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My name is Kaljia Wreniweth, the last name was taken because i don't know my real name. Or for that matter where I come from or who my parents were.

But what I do know is I grew up in the mountains, the upper Dragon Spine Mountains to be exact. In a small monastery. I was left abandon there as a infant. And raised by the monks that lived there. Though only a dozen or so lived there at any given time. The monks worshipped Koar. God among gods to them. I grew up as a quiet girl, banished to the kitchen for most of my childhood. Scrubbing and cleaning being my past times. A most uneventful childhood.

The monks would go for months without speaking because they believed in order to hear the words of Koar you must remain silent. So I grew into a somber and silent young woman. While living with the monks I would read the stories or history of the gods and goddesses. I loved the stories of Kai the most. So choose to leave the monks when I reached the age where I could take care of myself. Wandering the land I made my way down a river to board ship. I found myself in the Landing.

What wondrous sights and sounds there were. Growing up in a remote mountain area I was unprepared for what awaited at the Landing. But then I found the temple. And knew this was my calling. I studied hard and still do. I joined Voln to fight the undead creatures which plague our lands.

I am growing each day and learning new ways. I now walk the way of my life, learning and growing and hoping to find a few friends along the way that I can share with. So if you see me on the street or in the wilds. Know that I am friend to most and enemies with none that I know of. Say hello and I will too.

~~ Kaljia Wreniweth young Acolyte to Kai


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