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Heroes Remembered

Lord Bladepoint

When i reminisce about the past..there is always one noble Lord that reminds me of the "good-old" days. Lord Bladepoint, a ranger, and a friend, was one of the few "nobles" around when i began. He taught me about the realm, about friendship, and about wisdom. There was nothing he couldn't do or he didn't know. To Bladepoint, thanks for the wisdom, I will always remember you.

- Lord Merdrith

How can i ever forget a man who helped bail Jypta out of jail. Jypta was in the catacombs spelling up the young because of the "bullies" and poachers, when she accidentally casted the wrong spell and imploded the area, injuring many and killing 4. She felt terribly for that happening and worse after she found out her fine was <cringe> 2mil and had only an hour to come up with the coins or lose everything she owned. My family helped me out alot, giving me every coin they had but i was still short 500k. My brother Mordlin and Lord Bladepoint saved my butt. I thank him til this day for being so kind to a Lady he hardly knew at the time. I am greatful to Lord Bladepoint and my family for being there when i needed them.

Lord Bladepoint, where ever you are, I curtsy to you in respect and hope someday you return to the lands to teach other young ones the caring and respect you showed me.

- Jypta


Lord Baser

Lord Baser Strongfist the Dark Elf.

He appears to be in his 100's, has short, braided black hair, green eyes, and tanned skin. He has a tattooed symbol of Onar on his forearm. He is holding a shimmering vultite longsword in his right hand and a rolaren shield etched with the image of hordes of undead being swept into a cyclone, their souls screaming in anguish in his left hand. He is wearing a fiery royal diadem, a miniature dagger suspended from a sparkling sea glass earring, a glass amulet, a ruby amulet, a multicolor tiny disk, a black onyx Onar talisman, a dark elegant silk tunic embroidered on the chest with the crest of House Faendryl and belted at the waist with a nobleman's sash, a crystal wedding band set with a diamond moon entwined in iceblossom vines, a dark enruned band, an intricately braided silver bracelet set with green garnets, a tiny crystal skull, a black sack, a tightly-woven mithril alloy belt, some dark silk pants embossed down the sides with intricate Faendryl symbols, some polished dark leather boots with the hilt of a dagger barely visible, and a rune-covered Faendryl pack.


Ohh, Baser was always a good friend and a gentleman. I remember when he found love. He was so happy...so tender. They were unseparable, and when they had both died, he begged me to see to her safety first. But that was how he was with everyone...a truly unselfish man, kind to a fault. I'll always smile when I think of him.

Hugs, Galadril


I can not think of a nicer, less agressive person then Baser. His memory is still one of the most respected ever to walk the lands.

~ Robin/Titaniia


Baser is one of THEE nicest guys i've met. He is gentle and kind, strongwilled, honest, handsome, witty and unselfish. I cherish the chats we had and how one time he was so concerned for Jypta, comforting her when her heart was broken and she in turn comforted him when he was down. He was such a gentleman and was always the first to ask you if you needed assisstance.aYou couldn't help but smile when he spoke, his words always so soothing & uplifting.

Bless you Baser, for being you. May happiness follow you everywhere you travel.

~ Laura (player of Jypsie/Jypta)


Lord Hailiya

These two men (Dionket & Hailiya) have always been total sweethearts to Bronnwyn. Ive not seen them in a while but when I do see them they are so kind and pleasant to run into. I do miss being around them as often as I used to be but our hunting grounds and such prevent us from that.

They are wonderful people and I only wish the lands had more of them.


I'd like all those who knew Hailiya Windermyer to give him a small place in your hearts, he joined us all in the lands for 3 years. Over the course of those years he became a close and dear friend of mine. Much to my suprise he retired on August 10th, 1998. He didn't tell many people that he was doing so, but rather told myself and mutual friend of our's, Lord Jamousii Thunderblow that he would be retiring. He wanted us to pass on the word that he enjoyed his stay for as long as it was bearable, but it was his time to leave. He left as a hero, wandering off to a room, rather then losing his soul to the demonic.


Hailiya.. Jypsie very much admired this wonderful soul. He risked life and limb without complaint to help fallen hunters and took the time to offer his friendship and wisdom to the young. To see this man everyday with his friendly greeting and warm smile, was an inspiration to us all. He would give the armor off his back to help anyone in need. When a hunter befell a tragic demise in an area that was hard to get to, Hailiya would be there in a heartbeat. When a friend needed a shoulder to cry on, Hailiya would be there. When a young hunter was searching for knowledge or simply needing a hunting partner, Hailiya was there. He never had a bad word to say about anyone and enjoyed his life in Elanthia to the fullest.

If ever a true Hero and Legend roamed these lands, it is Hailiya Windermyer.



Gentleman Lord Dionket

Only thing about Dionket I can recall is that Featherhair spent time with him and eventually married him... after she stopped hanging out and doing rescues with Virtis. :P I think they were on Teras and Virtis preferred to stay in the Landing.

He seemed like a decent person when Virtis met him later on.

~Virtis' player

Dionket has always been a dear. He's always been there to lend a hand ifn ones been needed.


Yep, I remember him in the tree probably four or more years ago when I was there

He was popping a box and I asked him where it came from and he said zombies. I asked where those were and he pointed to the south. He then popped some more and pulled nice gems out before my eyes ;) I always remembered the hood he had with the dragon's flame. As far as I know he's still around, thankfully, cause I saw him a few weeks ago. And who can forget the:

Dionket smiles gently.


Hmmm...cute story, and this just happened yesterday (dated Spring 2000)

Cryheart, Tordane, Dionket and I were sitting outside of House Pheonix.

Newbie just arrived. Newbie offers a sealed message to Dionket.

Dionket accepts a sealed message

Dionket gets a white opal out of his pocket and hands it to newbie.

Dionket exclaims 'Excellent job! Your service is not to go unrewarded!"

Avantos stares at Dionket and falls to the ground laughing hysterically.

Dionket exclaims "My first message!"

We couldnt stop laughing. We then pointed out the doorkeeper to the newbie and Dionket refused to take the opal back.


Jypta remembers Dionket...Thoryn introduced her to him once in the treehouse. Such a perfect gentleman he is. A gentle aura about him and that warm friendly smile won her over at first meeting. She has never felt more comfortable with anyone as she does when she is around him.

Jypsie also has had the pleasure of interacting with this gentle soul. He'd always politely ask her to take a look at his wounds and showing her where he hurt the most. After she mended his wounds he would kiss her hand while trying to sneak a few coins or exquisite gem in her pocket... Silly Man.

~Jypta & Jypsie

Out of all the people in Elanthia I have perhaps have had the most respect for Dionket, most likely because he is a father figure of my character Briars. He knows I appreciate him and his role-playing always, he's had a great impact on me and I assume many others. Enough of one where it'd be impossible to forget him.

- Briars


Lord Groggle

Groggle was one of the best roleplayers I ever had the pleasure of being around. There was not one time I can remember that he went out of character, not even in whispers. On a side note, he was only around 15 years old when he came into the lands. His imagination and creativy is extraordinary. Thanks for bringing thoughts of him back again.

If you ever get a chance to meet a Dwarf name Brutii, he's another individual that exemplifies roleplaying.

The rogue behind Baser

I have no idea how many people remember him actually and he does no longer play Gemstone but for some reason when I do hear any mention of the word role-playing I always have to include Groggle. That is all.

- The Player of Briars

Ah, Groggle, He is one among the few roleplayers i have enoyed watching and interacting with in my years here. Jypsie didn't get to interact with him as much as she would  have liked to but she is honored to have the chance did have. I'm sorry he has departed the lands and i hope someday he returns in yet another one of his outstanding roles.

~Jypsie and her player

Note: Rumor has it that Hailiya was around a few months after he retired, but soon departed again. He eventually returned in yet another outstanding role as Lord Driikn. Welcome home, friend!

As for Dionket, Well, Luckily this handsome gentleman still walks among us. If you ever you bump into a handsomely ol' Wizard who gently smiles at you, don't be surprised to automatically be smiling back...it's catchy ;)

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