Weewillow, Percilus & The Lord of Darkness

Alas...I cannot find the scroll...perhaps Twoflame has an accurate accounting. I cannot be there to help Rezzette but you may relate the story as best I remember it. Remember, I have no memory of the actual events because the evil one took the thoughts from me. And it has been many years since the telling of the tale.

"Wee was a young woman, beautiful in her innocence as all young women are. The Lord of Darkness looked to the lands lusting in his wicked loneliness, looking for diversion. He cast his eye upon Wee seeing her struggle to perform the tasks of light to which she was devoted. One day as she was walking with her true love Skyheart, he watched as Skyheart died in the cold in the mountains . Their love was chaste and pure. It was his chance to steal her away unknown. He took her to the realms of darkness where he cast a spell on her...clouding her mind....urging her flesh to join his spirit body. He ravaged her mind, body and soul for days until it became apparent that she was with child.

Still he locked her away from her friends and her love. He kept her until the child was born. Seeing his child born, he thrust Wee and the child back into the world of the living. In shock she lay with the child unknowing and unfeeling. It was then that Twoflame and Meg having been led by the keepers of the light to the mother and babe, took them and cared for them. Two and Meg hid the child away knowing that his existence must be kept secret from Wee. They healed her and their love brought her back to life and caused the child to flourish and grow. They left Wee, never mentioning the child urging Wee to continue to live which was a puzzle to her. What had ever changed? Why did they behave so? It was not until the child, Percilus as he was called was around 15 trainings that Two and Meg brought him to Wee. Wee did not want to believe the ludicrous tale that she was told. But she drew the young man to her...determined to do her duty."

And so it is that Percilus is my son. A child whose birth and young years I missed. A gifted child I am proud to call my son. But I was not born to be a mother and I fear I have failed him over the years. There is a bond between that can never be broken. But what of the evil creature who fathered him? What kind of monster seduces an innocent? What kind of madness abounds that produces a child for sport and abandons him? He is attracted by the innocence...the path of light. It is his delight to deter anyone from the light. This is the Luukos that Rezzette has embraced. He is seducing you sweet Rezzette with wicked lies which he knows you will hear and heed from the others he uses. He is clouding your mind with his deceit. He is turning your path for his own glory and purpose. Beware.....do not believe.....do not throw your life away.

~ Weewillow

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