Belnia's Tale

Belnia was born in the year 5057, to Myrsala and Callorn, and brought up in Northeastern Finnia. Only daughter to one of the premier merchanting families, she was provided with the best education money could buy. She was a good student and listened to her tutors on everything they instructed her with, but it seemed droll to her.

She wanted to be a powerful merchant, like her parents. She tried asking many times to be put in charge of part of the guild, but her parents were adamant in not letting her controll anything until her schooling was complete. She continued her teachings with the tutors until the time of her sixteenth birthday at which time her mother decided she was old enough to be put in a position of trust.

Belnia was put in charge of an administrative branch of the Guild and was quite content for a time. After a few years passed however, she wished for more in life, sitting in the Guild Hall all day was begining to become dull. She asked her parents, and the relented and let her move up in the Guild hierarchy.

Two years later, in a tragic accident, her mother Myrsala was killed. Belnia dropped into a deep state of depression and despite her father's best attempts, nothing seemed to cheer her. In a desperate attempt to fill her mind with something other than greif for her mother's passing, her father told her of Elbanev, an area in the south of the continent where a minor branch of the Merchant's Guild was located. Belnia finally agreed to go there as a representative of her father's Guild and worked there for five years. At that time she had gotten over the passing of her mother somewhat, but she still missed her greatly.

She returned home to her father for a while, wishing to get away from Elbanev. Her father had in the intreval while Belnia was away, remarried, this time to Sarral Vrashti. Belnia was on even terms with her step-mother but never grew close to her. She told her father that she was tired of Elbanev and wished to be in a large city. Her father knew of a town farther north than Elbanev, Wehnimer's Landing, where there was also a branch of the Merchant's Guild and Belnia eagerly took the opertunity.

She arrived in Wehnimers landing in 5094 as an observer for her father's Guild, to see if the area was ready to open large-scale trade with Finnia. She judged that the town and the outlying lands we're suffieciently developed and word was sent back to her father that trade relations could be opened. Belnia remained in Wehnimer's Landing to look after the fledgling trade agreements, but also because she had grown to love the town.

Now, in her sixth year in Wehnimer's, she's grown to know the place, and call it home. ::pant:: and a note on the side, the reason Belnia dresses in ice blue is because it was her true mother, Myrsala's, favorite color, Belnia wears it as a tribute to her so she never loose sight of who she is.


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