Lord Golm

I was but a wee lad on the turnip farm, and my folks an' i had come to the city, something about my father becoming a blacksmith. Anyway, we went and saw this guy, iron jack. He sent my folks out into the kobold mines for an iron slab, they never came back. I was on my own at 7 for 2 weeks before the constable noticed there was anything wrong. The constable tried to take care of me, but there were too many villians running around town. I cut myself fairly badly playing with the constable's broadsword one day, and went to town square to find a kind empath to help me out. When I was there, I saw this man dressed in black slip into hiding. I was apparently the only one who noticed this. Well, this stranger waited for another to walk by, and I saw him nonchalantly slip out of hiding and follwo this feller. I followed behind him and noticed the man in black reach into the stranger's backpack. He pulled out a big shiny gem of some sort.

Again, i seemed to be the only one who noticed anything, the man in black did it so quickly and elegantly. I went up to that man and asked him what he was doing. He grabbed me by the throat and dragged me into an alleyway. He pulled out a knife, and disapearred. The next thing i knew, i had a knife in my shoulder, and the constable was dragging the man in black away. The same empath who healed my wounds healed the stab wound. I followed the constable. He stripped the man in black down, and threw him in this jail cell. I went to the window out of curiosity, and started talking to the man in black. I found out his name was Elfstan. Every day I went back there. Eventually, we became friends. I talked the constable into letting him go after about 3 years. Then, he began to teach me in the ways of thievery. He taught me that a warrior could hold someone up, and be hunted down if that someone could identify him, but a rogue could steal without anyone knowing, and not get caught, thereby stealing more. He showed me all the ways to hide from people, slight of hand, and even to ambush people. We practiced every day in town. Usually somewhere in the slums. Anyhow, I botched an attempt on this wizard named galan. He whirled around just as Elfstan pushed me away.

He challenged Elfstan to a duel, and as my mentor hid, the wizard gestured and became invisible. The ground shook, and Elfstan fell from hiding. Galan gestured at him, and from his hands came a great surge of lighting, so powerful that my mentor was instantly incinerated. I was completely amazed by this power, and though i was saddened at the loss of Elfstan, I stalked the wizard to his home. There, i told him that i was an orphin, and that his power filled me with awe, and that i would like to learn how to harnass it. We too, became good friends, and he taught me in the ways of magik. While I was still his pupil, I was testing out a few of my newest spells on rats in the old catacombs, where I chanced to come upon Anjell. We fell in love almost immediatly, and were soon engaged. Then, mine brother, Dizzledorf, introduced me to a bunch called "the wolf clan." I was adopted by Megraill, and have spent the last few years hunting, picking and defending the Clan.

Story by Golm's player

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