Lord Dranix

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[Crystal Lounge]

The prisms of the crystal chandelier chime softly as you pass beneathit. The window looks toward the main street, and is framed by delicate silvery tulle curtains. The brocade curtain on the far wall complements the silver and gold patterns on the cushiony couch. You also see a curved archway, a mistwood bookcase with a stuffed black shambler head on it and a tin cup mounted on a base of polished mistwood. Lord Dranix and Lady Jypsie who are both seated on the couch.

Jypsie smiles at Dranix.

Dranix asks, "How have you been?"

Jypsie says, "Well thank you, It's good to see you, old friend."

Dranix asks, "good to see you too, how is your sister Jypta these days?"

Jypsie says, "she's doing much better, but sure misses the old gang though."

Jypsie asks, "Do you mind if i ask you a few questions?"

Dranix says, " Not at all, please do."

Dranix smiles at Jypsie.

Jypsie says, "lets start off with a little bit about yerself and when you first came to the lands"

Dranix says, "i first came to the lands, approx 5 years ago"

Dranix says, "was actually my grand father"

Jypsie nods to Dranix.

Jypsie asks, "Is he still with us?"

Dranix says, "he died at at the hands of a troll"

Dranix says, "but his son..."

Dranix says, "also Dranix.."

Dranix coughs.

Jypsie smiles.

Dranix says, "grew up with danelo"

Jypsie says, "ahh my infamous bardling brother"

Jypsie asks, "He's abit of a loner and can get quite grumpy at times, but i love him anyway.

Dranix says, "He was a few years younger and he took advantage of folks at the time"

Jypsie coughs.

Dranix says, "my father was intruiged with the beauty of the lands"

Dranix says, "and thought it would be good to climb to the top of the mountain, near gremlins"

Jypsie shudders.

Jypsie says, "them pesky thieves"

Jypsie says, "nearly stole the wedding band right off my finger"

Jypsie says, "actually it did"

Jypsie says, "I'm sorry, continue.."

Dranix says, "His love for the beauty of the lands far surpassed his climbing skills, he fell to his ultimate death at about 6 trainings"

Jypsie says, "how awful"

Dranix nods.

Dranix says, "and sooo"

Dranix says, "I was born the son of Dranix, the grandson of Dranix"

Dranix grins.

Jypsie says, "ahh i see, Dranix the third."

Dranix nods.

Jypsie says, "has a noble ring to it"

Dranix chuckles.

Jypsie grins.

Jypsie asks, "you were quite young when your family died then?"

Dranix nods.

Dranix says, "my grandfather who fell to the troll, only trained in his profession twice before his death i think"

Jypsie says, "very sad"

Dranix says, "well, better him than me"

Dranix grins.

Jypsie says, "thats a loving thought"

Jypsie grins.

Dranix says, "perhaps you may recall tales of Dranix the Red"

Jypsie says, "aye that i have."

Dranix says, "it was tales of him killing in the lands when he was younger, earning his respect"

Dranix says, "some things have changed, some have not"

Dranix grins.

Dranix says, "i recall.."

Dranix says, "..even putting the sword to a man in the bog near greater orcs for trying to kill Jypta's Daughter"

Jypsie says, "oh yes Jypta has told me of that, You all became friends after that. It was some sort of misunderstanding i guess."

Jypsie nods.

Dranix says, "i once was joined to a society that i never told anyone about"

Dranix says, "but thats all i'll say"

Jypsie says, "Have you any tales of unusual adventures you've experienced in your years in the lands?"

Dranix says, "hmmm"

Dranix says, "yes"

Dranix says, "There was a comley lass, actually a few years my senior who I had a fling with"

Dranix nods.

Dranix winks at you.

Jypsie says, "A fling?

Dranix says, "Well, it didnt go very far, you see..

Dranix says, "she had a Man at the time, a Lord of some repute who sent an assassin to take me down."

Dranix says, "the assassin was smart but perished"

Dranix grins wryly and examines his fingernails.

Dranix says, "hmmm, twice"

Dranix says, "heh"

Jypsie asks, "Did this Lord try it again?"

Dranix says, "The lord later appologized to me and said i was a good warrior"

Jypsie asks, "you made friends?"

You nod.

Dranix nods.

Dranix says, "The three of us remained good friends."

Jypsie asks, " This Lord and his wife you mean?

Dranix nods.

Jypsie asks, "So they stayed married?"

Dranix says, "Oh indeed, they were together for many years, nothing could tear them apart."

Jypsie says, "I believe i know whom you speak of, I married his brother, but i did not know the Lord very well. Only of what my sister told me."

Jypsie says, "I met him a couple of times briefly before his death."

Dranix grins and nods to Jypsie.

Jypsie asks, "What of other old friends from the past, Are they still about?"

Dranix nods to you.

Dranix says, "Some of them are."

Dranix says, "I remember growing up slightly behind Briars the pink"

Jypsie nods.

Dranix says, "I was at his party when he was promoted to Lord"

Jypsie says, "Briars, yes, Jypta told me of the days at frith's Inn and that group. She had a thing with Briars for a short time."

Dranix says, "Aye but again Jypta's Husband came back and ended that affair rather quickly. I don't know what he had over her but she always ran back to him. 

Jypsie asks, "So you and Briars became friends then?"

Dranix says, "we barely liked him even then"

Jypsie says, "From what Jypta tells me and befriending him myself, he didn't seem all that bad."

Jypsie asks, "Anyone else you remember?"

Dranix says, "There was a cleric who i truely liked then"

Dranix says, "hmmmm, Lord Ascot"

Dranix says, "he was a good moral leader but i havent seen him in the lands in some time"

Jypsie says, "oh yes, he is a good friend, he stays in Riverrest now helping his nephew Wemly"

Dranix says, "i didnt know that"

Jypsie says, "He has been there for along time, he would rather not deal with the landing, Riverrest is more peaceful to him."

Dranix says, "he once told me, when i was way too young to actually be hunting wights, and of course i was there with Ascot, Cricket and 2 others that i dont recall.... that i was braver than i had skill."

Jypsie asks, "can you tell me something else of your younger days?"

Dranix says, "As a youth, i had a troubled life."

Dranix nods.

Jypsie asks, "Troubles? what kind of trouble?"

Dranix says, "Well, I ran into the door room and dragged a friend of his out during a cloud,"

Dranix says, "and Cricket also died, i dragged him out as well"

Jypsie asks, "and how many trainings had you learned at the time?"

Dranix says, "young,"

Dranix says, "maybe 12 or 13"

Dranix smirks.

Jypsie nods to Dranix.

Dranix says, "at 11, i used to hunt centaurs down the SpiderTemple road"

Jypsie says, "you must be brave, or crazy"

Jypsie giggles.

Dranix says, "at 11, i met Lord Mongoose who was 13 and Jadall who was hmmmm 17"

Jypsie says, "hard to believe she was ever young eh, Jypta grew up with her, though Jypta was slightly older than she at the time. "

Dranix nods.

Dranix says, "we hunted together lots in RR"

Dranix says, "we did the krolvins"

Dranix says, "There were lords and ladies and i was on ship with them at the time, i couldnt have been more than 17 myself."

Jypsie nods to Dranix.

Jypsie asks, "Have you met & made many friends since you been here?"

Dranix says, "I've made many friends, I Met my best friend Praetoryn at the frosties area, him and Zrenree who i later married"

Jypsie asks, "Oh, How did you two get engaged?"

Dranix says, " I got Flowers from Spikes grave and an engagement ring off the mantle in hearthstone, that is the truth... then like an hour before Ascot married us, I went and bought a diamond wedding ring from gemshop."

Jypsie says, "Jypta told me of the wedding. At Paupers wasn't it? 

Jypsie asks, "Where is your wife now?"

Dranix says, "She killed herself"

Jypsie says, "oh i am sorry to hear that"

Dranix says, "which i may add, had nothing to do with me"

Dranix smirks.

Jypsie says, "tis a tragedy in any case"

Dranix says, "I fought as a younging in the frosties invasions that lasted forever"

Dranix says, " If not for Praetoryn I would have suffered many brutal deaths ."

Jypsie asks, "you fared well in the fight?"

Dranix says, "Aye, that i did."

Dranix says, "I recall, Giantsheild and Davel back then"

Dranix says, "hmmmmm"

Dranix says, "at the time, i didnt particularly like Shadowkatt"

Jypsie asks, "oh? why's that?"

Jypsie says, "My sister is a sweetie, you just have to get to know her is all. She too, was a loner for the longest time til she met Danay so many years ago."

Dranix says, "well things are different now, again, times have changed"

Dranix says, "i dont recall the incident"

Jypsie says,"Something silly i suspect then eh?"

Jypsie nods to Dranix smiling.

Dranix nods.

Jypsie asks, "Have you ever fought in any invasions?"

Dranix says, "i was around for the stonies invasions which was also with the frosties"

Jypsie asks, "Is that when stonevalley was first discovered?"

Dranix nods to you.

Dranix says, "everyone would touch the pass"

Jypsie says, That was quite an invasion."

Dranix nods.

Jypsie asks, "Do you remember when we first met?"

Jypsie says, "My sister had told me of you, when i was young and i came down from the gash to unload my tips, i bumped into you."

Dranix says, "yes"

Dranix says, "hmmmmmmm, i was a Lord when you were a younging and asked me to marry you at the north gate"

Dranix winks.

Dranix just gave you a smooch.

You chuckle.

Jypsie says, "i remember that, i was trying to get your attention..heh it worked too."

Jypsie nods.

Jypsie says, "Jypta told me to do it."

Jypsie giggles.

Dranix scoffs jokingly.

Dranix grins.

Dranix asks, "perhaps you had heard the stories?"

Jypsie asks, "Stories?"

Dranix says, "about me and my moldy bone which i kept in here"

Dranix taps some tanned doeskin britches.

Jypsie says, "Jypta warned me."

Jypsie chuckles.

Dranix says, "After a bit, i no longer had the need for a moldy bone, as i moved up too a Giant bone"

Dranix smirks.

Jypsie says, "I see you have not changed much."

Jypsie grins.

Jypsie says, "Tell me more about your travels."

Dranix says, "Zrenree loved Icemule, and i hated it"

Dranix says, "Prae didnt care, we just did lots of huntin together"

Dranix says, "oh, one of my all time best friends as well was your brother Mordlin"

Jypsie says, "i didnt know that"

Dranix nods.

Dranix says, "we were very close"

Jypsie says, "He was very close to Oeneus, I know that."

Dranix says, "Prae and i were in ice and there was some sort of problem between him and some other fella"

Dranix says, "i dont recall names and such"

Dranix says, "but he disarmed him and between the two of us, we ...cough...whacked about 3 others"

Dranix says, "hmmmmmmm"

Dranix says, "one of my mentors was .......Rassette"

Jypsie nods.

Dranix says, "He and Jypta took me all over the lands , in my earliest years"

Dranix says, "i did more further travellin with him, he knew alot of the hunting areas."

Jypsie nods.

Jypsie asks, "what do you think of the changes in the lands? your likes and dislikes?"

Dranix says, "changes in the lands......"

Jypsie says, "treasure, spells, land expansion.."

Dranix says, "i think that people started becoming more ungrateful, for instance; spells at tssw"

Dranix says, "when population grew"

Jypsie cringes.

Dranix says, "a nasty bunch"

Dranix says, "of generation X'whiners"

Dranix nods.

Jypsie asks, "spoiled eh?"

Dranix nods.

Jypsie asks, "What was your favorite hunting ground?"

Dranix says, "I liked hunting in the SpiderTemple area"

Dranix says, "my favorite critter even til today to hunt, is the centaur."

Dranix says, "It was a milestone for me"

Jypsie nods to Dranix.

Dranix says, "and of course any of Prae's family"

Jypsie says, "they changed the value of their hides though eh."

Dranix says, "they are more trouble than they 're worth"

Dranix asks, "what else?..hmm."

Dranix says, "i recall when a person passed long ago, the sword and shield would drop and we'd be running off to get it back"

Jypsie says, "ahh droppage"

Jypsie says, "i hear it may come back"

Dranix says, "i think it kept us humble, could loose stuff easily"

Dranix says, "hmmmm"

Dranix says, "like at voln pool.."

Dranix says, "You needed to leave stuff outside and folks would sometimes take em"

Dranix says, "that was a bit harsh"

Jypsie asks, "do you think its wise with the population of ignorance?"

Dranix says, "not at all"

Jypsie nods.

Lillietoes just arrived.

Dranix smiles and glances over at Lillietoes.

Dranix says, "i was with a group that was walking around in rats when we found Lillitoes , she was rollin around in the mud. Nikkee said, "look at her, shes so cute"."

Dranix says, "we all raised her and now she ignores me"

Lillitoes gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Lillitoes gestures at Anisya.

Jypsie grins.

Jypsie says, "I remember Embriana and i took her in as our prodigy when she was lost in the Graveyard"

Jypsie says, "She ignores us too.

Jypsie grins.

Jypsie asks, "what do you think your future holds here?"

Dranix says, "I knew a Lady who killed a person named Orc something in grey orcs"

Jypsie asks, "That used to happen alot then eh?"

Dranix says, "wound up leavin that person there and orc girl decayed"

Jypsie says, "well common sense would tell ya not to hunt in areas where critters have a similiarity to your name eh."

Jypsie smirks slightly.

Dranix says, "treasure was more abundant back then."

Dranix says, "kobolds...."

Dranix says, "im not sure if they got smarter or dumber"

Dranix says, "frost giants and trolls were rich enough and hides were better cash back then"

Jypsie nods to Dranix.

Jypsie grins.

Dranix says, "i liked hunting the miners"

Dranix says, "i recently was back in landing and traveled to Solhaven"

Jypsie asks, "what did you think of it?"

Dranix says, "the critter that were rangers and such, were an awsome hunt"

Dranix exclaims, "they are tough as hell!"

Jypsie nods.

Jypsie says, "The Shan"

Dranix says, "probably the toughest around even though other critters are older than they are"

Dranix nods.

Dranix says, "Aye, the shan"

Dranix says, "an extremely respectable foe"

Dranix says, "i am just upset that they can take our weapons but cant take theirs"

Dranix says, "they have some good looking stuff"

Jypsie nods.

Jypsie say, "I agree"

Dranix says, "the merchants seem to have less good items"

Dranix says, "cept for things say.... earrings like this"

Dranix taps some deathstone earrings.

Jypsie asks, "embeddable?"

Dranix nods to Jypsie.

Dranix says, "and i felt in all honesty that something is wrong with the alterers and such"

Dranix says, "some folks get on all the list"

Dranix says, "i have waited literally 2 days to get on alist"

Dranix says, "lietrally"

Jypsie says, "its harder to do that now though"

Dranix says, "just to get this done"

Dranix taps a pyrothag hide brigandine armor.

Dranix says, "i was lucky enough to get it fully crit padded"

Dranix says, "and ive been reading the town boards lately, there are some awsome things for sale by folks that havent been about too,long "

Dranix says, "they have items that they could NEVER afford to have"

Jypsie says, "nice"

Dranix says, "and i think that someone in lands is pulling the gods chain"

Jypsie asks, "will you be exploring the new city when they open the entrance?"

Dranix asks, "which city?"

Jypsie says, "I can't quite recall but it has something to do with Ta'Faendryl"

Dranix says, "i know that we have been awaiting the opening or finding near the lake of fire"

Dranix asks, "where is it?"

Dranix says, "i havent heard"

Jypsie says, "no news of it yet but many have been listening to Lord Banthis speak of such a place."

Dranix exclaims, "ahhhh!"

Dranix says, "No, i recall the ending of a rat though."

Dranix says, "spike"

Jypsie says, "noo"

Jypsie says, "that would be awful"

Dranix says, "i dont know why they took away his grave"

Dranix says, "do u recall when he died"

Jypsie says, "aye Jypta was there, she told me of the happenings. The thing is, Spike is actually alive. It was a hoax to evade the enemy form getting to him. Devestior apparently saved his life."

Dranix nods.

Dranix says, "was long ago"

Jypsie says, "Seckara and Setzier have told tales of it too"

Jypsie says, "So Spike is very much alive."

Dranix says, "Good to hear then."

Dranix says, "ill check all the new lands as they open"

Jypsie asks, "Are you excited about taking that step one day to the Rift?"

Jypsie says, "i have been there, it is a wondrous place"

Jypsie says, "dangerous but wondrous"

Dranix says, "well, i had been ina deep sleep for qute a while, somethings had been goin on in my life that i needed to fix and stayed in long thought and didnt hunt"

Jypsie nods.

Dranix says, "so i'm still just hunting pyros for now but fell im doing so very well"

Jypsie says, "i hope things have worked out for you then"

Dranix nods to Jypsie.

Dranix says, "well, when im able to get to the rift, ill be happy about it, id like to see what awaits, thats for sure"

Jypsie says, "well i will not ruin yer excitement by tellin you what lies ahead in the Rift, but i am sure you will enjoy it"

Dranix says, "i think i was more daring than smart when younger now its evened up some"

Jypsie says, "well i have enjoyed the hunts we had today and yes, you have grown to be quite a fighter"

Dranix says, "thank you"

Jypsie asks, "is there anything else you would like to add yourself?"

Dranix says, "sort of but ill refrain,,,,, it behooves me to keep my mouth shut"

Dranix grins.

Jypsie says,"well that's fine, this is an interview, not an interrogation."

Jypsie grins.

Dranix asks, "hmm...what else?"

Dranix says, "oh yeah... "

Dranix says, "um i didnt recall if i stated but i of course am a House Paupers resident, a Voln master and an acomplished ranger"

Dranix says, "i have trained as of yet 64 times and am nearing my 65th"

Jypsie asks, "what of your love life? do you see another try at marriage in yer future?"

Jypsie smiles.

Dranix says, "marriage, nope, not yet"

Dranix says, "I like a few ladies, but who knows"

You smile.

Dranix says, "id been sleeping for so long that i need to hunt"

Jypsie says, "well i think we covered almost everything.."

Jypsie rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Jypsie asks, Is there a certain God you worship?"

Dranix says, "no"

Dranix says, "maybe a hero idealism"

Dranix says, "good to set reasonable goals"

Dranix says, "who wants to be a god"

Dranix grins.

Jypsie grins.

Dranix says, "who could be"

Dranix smirks.

Jypsie says, "well i think thats it then, unless you would like to add something, otherwise, i'd say we're done"

Dranix says, "i think thats about all"

Dranix says, "unless you'd like to ask some more stuff"

Jypsie says, "hmm..lets see, we covered just about everything."

Dranix says, ok.."

Dranix stands up.

Dranix gently pulls Jypsie to her feet.

Dranix smiles.

Jypsie says, "Thank you."

Dranix asks, "good enough?"

Jypsie says, "yes, thank you for your time."

Dranix says, "send my love to Jypta and her Daughter eh?"

Jypsie says, "i will"

Dranix nods.

Jypsie hugs Dranix.

Jypsie gathers up her parchment and quill and heads through the arch.

Dranix smiles and waves to Jypsie.

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Interview with Lord Dranix by Lady Jypsie on 10/8/99

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