Lady Minthe & Lord Mythion  

Lady Minthe

Lady Minthe speaks....

I started off sweet. Really, I did! I was young and naive in my early years to the lands, full of moralistic ideals of what was right and what was wrong. Some how, I trailed off that path of what is Just and meandered onto a shadier trail.

Those early, innocent years were when I met Mytheon, my husband. I think he was drawn to me because of that young purity that encompassed heart and won his., my husband. I think he was drawn to me because of that young purity that encompassed heart and won his.

He was older and more mature, and taught me things that would have been difficult to learn on my own.  Then he left me. He was nowhere in the Lands to be found. And I became old and wise on my own. Lessons were learned without the ease and childish delight I had once know. My virtuous heart became charred, and I began to lose faith that my darling Mytheon would return to me.

I was restless without my love. And like a sullen child without watchful eyes, I began to get into mischief. Wasted years of training in pick pocketing became a useful and fun game for me to play. If I didn’t join my guild, I might have become just another common thief. Amongst my own kind, I perfected my skills into an art form, with honorable thieving standards.

Then he returned to me. And I don’t know how he perceived me. But I do know that he is with me, entranced by my beguiling roguish behavior, perhaps bewitched is a better way of phrasing it. And I believe it to be darling Mytheon is becoming just as wicked as I.


Lord Mytheon

Mytheon Safleure the Half-Sylvan Thief.

He appears to be in his 80's, and is tall for a Half-Elf. He has piercing stormy grey eyes and tanned skin, long, straight silver hair ,an angular face, a straight nose and sharp pointed ears. He has a soaring silver dragon tattoo on his forearm, and an iridescent silver dragon tattoo on his neck.

Myth's iridescent silver dragon tattoo:

Masterfully inked in superb detail, a silver dragon coils around his neck. The scales of the dragon's body have been colored in an iridescent silver. A small pile of valuable gems supports the dragon's head and neck as it lounges lazily, but the dragon's faceted icy blue eyes betray the lazy attitude as the restful alertness that it truly is. With his magnificent wings enshrouding the treasure, the dragon presents an image of quiet confidence emphasizing his protection of his valuable hoard.

Lord Mythion speaks:

A slight movement within the shadows draws attention to a dark cloaked figure. As the movement stops the figure chuckles lightly. "So, ya wanna know about me, eh? Well, for starters, I'm not what you would consider your every day average citizen of Elanthia. Nah, I'm something much more fun...I'm a rogue that dabbles in magic and other less obvious things." A stray beam of light lands on the face hidden within the shadows and a grin can be seen.

"Now, don't get the wrong idea about me...just cause I'm a rogue doesn't mean I'm a common variety thief. I've got something a common thief doesn't have...ethics. But that's an interesting question. How did -I- get ethics? Well, I think it comes from having one of the best families and friends a guy could have. Let me tell you a bit about them...

"First off we've got someone who always was and always will be very special to me, Lady Minthe. She's also a rogue like me, and if my opinion matters, she's one of the best in the lands. She's also got a great mind in her head. If you've ever met her then you know what I'm talking about when I say she's the best there is, even though she is no longer around.

"Now, I've also got a ton of other family members. There's my sister Daylametria the ranger. Of course, I don't think much of rangers even though she is one. Half the time they can't even find their way outta the woods fer cryin out loud. Then there's my brother Mordlin. He's a strange one. He's the only guy I know of in Elanthia that declared himself an eternal batchelor. Of course, it may have something to do with what he told me about him and how cute he thought the grizzled old warrior was.

"And, well, I could go on all night about my family, from Clista my favorite bardly relative to Jypta and Holleigh the sorceresses, but I see ya gotta run off." With a slight whisper of sound the figure disappears from the shadows, leaving no trace he was ever there except a light chuckle floating on the air and a new lightness of silver in people's pockets...



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