Lord Knoltor       

Lord Knoltor KREKTU the Dark Elf Mage.

He appears to be in his 110's, has unkempt, long black hair, grey eyes, and tanned skin.

He is holding an intricately carved maoral sapling staff capped with a bejeweled dragon perched upon a silver castle and clutching a golden sword in his right hand. He is holding a glistening sea-blue buckler in his left hand. He is wearing a dark celestial blue peaked mage's hat studded with luminous multi-hued gems amid a galaxy of embroidered gold moons and silver stars,some deathstone earrings, a pair of wire-framed spectacles, a ruby amulet, a crystal amulet, a braided elven leather satchel, an elven leather wand harness, some smokey grey leathers, an elven crafted channel set malachite and silver wedding ring, an ink-black elven leather sack, a gold filament woven rope belt an elegant pair of knee-high dark celestial blue leather boots trimmed in silver-edged gold around the cuff and toe.

Read Knoltor's Farewell Here

Well, I'm not very good with words but I feel I must say something about my dear friend.

Knoltor... a true gentleman and scolar is how I would describe my ol' friend. Never too busy to lend a helping hand, a strong shoulder or a sympathetic ear.  A powerful Mage with a romantic heart. It saddens me to know that such a good man has aimlessly wandered off into the wilds to deal with his own pain and sorrow, alone.

If you can hear me dear friend, please remember, you are not alone. You have many friends who wish nothing but happiness for you and hope that you will reach out to us in your time of need, for we are here for you as you have always been there for us. We love you and hope you soon return to us.

- Jypsie


Knoltor has a great generosity of spirit. He is never ever to busy for a friend. When I would die he came for my corpse, when I was raised he would start spelling me up before I could speak. Older than I,  he has taken me hunting, keeping me alive while we slaughtered lava golems.

He did not learn there, but he knew it gave me joy. He is a gentleman. Stronger than many, he is kind to all. That is how you measure the quality of a person, by how they treat those they do not need to be kind to. His heart is strong and tender, and he has not become cynical, the refuge of the disappointed romantic.

I hope he keeps that sweet nature unscathed. Even on the last, most unhappy days in the lands, he still had time to listen to my own tiny problems. He made me feel better. When a friend who is hurting themselves is able to listen to your difficulties, you know they care for you, and even in his sorrow he had time for others. I will always regret I could not do more for him.

Fair well Knoltor. If your wanderings bring you back to Elanthia, or to a land like it, please tell your friends. If there is ever a lad new sprung from the Elanthian mangler with your spirit, please give us all the opportunity to spoil the hell out of you. I hope we meet again.

- Larktrill


I knew knoltor before he was knoltor...he was Ebtorr....I was another myself...he was the very first person i met in the lands...he was kind, sweet, and patient.......he helped me understand the things around me...and what to do....I know that same spirit was in knoltor......he was a good friend...and i know i will miss him terribly....

- Lady Carene


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