Interview with Lady Rezzette  

I had the pleasure of speaking with Rezzette this weekend. I also has the chance to meet Gaale's daughter, a very sweet girl. Thank you Rezz for your time..

You say, "well, first off..tell me about you, age.. profession, family"
You say, "stuff like that"
Rezzette says, "Twoflame is my mom, Amgard dad, Elancia and Adalar my siblings"
Rezzette says, "I have a whole lot of people I consider family."
Rezzette smiles.
Rezzette says, "But I won't get into them."
Rezzette says, "Oh, and my new sweetie is Gaale ;)"
Rezzette says, "karystina is his kid"
Rezzette says, "as well as Flaer and Tharatos."
You say, "Oo! I know Gaale..ya have good taste"
You nod to Rezzette.
You ask, "Rezzette.. how long have you been in the lands?"
Rezzette says, "I've been in the lands since...3 years this december"
You say, "what's changed the most since you've been around"
Rezzette says, "The amount of snerts, there's alot of them now."
Rezzette says, "And the incredible pricing."
Rezzette exclaims, "And the amount of clerics in the lands!"
Rezzette says, "I remember when there was actually a list of raising clerics on the message boards."
Rezzette asks, "it was a small one, maybe 100 clerics in all?"
You ask, "were you raising then?"
Rezzette says, "Uhm, around 2 years I"ve been raising"
Rezzette nods.
Rezzette says, "Actually, this body has been around since the move to..."the web""
Rezzette leans on you.
Rezzette says, "So the biggest change that has affected me is the amount of raisers/foggers"
You ask, "alot of races to bodies now?"
Rezzette says, "I don't typically, although Gaale say's I'm pretty fast ;)"
You giggle.
Rezzette says, "I blind fog, that's why."
Rezzette says, "or I fog from distress calls on the amunet"
You ask, "blind fog? just fog without a locate?"
Rezzette says, "That's what a blind fog would be"
Rezzette smiles at you.
You ask, "do ya get hurt much like that?"
Rezzette says, "Nae."
Rezzette exclaims, "I'm big and strong!"
You giggle.
You carefully examine Rezzette's physique and figure she weighs about *** pounds. (*note* never tell a ladies weight!)
Rezzette mumbles something that you don't quite catch.
You say, "well, I'd say ya got the big part on your side for sure"
You stare at nothing in particular.
Rezzette stares off into space.
Rezzette asks, "My favorite thing?"
You nod to Rezzette.
You say, "favorite thing to do.. or just the part that makes ya stay around.."
Rezzette says, "My favorite thing would have to be hunting."
Rezzette says, "The thrill of the kill, the enjoyment of company of friends while hunting."
You ask, "what do you hunt now?"
Rezzette says, "Sheruvian initiates."
Rezzette says, "Oh, also helping me."
Rezzette says, "errr, helping people"
Rezzette blushes a nice shade of off-pink.
Rezzette says, "Giving out spells, rescuing people."
Rezzette says, "Giving out advice too"
Rezzette says, "Friendship"
Rezzette says, "Whatever it may be"
Rezzette says, "So hunting and helping"
Rezzette nods to you.
You ask, "has there been anyone in the lands that's been your role model as you've grown up?"
Rezzette gestures and utters a phrase of magic.
Rezzette says, "Yes, Cynric and Olorein."
Rezzette says, "And Virtis and Barberik."
Rezzette says, "They taught me about clerical ways."
Rezzette says, "I rarely see any of them anymore at all."
Rezzette says, "And virtis is an old grump who doesn't like me anymore apparently."
Rezzette says, "Olorein was my official mentor growing up."
Rezzette says, "But they all taught me"
You ask, "how long have you been in clan?"
Rezzette says, "Me? For awhile, since my mother finally introduced me."
Rezzette says, "Well, she told me about it."
Rezzette says, "And then I ran into Megraill, thinking her the biggest legend ever."
Rezzette stares off into space.
Rezzette says, "I was slightly disappointed when I was titled and she wasn't."
Rezzette says, "But anyways, it was good meeting her, and I talked to her, and pretty soon I was involved with clan."
Rezzette says, "Still miss her alot, as well as Elancia."
You nod to Rezzette.
You say, "what kinda goals do you have for yourself? besides Gaale"
You giggle.
Karystina starts chuckling at you!
Rezzette gives you a good pinch!
Karystina says, "she keeps sayin that"
Rezzette says, "I hope to make Legend."
You nod to Karystina.
Rezzette says, "And to learn wall of force"
You say, "well cuz she'll say that if I dont"
Rezzette says, "to make many new friends"
Rezzette nods to you.
Rezzette says, "and to make a family."
You ask, "do you have any children of your own?"
Rezzette looks over at you and shakes her head.
Karystina clears her throat.
Rezzette says, "I've decided to wait until I marry to "have" children."
Rezzette says, "And have never adopted for that reason."
You nod to Rezzette.
Rezzette says, "I want it to be a more sharing experience."
Rezzette joins Karystina's group.
Rezzette snuggles up to Karystina.
(Karystina scoots closer to Rezzette and rests her head on her lap.)
(Rezzette strokes Karystina's hair.)
You ask, "are there any changes you'd like to see in the lands.. other than the obvious jerks running around now?"
Karystina runs her finger over the honeycomb, scooping up a dollop of honey. Smiling, she sticks her finger in her mouth, licking off as much of the sticky stuff as possible.
Rezzette smiles at you.
Rezzette says, "Yes. I'd like to see clerics get their new spells."
Rezzette says, "I'd like to see alot less merchants."
Rezzette says, "I'd like to see some better blunt weapons."
You ask, "less merchants, that's were around before they were a monthly thing huh?"
Rezzette exclaims, "Definitely!"
Rezzette nods to you.
Rezzette says, "I was around for the god auction, too"
(Rezzette holds her stone Meyno symbol close to her heart.)
You ask, "Meyno?"
Rezzette says, "Goddess of the Earth."
You say, "I dont think I've ever heard of Meyno"
Rezzette smiles at you.
Rezzette asks, "Have you heard of Illoke and the invasions?"
You nod.
Rezzette says, "Well, Meyno is Illoke's mother."
Rezzette rubs a carved stone Meyno symbol.
You ask, "I think that oughta do it..unless there's anything you wanna add?"
(Karystina sits up and leans affectionately on Rezzette.)
Rezzette looks over at you and shakes her head.
Rezzette says, "Not really, was a pleasure."
Rezzette smiles.
Rezzette smiles at you.
Rezzette says, "Hope the clan enjoy's it."
Rezzette hugs you.

interviewed & edited by Lady Sinocence

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