A Tale by my ol' friend Stealthir

The Rogue

“Good afternoon Stealthir.” said the town guard.

“Aye, it tis a good afternoon sir.” replied Stealthir, “The creatures sure are coming more often now a days, I hardly have time to think before I kill them.”

“Well I wish I see as much action in one week that thou dost in one day,” complained the guard,” all I do here is watch the birdies all day, nothing ever attacks anymore, considering what good hunters we have now.”

“Aye tis true, well I must be on my way, I have to sell my pelts and trade my gems from my kills.” answered Stealthir valiantly, “Be safe in all thine travels.”

“Aye, ye to Stealthir, be safe.” said the guard as he walked back to his post to continue with his duties.

Stealthir, a fine handsome rogue, moved through the north gates of Elanthia. As he moved to the other side of the gates, he bowed his head in silence and thanked god for returning him home safely from his hunting. After this he went off to the furrier where he exchanged his pelts for some silvers, and moved on to the gem dealers and then traded his gems in for some more silvers. On Stealthirs way to the bank, he met up with his brother, Akratrak. Akratrak, also a fine handsome rogue, was of less skill then Stealthir, but crafty all the same.

“Ho brother Akratrak,” belted out Stealthir, “how hast thou been?”

“Good day brother, I have been great.” answered Akratrak happily,” I have it all, money, girls, and fame.”

“Oh, another girlfriend I see,” said Stealthir wisely,” how long you planning on keeping this one eh?”

Long enough brother, long enough.” replied Akratrak, “Well I need to be on my way, my lady awaits. Farewell Stealth.”

“So long Akratrak.” screamed Stealthir. After Akratrak was out of sight, Stealthir went on. He gave his magic crystal amulet a rub, and his mind opened up to the world around him. In his mind he heard several different people speaking. Stealthir had stumbled on a fortune, you see, and he had his heart set on buying a new weapon, the most powerful weapon in all the lands. Only ten were ever made, and these rare weapons were sold for great amounts. Stealthir, after saving his whole life, listened carefully for his chance to buy one of this mystical blades. Stealth wandered over to the Inn and seated himself at a nice quiet table so he could listened carefully to his thoughts without interruption.

Stealthir was about to give up and take his amulet off when he heard it. “Shimmering Steel Vultite Katana for sale 500k minimum bid!” Stealthir was startled by it. With great haste Stealthir concentrated on his message, “I bid 500k!” Stealthirs bid was not the only bid. Within seconds it was up to 1.5mil. Stealthir had 2.5 mil in his account, so he kept on bidding. Finally it was up to 2.3 mil. Stealthir bid 2.4. The other person was silent. Stealthir had almost got it. “2.4mil to Stealthir going once...going twice...SOLD to Stealthir for 2.4 mil. Come to the bank to pick it up.”

Finally, Stealthir had gotten what he had spent his whole life saving for. With this weapon he could finally enter the dragons kingdom and slay the dragon lord, and stop all of this needless creature war. Stealthir went and purchased his weapon. He had to try it out. Stealthir walked over to the catacombs, and crushed a rats head with so much force that after he pulled the blade out of the rats skin, there were no more organs or bones inside the rat, just little pieces of jelly-like tissue. He loved this power.

Stealthir then went back to his home and planned his attack on the dragons fortress. The first thing that would be needed to be done, is to find someone else who owns one of these weapons to come along and help out. Next we would need to find 2 or 3 brave high skill Empaths to come and heal us when needed. After that we would need some clerics to raise our dead bodies in case we died, and some sorcerers to cast defense spells on us and to attack the enemy with magic, keeping it at bay. It would be tough, but we could do it. Stealthir would set out to find a strong warrior who possesses one of these katanas, the next day.

Not to long after Stealthir set out, he found his old buddy Warduke, carrying his new Katana. Stealthir said solemnly, “Warduke, I need thine help. We need to storm the dragons fortress and kill the Dragon Lord. I need you to help me, with your new weapon.”

Warduke laughed, “You think that you and me can take on the Dragon Lord...alone?” asked Warduke.

“No, of course not.” answered Stealthir, “We will recruit empaths, sorcerers, and clerics to help.”

“Ok, I’m in,” answered Warduke with a grin on his face,” My wife is an empath, she can help us too.”

“Good Warduke, we could use her.” said Stealthir. Stealthir, Warduke, and anyar, Warduke’s wife, set off to find clerics and sorcerers, and another empath. By the end of the day Warduke and Stealthir had found two clerics three sorcerers and two more Empaths. The clerics were Karbon, and Wakk. The sorcerers were Bleeds, Zero, and Thalior. The Empaths were Kindhand, Dawnfyyre ,and Anyar. They were set.

The next day, bright and early, everyone set off for there adventure, with Stealthir leading. Before the hunting party could leave the town, Stealthirs’ brother, Akratrak, came running towards him screaming his head off about how he wanted to go. stealthir and the rest of the hunting party laughed and told him how he would be of no help and would just die. Akratrak frowned and wandered off. The party continued on its way. When they arrived at the entrance to the enormous castle, they found a locked door, Stealthir quickly whipped out his lockpick, and as a rogue, he is quite good at picking locks, and pockets, Stealthir quickly undid the lock.

The party entered the fortress. Right off the bat, they were attacked by 5 Titans. Warduke and Stealthir made putty out of them. As they progressed towards the Dragons Lair, the creature got harder and harder. Wakk was killed by a Krolvin Mercenary, he was unable to be raised. We promised to bring him and his stuff back to town. By the time we reached the lair, Kindhand, Zero and Wakk had been killed. There it was, the enormous beast stood watching us, waiting for us to make the first move. Our sorcerers quickly put up thick air walls to defend them and the empaths and clerics while hurling huge balls of flame and lighting at the beast. Warduke, unfortunately, tried to attack the beast head on like a bull, and was slain while trying to attack it. Stealthir quickly ran like a puma and picked up Warduke’s Katana. Now Stealthir had two. Stealthir kept running by the dragon while slashing at its heals. The Dragon fell to the ground with a loud thump. We did it. It was dead. The air walls lessened and the empaths, clerics ,and sorcerers emerged. We all cheered.

Then Dawnfyyre thought she heard a low rumble, we all turned around as a huge fireball came hurtling at us. the Dragon wasn’t dead, but now our empaths clerics and sorcerers were. It was all up to Stealthir. Stealth hastily rubbed his onyx ring, rendering him invisible for 5 minutes while he went for a good position to strike. Stealthir failed to find a good enough position. He became visible again. Stealthir ran to a corner hoping the Dragon could not see where he was, he was wrong. The dragon hurtled what seemed like hundreds of fireballs at Stealthir but Stealth had gotten away from them. Right when the Dragon had good enough aim at Stealthir, and was about to do him in, there was a loud scream as Akratrak entered the room yelling. The dragon turned around and quickly fired a fire ball at Akratrak nearly killing him.

By Akratrak running in, the dragon turned his head, giving a nice open shot for its neck, Stealthir jumped up, bounced off the wall and brought both katanas down on the dragons. The force from the blow was a giant thunderclap, and it knocked its head clean off, it has been done...Stealthir walked over to all the dead bodies, knelt down and said a silent prayer for them. He then walked over to Akratrak, but by some miracle he was still barely alive.

Akratrak said, in his final breaths, “Stealth...always remember me...” Stealth tried to help, but it was to late, his brother died. Stealthir dragged his brother and all his other comrades home to town, to spread the good news. From that day on, that battle was known as the battle of Dragon Isle. Stealthir had never forgotten how he beet the dragon, by his brothers sacrifice. He made sure everyone knew how he beat the dragon and who helped him do it.

Stealthirs party, and his brother were remembered for all of history.

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