Bambette's Journey to the Landing.

Many years ago the Dark elven race ruled the land. Humans were robbed of their dignity, livelihood, and self respect and were commonly used as slaves.
At that time the Dark elves deemed themselves the higher race, but now it isn?o. By having the human slaves do everything for them, the Dark elven race became very weak, untrained, unskilled, and extremely lazy. Realizing this the Humans took their fine wares that they had made while working for them and simply left. The Dark elves were too weak, fat, and lazy to stop them. The humans laughed as they carried their riches away and began to settle in new and better territories.
Soon after, Rone Wehnimer, a Human, founded the land of Wehnimers Landing. The wealthiest port town in all of Elanthia. It is the land where the elves now bring their wares to the Humans. The Humans inspect the elven merchandise and buy it if it is worthy of their silvers.
Ironically, the Dark elves made another attempt to bring back their old days and were trying to take over the town Bambette Passionstone was living in, but of course they failed. Bambette?amily, tired of the battles going on around them, left to go settle in the land of Wehnimers Landing. The town that they had heard so much about. They had a very long way to travel, it took weeks. Their horses and other fine things were taken by bands of elves and other unidentifiable creatures along the way. Tired and hungry they still had a few days before they?each the outer forests of the Landing.
It was growing cold now and they were still a hundred or so miles away from civilization. Bambette?ather didn?ealize it was as far as it was. They began to run out of food, luckily Bambette?ather was a skilled huntsman and her mother an excellent cook and took advantage of the fine berries and things the forest provided for them.
Bambette?arents are highly skilled locksmiths and took this chance to teach her their ways of picking locks while on this long journey. Bambette loved it immediately. She enjoyed being able to open treasure boxes that bandits would sometimes drop as they scurried away from their unsuspecting victim. Bambette loved knowing how to pick the pockets of some finely dressed much older person without being suspected. She learned this skill very well and very quickly. Her father would cast a sly wink at her and whisper in her ear, ?ts my girl.??r mother would glance at them, giggle, and shake her head.
Closer to the town of Wehnimers Landing, they could almost smell food if there was a strong gust of wind from that direction and could barley hear the echo of voices from the busy town and their spirits were lifted.
Suddenly, all was silent and the wind became still, a stale scent filled the air. Then a few moments later the sound of drums rumbled and all the birds in the forest took to the air and flew away frantically. Bambette and her family began to worry as the sound of war drums filled their ears all around them not from one direction but many. Without warning, wind witches, screeching banshees, and troll kings surrounded them. Bambette?other and father quickly grabbed Bambette and ordered her to climb a nearby tree and to not to come down until morning. As Bambette began to protest and her father shot her a stern glance she knew too well and she hugged them and scurried up the tree crying fearfully.
Bambette climbed up high, she could hardly hear what was happening below and she whimpered as she huddled her knees close to her chest. She knew her brave mother and father were no match for those horrible fiends.
Suddenly she could hear a scream she knew as her mothers voice. Bambette screamed in return, ?ma! Momma! No! Momma!??d just as suddenly all was silent again. Bambette, almost hysterical up in the tree by herself crying and whimpering, ?dy, No my daddy. Momma.??t;br>Bambette cried and cried, her hair completely soaked, stuck to her face. Her eyes were beginning to swell with exhaustion, she passed out up there in the tree. She didn?ake up till the next evening. Looking around and remembering the horror of yesterday, knowing she was on her own now she began to cry again. She was too traumatized to climb down, too traumatized to even care about food or water all she wanted to do was cry; and so she did, and would pass out and sleep till the next day.

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The next day she awoke and found a bowl of berries and a flask of water beside her. She stared at the berries a moment, then she remembered a dream she had during the night of her mother and father. They were smiling at her as they held her close to them. They told her to be strong and that they were proud of her and loved her dearly. Her mother placed a bowl and flask beside her before they faded out of sight.
Bambette felt a little better as she realized that wasn? dream she had, for the bowl and flask were proof of that. She could almost feel them near her now, and like a good girl she ate the berries and drank the flask of water. When she was done she climbed down out of the tree and began her lonesome journey to the town where her brave parents had intended to take her.
Bambette reached Wehnimers Landing and entered the gates. She couldn?elieve the number of people in one spot. Some were shaped like her, some were short, some were very large, some had pointy ears and toes, some were also dark elven. She stayed away from them for they brought her unhappy memories. Despite the dark elves she loved the human town and made many new friends. Some of the people were very unkind and some were very nice. She began to learn who to be nice to and who to avoid. She is a proud human, passionate about her history and her goddess Ivas.
Bambette curious about history and many other things was lucky enough to find a teacher of such things. Tiffilyn GeretiaII a descendant of Lady Tiffilynn, a very well schooled member of Rone Academy. Young Tiffilyn a fellow human taught her many things about human history and about Elanthia?ods and goddesses. As Bambette read about the goddess Ivas, she felt completely drawn to her personality because it was a lot like Bambette?ersonality. Ivas the goddess of love, passion, and deceit. Bambette is a very kind friendly person, but once on her bad side there?o turning back. She may pretend to forgive you, but in reality she doesn?Treat her with kindness and her kindness is returned tenfold.

By The Lady Bambette Passionstone.

Of Ivas Daughter

Weeping willows whisper in the wind.
Runes dance across the starry sky.
Ivas?ughter of passion and lie,
Sing a gentle breath, to thine soul send.

Twilight rings her beckon to thee;
Deception?ust mists the air.
Honeyed golden, soft silken hair;
A warning gasp in mind to flee.

Her voice so soft and lulling,
violet eyes bewitch thine mind.
Whisper to thee so sweet and kind,
Try to go, ye feel something pulling.

Feel of thine silk, a delicate tear,
Her waist a glimpse of a widow?ed.
A deception?rave she has fed.
Glance again, she?o longer there.

By: The Lady Bambette Passionstone.

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