Ancamna's Story

[Isolated beach]

The sand here seems to go on forever. The waves of the sea lap gently at the shore. A lone gull circles above, seeming to call to you. Also in the room: Ancamna who is seated

Ancamna smiles at you

Ancamna says "So, you wish to hear the story of my birth"

Ancamna thumbs a water stained scroll

Ancamna says "My tale may be a bit hard to believe, but please do not condemn me. This scroll is the only clue I have to my origin

Ancamna shows you a water stained scroll. On the scroll you see a faded story

Ancamna says "I was found not too far from the Landing, lying on a beach of black sand. A kindly cleric happened upon me, covered in seaweed, crawling across the sand brought me to this city. Unfortunately, he was unable to stay here and, after ensuring my safety, soon went on her way."

Ancamna sighs

Ancamna says "There was a scroll pinned to my shirt when I was found that told of my birth in a hidden village where the surviving citizens of Ta'Ashrim fled. Evidently my mother, a mortal sea elf of humble background, was traveling on one of the villages warships when she attracted the attention of Aquayl, the water spirit and servant of Charl."

Ancamna says "Aquayl was so enamoured of her that he sent one of his water elementals to fetch her aboard her ship. He longed to go to her himself, but is constrained to a life within the waters of the sea. She must have been shocked to say the least, but she followed the elemental willingly to the sea to meet with Aquayl.

Ancamna says "A love affair developed between the two, although my mother chose to keep it a secret from her elven brethren. She feared that she would be deemed insane by those who she would refuse to believe."

Ancamna says "By day she would live out her life among the elves. By night she would slip away to join Aquayl in the sea."

Ancamna says "Eventually, as time went on, my mother discovered that she was with child."

Ancamna says "It was decided that, after my birth, I must be sent away for my own protection. My mother feared that I might come to harm for the same reasons she chose to keep their love a secret. Aquayl also feared for my safety, for the victims of storms created at his hand are many and vengeful."

Ancamna says "Upon my birth, a kindly dolphin was summoned. With a tearful farewell, my cradle was placed upon her back. She carried me to the beach where I was found. Following her orders, she waited patiently in the water just off the coast until I was rescued."

Ancamna says "Being just a babe, I have no real memory of my mother, Aquayl, or the village from which I came, only the words written on the scroll by my mother and the words of the man who found me. Of course there are those that believe that there were no surviving members of the House of Ashrim, and my mother could have well been insane. In any case, I choose to believe what the scroll said and will live out my live accordingly."

Ancamna says "I have decided to make my living as a songstress, must be a bit of siren or nymph blood running through my veins. In any case, I have just begun my training in the bardish arts and am currently staying in the town of River's Rest. So. If you happen to see a lost little sea elf looking out over the water mournfully, be sure to say hi"

Ancamna curtsies to you, turns and seems to dissapear in she surf

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