Lady Kayene

Kayene Thessnes, a young sylvan Princess, was born in a hidden sylvan village lying secretly in a forest many hundred miles northwest of Icemule. The place not frozen as Icemule, had a chilly but mostly comfortable climate in the spring and nice mild summers. The land has no name because it is yet unsettled by humans for they love to put names on the land areas. To the small group of sylvans that lived there it mattered not what it was called, it was just home. Besides they made no claim to the mainland area and only lived in its forest away from any other living thing, save for the peaceful animals there.

Kayene was happy and loved her home and the others in the village. It was a peacful loving environment that hummed with tranquil harmony. Her mother and father both specialists in studying and farming of the herbs and caring for the sick. Her mother, Lady Kemmly unanimously donned Queen of the little village many years before Kayene was born, taught her about making healing potions and salves with the herbs and roots the forest provided and the tenderness that goes along with it. Her mother also taught her the importance of her ladylike duties, the fine arts in charm, pride, and gracefulness. Her father, Lord Blayead, the King of the village, educated her in strength, wisdom and briefly in war tactics.

As a child Kayene, when not deep in her studies, played happily with her animal friends of the forest. The small creatures loved playing tag and hide-seek games. Kayene spent all day with them giggling feverishly and running through the thickets and climbing quickly up the trees hiding in the nests. Kayene, was forbidden to ever wander outside the forest. She had no desire to leave it anyway. The forest held many mysteries that kept her busy. Little lairs, caves and tons of trees to climb and new animal friends to meet at every turn, and tons of herbs to discover. What she loved most of all is when her mother or father took her on nature hikes, where they taught her many things of land and forest.

Her father taught her how to use the forest to her advantage when in danger. How to hide and use the oils of the leaves to mask her scent. He'd sit her down and weave inthralling tales of battle and honor. She would gasp wide eyed through his stories of lore which made him proud that everything he said had interested her so. Kayene was his only child and in his opinion was better than any son, for at a young age she quickly and cleverly learned how to use a sword and craved to be taught how to defend herself and the village should a battle ever arise. Luckily, the village never encountered any trouble from outsiders.

Kayene, quickly becoming a graceful young lady had beautiful wavy, shoulder length hair, soft fair skin, and beguiling grey eyes. The young men of the village fought for her attention. Were she to ever cast a smile in their direction would send them swooning. Unfortunately for them she never did. She wasn't interested very much in them yet. She was more interested in her ambitions to become a Lady soon then someday Queen of the village and took the matter quite seriously, much to the pride of her parents.

Sadly, that day would never come to the village. Kayene sensed something amiss all day and stayed close to their house. Her fear was unexplainable to her. "What is wrong?" she thought fervently to herself. Her father noticed trouble in her eyes and asked her about it. She explained she didnt know, but something is dreadfully wrong. Her father gathered the people and held a meeting. He asked them to lock their doors this night. They questioned because they never had to before. He told of his daughter sensing trouble and not to worry and posted guards at each corner of the village. That night was a somber one at supper. The animals of the forest even seemed unusually quiet and there wasnt a breath of wind in the air. It was still as death. Everyone went to bed and capped their candles and locked their doors as asked.

Kayene couldnt sleep, she had to help keep watch. So she got out of bed and padded to her wardrobe and put on leggings and some leather and shield in one hand and her sheath that contained her sword. She padded out the door and locked it behind her. She carefully climbed her favorite tallest tree and perched herself there. She could see every corner of the village there and relaxed a little to see that the guards were still awake and pacing dutifully from corner to corner.

Hours had passed and with each moment trouble tugged at her heart. Suddenly she noticed one of the guards had fallen to the ground, then another, then another, she leaned over peered down at them. They had no arrows or daggers protruding from them anywhere to cause them to fall. Then she noticed a faint pale fog trailing its way to each of the guards that were awake and each would fall as the fog touched them and passed to the other. She remembered her father had told her of pale death fog that killed instantly. What was its source? Who was casting this evil magic and why? They had never bothered anyone! Kayene grew furious at her helplessness and had no means to ward herself from its magic if she were to go down and search. She was no match and wisely she did not move from her spot there high up in the tree. She cried helplessly like a lost kitten. She knew her parents and the rest of the village was now dead. What can she do? She tried not to scream or go mad as she stood there in silence. Why was this happening!? she thought sadly.

She had to be strong and wait to see if the source of such evil would ever reveal itself in the moonlight. Finally after many moments, what almost seemed an eternity, something appeared out of the darkness. It seemed to be a female dressed in black she had a rod in one hand and a wicked looking dagger in the other. A sorceress! Kayene thought, but what did she want here? The sorceress spoke a few arcane words and in minutes her evil troll minions began ransacking the homes and stealing the treasure and the fine clothing of the villagers. The sorceress cackled with glee as each of the troll thieves showed her a pretty thing that sparkled.

Kayene over heard one of the trolls call her Tammni. Kayene gritted her teeth and fumed with anger. How dare this person kill the innocent just to steal. Kayene whispered without thinking, "Nothing but a common thief!". When she realized what she had done Kayene quickly covered her mouth and bit her lip. The sorceress sensed something and turned her head in the direction Kayene was in but didnt lift her head towards the trees. The sorceress called out to some of the trolls and they gathered around her and she spoke to them in a whisper saying, "I sense there is one still alive among them. Go find the sylvan, now!" The trolls nodded and scurried about searching, but none of the dolts had sense to climb a single tree. Kayene grinned bitterly at this and accidently let out a sour giggle. The sorceress Tammni heard her for sure that time.

Kayene realized she hadnt a moment to lose. The trolls hadnt made it to her hut yet so she hurried down the tree and went in, grabbing what she needed to help her escape. Crying mournfully as she kissed her parents cheek as they slept there peacfully in death. "Momma, daddy, please come back and help me, dont let that wicked woman win over you too!" she begged, but it was no use. They were gone, but their spirits lingered there still and they whispered for her to have courage and that they loved her and will see her someday but not yet, not for a long time.

Her fathers spirit came to view and pointed to where he had hidden their jewelry and money box and told her to take it and to run from this place quickly. Kayene tried to be brave and strong as her father had taught her all her life. She lifted her chin and squared her shoulders and grabbed a bag of rations, herbs and the box and left the hut. A troll spotted her and began screeching with ear piercing alarm. Kayene ran to a hidden path that led out of the forest. Suddenly there was a loud clap of thunder and the ground beneath her feet began to shake violently! She fell painfully to the ground she grimaced and cried aloud. She could hear the evil Tammni yell in the distance behind her, " I'll get you you lowly sylvan! Now you watch as your village and forest burns to the ground!" and the evil sorceress began cackling. Kayene screamed, "No! Someday you will pay for this! I swear it! Someday this will come back on you. Flames shall visit your home as well! I curse you this day by the Sylvan order! Do you hear me you wicked theif ?! You will not win!"

Kayene sat there crying momentarily and got up and brushed herself off. She composed herself gracefully, squared her shoulders once again and glanced over her shoulder and saw flames billowing, where the peaceful village once stood. It was beginning to dawn now, but you couldnt tell because a horrid black smoke cloud covered the sky. She continued running, for the once beautiful happy forest was now a blazing with hungry flames. The smoke had stung her throat and eyes but she made it out safely, save for the twisted ankle from when she fell earlier.

She walked for days, hungry and tired her rations were almost gone but she trudged south and only stopped once in a while for a nap up in a tree. Had she gone more easternly she would have came upon the town of Icemule, but alas she did not know of it.

A few weeks had passed and she came upon a well worn path with a sign beside it saying it was the town of Wehnimers Landing. Her stomach was rumbling and her feet were aching and she would give her fortune for a hot bath. She went in the town. She was astonished to see so many people of so many races that she had never even heard of before. Giant people and tiny people with pointy ears and toes and human people and she smiled to see so many of her own kind there. She could smell food in the air and her mouth began to water. She wandered and wandered gazing about almost forgetting her aching legs.

Someone had given her a muffin and she munched it hungrily. The muffin was fresh and warm and reminded her of the smell in her mothers kitchen. Kayene began to cry softly with longing for her mother and father and her happy lost home. She had to make a new life for herself and the people seemed kind here so far. She learned how to play a new game called "Greedy Gremlins" that she loves dearly. She won a vultite shield the first time she played. She began to meet new people and make friends with the kind people at a house called Sylvanfair. She liked that house and the people in it. She looked up to the Lady Wexna with admiration and vowed to one day be like her and some of the other fine ladies of the town. She remembered her lessons of charm. Sadly, she'll never be a Queen like her mother, but she will always be a Princess by blood and in her heart although her beloved village is gone forever. She liked this town and decided she would stay.

~ Princess Kayene

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