Dastion and Malencie

Dastion Gettess-

Dastion is an odd case. He was not Adopted persay by Jypsie. He instead Adopted Jypsie as his Mother. His true parents lived in the City of Vornavis. My Mother, a whore working for one of the local taverns, turned him out at the age of 7. She was pregnant again and the Tavernkeep would not allow her to have more then 3 children living under his roof. My Father, a Guardsman working for the Baron, did not own living space other then his Bunk in the barracks. Feelings of unwant and disgust racked through him.He decided that he would show his parents that he could live without thier help. Wandering around town he overheard someone talking about some place up north, Wehnimers landing. It was supposedly a frontier town and in it's beginings. He decided to see if he could make it home. While he was making his way northward towards the Town he happened across a girl. She was maybe a year or two older then himself. She called herself Malencie. After talking for a short time they discovered that they were heading to the same place and decided that it couldn't hurt to go thier together. They have been fast friends for the last sixteen years, and on occasion, Lovers.

Malencie Maichetter

Malencie is the oldest child of 7, a set of triplets, twins, a little boy and herself. the Triplets are one year younger, the twins three and the little boy six. When the youngest was born things got really hard around the farm, while there were plenty of people to help with the work, they were not able to grow enough food. They lived like this for 2 years before Malencie decided to leave the farm in hopes of making life easier upon her younger siblings. She had heard talk of a town called Wehnimers Landing while on a visit to the local Temple with her Father. Recalling what was said about the place, she set off to see if it was true. After traveling upon the road for only a short while a small boy, perhaps a year her junior, named Dastion. They had been talking for a short while and found they were headed in the same direction. Making the choice to travel together was a simple one. Thier friendship has lasted 16 years so far. They have brought each other friendship and commpanionship both on the road and in the bedroom.

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