Sheka Wolffe                                                           

My name is Sheka...Sheka Wolffe.

Picture done by Lord Morandas

I was 'bred' for the sole purpose of having a group of those who I now think must have been followers of Fash'Lo Nae study the means and effects of pain upon the body. They conceived me as a group so noone would have any ties to me. From the moment of birth they set upon me with their tools and bindings....their quills scribbling always on their scrolls as they watched and gaged the reactions of the cutting, breaking and maiming of my flesh and bones. They healed me eventually....sometimes not until they were ready to start their next experiment though and I usually slept in an unconsciousness from pain.

Finally I found the means of escape and sliding like a shadow down the hallway I entered and bound each one of them as they slept. For more than a week I tortured and listened with growing glee the screams and pitiful moans of those I had now under MY mercy. Finally their spirits broke and as they lay there with their eyes staring out at nothing I took one of their sharpest knives which they were so fond of using on me and I slit their throats.

Still not feeling satisfied I started fires burning the beds they lay in. I then went outside and watched.....feeling my spirit being soothed as I watched the flames grow and consume that wretched tower that had held me prisoner since birth. I traveled for many months until I reached this town called Wehnimers. Here I went to the library and read, and read, and read.

Finally I came upon the story of the Goddess Eorgina and I held the tome with shaking hands as I soaked in the story of how she too had been held captive and tortured. I knew her rage, I knew her need for revenge, her hatred. Then and there I swore myself to Eorgina with all my mind, heart, body and soul. Now I am finding the proper means of worshipping and making myself be of service to this great Queen. To be one of her most faithful and devoted servants is all I seek.

Note: Since becoming a servant of Eorgina, Sheka has learned that some of which she had first read had been written more as folk-lore than proven fact. But it wasn't important what drew her to the she felt she was being guided to Her since birth anyway. She had a very hard time dealing at first with her rage and hatred of people. But time and her prayers for guidance have started to transform these within her and thereby refining her as a more servicable tool. Her sole goal now is to become a Priestess, to work on gathering more in service to Eorgina, and to have a Temple built for the glory, rites and rituals befitting the honoring of the Queen of Lornon.

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