Arlie Firstbard

Amulet of Aegis

Once long ago a dragon threatened the lands. The townsfolk and others were terrified or pleased. Various factions scryed on how to deal with the terrible beast. The scribes found a reference in an ancient tome that told of an artifact.

The scribes found a reference in an ancient tome that told of an artifact. Quests were formed by all the factions.
A powerful noble hired a ratling Two-ko. An evil liche hired a dark elf for his own dire purposes and the townspeople scavenged some silvers and hired the dwarf with no name, also known as Blondie. They were all told to seek the amulet of Aegis. In those days there were no bards but Grifunn aspired to be one.

This is a story he told to me when i were a wee one and sat on his lap.

Over the course of months the 3 quested for clues to the location of the artifact. Eventually they found scraps of a map .. each a separate piece. Blondie was especially cautious because the ratling was deceitful and the dark elf, Angeleyes, was far worse. They all faced innumerable perils in their quest.

Blondie was ravaged by thirst, starvation and storm but his strong will carried him on. Finally they met in a cemetary long thought to have been buried by the dregs of time. The darkelf had become something more and less than mortal, for he now served the darkest of gods that wished the amulet destroyed" Two-ko had his own thoughts of the wealth this trinket would bring.

Three hands reached for leather, six legs stood there stance, six eyes stared without winking, fifteen fingers twitched, their wands cleared their holsters and the discharges were deafening. When the smoke cleared one was left standing.


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Blondie looked at Two-ko, whose hand was all but blasted off and smiled. The thing that had once been a darkelf returned to the hades where his master ruled. Blondie returned to the town, declined the reward passed onto him.

Arlie says, ".... much later"

The lone longbowman drew back his bow, the amulet glistened with sunlight as the dragon lazily flapped overhead.

Arlie says, "he let fly..."

Guided by the charms powers, flying on enchanted feathers, the shaft flew clean and true, piercing the sky sovreign thru his vile heart and fell to the ground furrowing a canyon that still exists today.

Arlie smiles.

Betimes gentles say you can hear the ratling telling this tale in taverns throughout the lands, but somehow the dwarf is never mentioned and Two-ko claims he lost his hand when HE kilt the dark elf.

Arlie says, "We however know differently."

Jedin says, "What ever happened to Blondie I wonder?"

Arlie says, "I kinna tells it as good as me godfather"

Arlie says, "He embellished it with great poetry and prose."

Jypta says, "It had me intrigued. Thanks again, Arlie, for another wonderful Tale."

Arlie bows to his audience.