Neil's Story
Neil's Story

[Clear River Table]
Placed closer to the wall than the others, this table is in one of the quieter spots of the room. A large fern hangs from the rafters above the table while several others cover the ledge of a nearby window.
Also in the room: Sabre who is seated, Neil who is seated
Neil says, "I was born on the 20th day of the year 5057 of the month of Koaratos at the Hour of Phoen to two wonderful parents whom i loved and cherish very much."
Neil says, "Whom I'm afraid are quite dead now due to the unfortunate invasion of reivers."
Neil says, "That happens in the year 5067"
Neil says, "I was 10 years old then."
Neil says, "My parents had taken me to my grandparents that year because they needed help with the harvest and I always helped during the summer months."
Neil says, "The day of my parents unfortunate demise I felt a terrible nagging at the back of my head, knowing full well something was wrong. So I ran to my grandparents telling them that i had to go back home that something was very wrong in my village."
Neil says, "Unfortunately, I was right on the money."
Neil asks, "would you like me to slow down so you can get this on your parchment?"
Neil smiles at you.
Neil says, "Let me know when your ready."
You say, "ready"
Sabre says, "ready"
Neil says, "When i had gone back to the village nothing was left. It was all in shambles."
Neil nods to Sabre.
Neil says, "then you may want to get this down as well.So you can send it to her."
Neil says, "My parents were gone , my people were gone the whole village was gone like it had never been there at all.some strange magic was at work I could smell it."
Neil says, "As I was fixing to leave the village my grandfather had shown up to where the village was and told me to get on the horse that we had to go back home."
Neil says, "I admit I was very sad but i had to remain strong if i was to get my revenge."
You rub Neil.
Neil says, "So for 5 long years I was constantly training and bettering myself. 5072 my grandparents died due to some illness I could not cure them nor could the monks of Voln."
A pained expression crosses Sabre's face.
Neil says, "Because I was so young, the monks of the Order of Voln took me back with them. I had nothing and I could do nothing. i was too weak and to little to do much good on the farm. It was taken by the Baron of the land. You would know that fascist baron as the Baron of Jantalar. Hochstib."
Neil says, "5077 I became a monk in the Order of Voln."
You smile.
Neil says, "The Grandmaster was pleased at how well I could defend myself and to cure the ailments of others with potions and herbs that i foraged on a daily basis so he asked me to become one of Lord Voln's monks."
Neil says, "For ten long years 5087 mind you I had seen things that would make the faintest of heart cringe and most powerful of warriors kneel and cry like babies."
Neil says, "I Mastered the arts and the gifts that Lord Voln and the Arkati of Liabo promised the others and I helped all that i could in those long strenuous years."
You gasp.
A pained expression crosses Sabre's face.
Neil says, "One day a cocky warrior came down the path of Voln to cause up a ruckous or just do some mischief like all the others did. I was in a very unpleasant mood that day. And the other monks told me to go and rest but i refused there was work to be done and no one else would do it so i felt I had to do something to help keep the Order in Straits."
Neil says, "That Warrior is no longer with us."
Neil sighs heavily.
You rub Neil.
Neil says, "He was harrassing one of my brothers and had hurt him. That was the final straw. I grew weary of the abuse and the idiots that traveled through our great halls that many have died so valiantly to protect."
Neil says, "I killed him."
Neil says, "My temper overcame me."
You frown.
Neil says, "The Grandmaster allowed me to keep my gifts that the Lords of Liabo gave to me. But he felt that i needed to move on."
Neil says, "I packed my things and he gave me a gift to take with me so i could get started on. backpack on my back, shield, weapon and 900 silvers for food and a place to rest."
Sabre nods.
Neil says, "I prayed every day hoping that the warrior i had killed was with Lorminstra hoping she would protect and comfort his soul. I had hoped that the warrior had forgiven me for transgressing on him like i did."
Neil says, "Unfortunately he needed to be killed twice."
You give your eyebrow a little workout.
Neil says, "He came back much more powerful, he was undead."
Neil says, "but not with a hive mind like the other undead he was freethinking and very hard to deal with."
Neil says, "I had to summon three good friends of mine that were in the Order."
Neil says, "They were glad to help because they knew this menace needed to be free once and for all."
You nod.
Neil says, "It took us 4 hours to find him, even longer to release him."
Neil says, "We know not who the Arkati was that gave him that horrid curse and so much power but he, it could not be free to roam the lands."
Neil says, "All of us were brought back to the Order to be cured of diseases unnamed and leeches were administered to suck out the poison that manifested our bodies. As well as empaths treating our wounds."
Sabre leans forward.
Sabre nods.
Neil says, "We were physically,mentally and spiritually drained from our ordeal."
Neil says, "One poor soul did not make it back with us he was incinerated to a cinder."
Neil says, "He was my best friend."
Neil says, "We shared alot together for we had the same fate and the same bond. We were both adopted by the Grandmaster of Voln."
You rub Neil.
Neil says, "I miss him dearly but i know that he is in a better place."
Neil says, "ahh enough reminiscing about that."
Neil grins.
You smile.
Neil says, "well anyways. I left after a year from being healed and cured to go to Wehnimer's Landing."
Neil says, "I think it was in 5089 that i went to the landing to start my new life."
You nod.
Neil says, "I trained as a rogue, because I know they were more deverse than warriors and bards."
Neil says, "I felt as though i was an outcast for some reason. I didnt know anyone no one wanted to know me and just passed me up like i never existed"
Neil says, "Met a fellow there that calls himself the grizzled old warrior."
You frown.
Sabre says, "nice ol fella i met him "
Neil says, "We talked about great battles and even greater journeys for the Master Lord Voln"
Neil nods to Sabre.
Neil says, "he has a strong side to him and a compassionate heart."
Neil waves at Autumnas and invites her to come sit at this table.
Lady Autumnas just arrived.
Neil smiles at Autumnas.
Autumnas smiles at Neil.
Autumnas hugs you.
Autumnas just hugged Sabre.
Autumnas just hugged Neil.
Autumnas pulls out a chair and plops herself down at the table.
Neil just hugged Autumnas.
Neil asks, "Where was I?"
Autumnas says, "you in the rest"
Autumnas blushes a nice shade of off-pink.
Neil says, "ahh yes I was training and have done many great things and that pleased my trainer very much."
You say, "being in Wehnimer and no one knowing ya"
You nod.
Neil says, "I became famous i guess you could say and fellows started inviting me for ale at the local Tavern and inviting me on hunts."
Neil asks, "Do any of you have dreams about crimson ?"
You ask, "crimson?"
You shrug.
Neil says, "yes crimson fog"
You shake your head.
Neil says, "Well when i had trained for my tenth time i did"
Neil asks, "Remember when Luukosian forces invaded our home?"
Sabre says, "interesting"
Neil says, "Crimson banshees and wicked hounds of war and monks of Luukos"
You nod.
Neil says, "Many died that day."
Neil says, "They thought it was just a pushover battle with the dogs and monks and mages"
Neil says, "I warned them"
Neil says, "they didnt heed me and troll kings banshees of crimson and such came right along 5 minutes later."
Neil says, "That right there solved my mystery"
You smile.
Neil says, "Luukos killed my parents, my people and my village."
You rub Neil.
Autumnas rubs Neil gently.
Neil says, "That's my life right before you."
Neil smiles at you.
sJ> * Lord Mirrur toungestealer joins the adventure.
Neil smiles at Sabre.
Neil says, "hello love"
Neil smiles at Autumnas.
Neil just kissed Autumnas on the hand.
Neil asks, "So what do you think?"
Neil smiles.
Neil asks, "book material?"
You say, "definately"
Neil says, "They were listening to me talk til my mouth fell off."
Neil says, "Oh and by the way."
Neil smiles at you.
Neil says, "off the record want to keep this at the table."

You say, "Off the record? Is there more to this tale he tells? Will you ever know?...

captured and edited by Lady Jypsie

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