottom of the cliff he had thrown himself from so many years ago. Lifting his head he found himself dizzied and layed back down to orientate himself....

Thaisis would now search for what he felt he was lacking in life... Halfling Wizard. 45 Trainings. I follow my heart, thats religion enough for me.

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