Lord Danelo Hayesson

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[Spider Temple, Leg of Victim]

A long hallway, its thick stone walls beaded with moisture from the humidity, presses close as it stretches its way west and southeast. You also see a battered silver coffer, a reinforced shield, a scimitar and an ironbound oak door. Also in the room: Lord Danello, Lord Danelo, Lord Tamral, Lady Jypta, Lord Ettai, Lady Jypsie.  

You hear the voice of Tamral say,"Tell us the story of how you came to be...What happened?"

You notice Tamral slip into a hiding place.  

Danelo says,"I was kidnapped by sheruvians for some evil purpose"  

You hear the voice of Tamral say,"ugh"

Danelo says,"I seemed to have died in their experiement and was reincarnated"

You hear the voice of Tamral say,"yuck"

Danelo says,"as time went on"

You hear the voice of Tamral exclaim,"bad sheruvians!"

Danelo says,"I gained memories of my past life, it was what propelled me to where I am today"

Danelo says,"well, I thought I had simply died in my other life and when we breeched the sheruvian compound on the moon, to my surprise..."

Danello renews his songs.

Danelo says,"I found a body, alive, yet lifeless"  

Jypsie frowns.

Danelo says,"as I looked at the face, I was shocked, it was my face, yet not my face"

You hear the voice of Tamral say,"whoah"

Danelo says,"seems my soul had moved on..escaped their evil"

Danelo says,"but my body had not"

Danelo glances at Danello.

Danelo says,"I found if I concentrated, I could move my consciousness to my old body and maintain a split presence in both, though my soul is rooted  here in this body."

You hear the voice of Tamral say,"nice"

You notice Ettai slip into a hiding place.

Danelo says,"well"

Danelo says, "having found myself..." Danelo points at Danello.

You hear the voice of Tamral ask,"well wouldnt yer previous body still have the taint of sheru in it?"

Danelo says,"I could not just leave the body"

Danelo says,"nae, It has been exorcised"

A mammoth arachnid just scurried in.

You hear the voice of Tamral say,"ahhhh"

Tamral leaps from hiding to attack! Tamral swings a veniom-hilted falchion at a mammoth arachnid!

AS: +249 vs DS: +130 with AvD: +32 + d100 roll: +29 = +180 ... and hits for 46 points of damage!  Skull cracks in several places.

Danelo gestures and utters a phrase of magic. Danelo gestures at a mammoth arachnid. CS: +319 - TD: +105 + CvA: +25 + d100: +12 == +251 Warding failed! Danelo blasts a mammoth arachnid for 306 points of damage. The mammoth arachnid collapses to the ground and dies. A mammoth arachnid's legs shrivel up beneath it as it decays into dust.

Tamral babbles something unintelligible. You hear the voice of Ettai say,"blah"

You notice Tamral slip into a hiding place.

Danelo says,"well anyway, I could have slain myself" Danelo points at Danello.

Danelo says,"but how do you kill yourself"

Danelo shrugs. Danelo says,"so..."

You hear the voice of Tamral ask,"so you now have the untainted body that you used to inhabit?"

Danelo says,"I live this strange existence"

Danelo says,"I thought it best to title the body" Danelo points at Danello.

You hear the voice of Tamral ask,"M'Lord Danelo, how do ya know that body isnt some sheruvian trap they settin for ya? like a Terate in disguise?"

Danelo says,"and allow it to go to teras farther from Sheru's infulence"

Danelo says,"I'm a bard"

Danelo says,"we know things!" Danelo smiles.

Danelo says,"it was in this life..."Danelo points at Danello.

Danelo says,"that I met Lissa"

You hear the voice of Ettai say,"yeah it was Momma"

Danelo says,"and Adopted her"

Jypta says,"our sister Lissa"

Jypsie nods to Jypta.

Jypsie says,"One of the best healers in the lands today."

Danelo says,"a scared little child, runnin from some misguided band of assasins that preyed on the fear of the young and weak"

You hear the voice of Ettai say,"I ain't never been scared o' nuffin"

Ettai asks,"Where did you first find Aunt Jypta?"

Danelo says,"Hmmm"

Danelo says,"We have crossed paths several times since the death of our parents but we actually met in the crawl space, some years back."

Jypta nods at Danelo.

Danelo begins a musical chant...

Jypta says,"Yeah, in Wraiths, he became my guardian."

Danelo smiles and winks at Jypta.

Danelo says,"Well i must rest , i have quite a journey ahead of me, g'night everyone."

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©As told by Lord Danelo himself

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