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My name is Kitzz I was born in a in the rough parts of Wehnimer's Landing. I was born in Shantytown. My life isnt filled with flair and excitement like most people have been but. When I was 5 years old my parents left me in our shack which we lived in and told me they went shopping and would be back later. I cleaned around our hovel and sit making pictures of kobolds and trolls and elves fighting these bile creatures hoping I would be one of those lucky people to be able to hunt these things.

It always had excited me seeing Lords and Ladies passing bye and I would wave to them and smile and try to sell my little trinkets. No one would buy them of course. Wasn't there style.I waited a few more hours looking for my parents and still no sign of them. I sighed and went back into my hovel and took a nap. I slept for quite a while because by night time they still werent back at home. I figured they must've went to talk to Sleepy or the old man or went to Helga's they always liked to go there have a drink and come home and sleep.

We werent rich but we did what we could to survive. Sometime's Jack would send the messenger to me and wanted me to pick up scraps and clean up the mess that the warriors made from bashing steel. I didnt mind again it was a living and Jack was a nice man. I would collect my pay from Jack after a hard days work and go home. I have waited a week and decided that my parents werent coming home and they had abandoned me. Maybe they found a good life now and they didnt want me anymore.

It took alot for me to get over that. It was very depressing and stressing to know that no one would love me anymore. So a few more days went by and I started to run out of money and no one would give me a job anymore. So I had to resort to the only thing. I was a beggar. The town constable kept his eye on me and made sure I stayed out of trouble.

Well one day I saw one of the local rogues picking someone's pocket. I had never seen such skill in all my living days. Of course I was young and I didnt have such skills. So I started to watch this particular thief and watched his every move.For a good part of 5 years I watched this man and have become pretty skilled myself in this profession because I had started to eat good and get some decent money and I continued to stay in Shantytown.

The day of my 21st birthday I saw this one Lady she was very pretty but she didnt seem like most of the other Nobles I have seen walking by. She would look at me with a smile and a wink from time to time and I would be silent and bow as she passed by. I blushed and continued to do my chores in my hovel.

One day I saw this man pass by. Couldnt tell if he was a Lord or not so I just wanted to try my luck with the skills I had. Well that was the day I wish I hadnt stolen from him because I lost my finger over a stupid tart. I was hungry and he pulled out his stiletto and sliced my finger off. I looked him straight in the eye and smiled and winced a little from the pain. Not a word came from my mouth.

I nearly bled to death. But it just so happened that the same lady that had winked at me earlier that day, followed the trail of blood into my hovel and looked at me curled up in a ball, weeping as there was a puddle of blood surrounding me.

She was an empath and she had given me herbs for she was pretty mangled up herself. So I took them gladly and ate them. I was feeling better but the wound had turned to a battlescar. She asked me what happened so I told her. She frowned and gestured some arcane magics in front of me and apparently saw where he was. She left me quickly and returned with the man. She asked me if this was the man and I noded my head.

Ya know..I never saw that man again...I wonder what she said to him?. I decided that I would go and train at the Raging Thraks Inn and become a better rogue and better myself. BTW that empath who helped me was Lady Jypsie. She eventually adopted me and took me under her wing after she saw my situation and heard my story. My life had turned right side up.

Every now and then I still wonder where my parents went. To this day I still have no clue. Guess I will never know. But I am very happy that someone loves me now and looks out for me. And I call her mom too. Which I exclaim proudly anytime someone asks me who my mother is. She saved my life. If it wasnt for her I would be dead.

But thats my story and now I am a rogue in my second training at 23 years old. Some day I will be a great Noble like that of my mother, Lady Jypsie.

:: Author::

Story written and told by David AKA Kitzz


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