Tale of Lord Joog Robust                                               


Graphic by  Luis Royo

My story begins when i traveled to a place called Wehnimer's Landing in Elanthia. My background or where i come from is not important and something i wish not to talk about. My only family is my younger brother Iooy who also traveled with me to Elanthia.

Upon entering the Landing, Iooy and I went our seperate ways to seek the thrill of the hunt. Both my brother and I live for the hunt and have always been loners. Don't get me wrong, we are not anti-social, we just prefer to hunt alone for the most part, although an occasional hunt with a friend or two is fine by me.

I had settled in Elanthia for quite some time because it interested me with its many splendors to explore. Being a loner and living for the hunt, i often camped out in the wilds finding a small node for resting in the areas i hunted. When i was fully loaded with treasures i would return to town to unload before heading back to the wilds.

I was self taught on the hunt and of weapons and armor since i was a young boy. I was also a good barter, finding the right weapons and such to trade for coin, gems or items of value. I often helped fellow hunters if they needed yet wouldn't hesitate to slice your throat if you ever crossed me. I am not one to take things lying down. I would eventually get back on my feet and Koar help you if i did. <nods firmly>

After about a year or two of hunting, trapsing back and forth to town to unload my kills and treasures, i entered the west tower to find me a skilled Rogue to open my boxes when my eyes fell upon this beautiful elven woman. She was enchanting with her long black hair draping over her bare shoulders of soft skin and entrancing violet eyes. I am really not one of the romantic types but this woman had me enchanted. I had to get to know her but i was at a loss for words and wasn't sure if a lovely elven woman such as she would go for a giantman like myself. So i watched her from a distance for about two weeks before i finally got the courage up to speak to her...

During a hunt, she was struck down by the critter she had been fighting and had injured her leg. I came out of hiding ambushing the critters head killing it instantly then gently pulled her to her feet. She thanked me graciously then started to leave but i stood in front of her asking if i could hunt with her and she accepted. Between hunts we made conversation where i learned more about her. Unfortunately, I learned she was betrothed to a young warrior named Thoryn but from listenng to her, i could tell there were problems...

For days we hunted together in areas i took her to that she had never seen before. I taught her how to be a better hunter and what armor was best for her and she taught me how she used her magic. We got along quite well and i could see it, i could feel it...She was falling for me...She was going to be mine!

But there was a "Thoryn" in my side. I had to get rid of him and i would do it any cost to have my Lady Jypta...

One night while she was sitting with her sister Minthe and others on the west Tower rooftop, which is where she spent alot of her time, I sent a familiar to her that carried an orangeflame rose in its mouth,.It placed the rose gently on her lap then sat in front of her, waiting for my next instruction. I climbed the ladder and entered the rooftop smiling at her and she returned the smile with a curtsy. I asked her if she would like to accompany me on a hunt in the wilds and as she accepted, Thoryn stepped out of the shadows glaring in my direction. I smiled at him tauntingly then whispered a few words to him before stepping over to Jypta, taking her hand in mine and escorting her downstairs...

Thoryn hurried down the stairs past us, out of the tower and out the North Gate...

Jypta and i had a great day. We hunted together in the wilds and i took her to places she had never been before. We stopped to rest in a safe out of the way place and i noticed something was on her mind. She had been worried about Thoryn and how she felt bad about hurting him. I scooted over closer to her and held her in my arms, reassuring her everything would be alright. She rested her head on my shoulder and i kissed her forehead.

Then suddenly Jypta jumped up startled and staring at the opening in the clearing. It was Thoryn. Apparently he had been stalking us the entire time we were out there. I began to draw my sword but Jypta stepped in front of him and begged us not to fight. Thoryn bowed to Jypta kissing her hand while sneering at me, then left the area as quietly as he entered.

This obsession of his continued through the years and I was fed up. It was time i got rid of him once and for all.

I decided to hunt him down where he frequently spent his time and taunt him into a duel. Today is the day a life will end...

...Lord Joog Robust died by the sword of Thoryn Elvsquin this day of Volnes, day 14 of the month Jumnea in the year 5097 of the Modern Era.

In memory of Lord Joog Robust

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