Tronicus Slaveweilder 

I met Lady Jypsie when I was hunting in Manticores and Thraks, and was almost instantly taken in by her kindness and politeness. After some time hunting together, she took me to the Frith's Inn and introduced me to the crew, where I met most of my present family, and some long time, and long missed friends. In time she adopted me, and opened me a bit more to the lands.

The Frith's Inn crew:  Lord Ascot, Lord Briars, Lord Jingleberry, Lord Crikket, Lord Joog, Lady Jypta, Maichette, Lady Amaela, Lord Radom, Lady Matti, Lord Smaugus, Lord Bloodlost, Lord Ettai, Lady Jypsie, Thoryn, Nymka, Lord Iooy, Aboodabi, Lord Reife, Lady Seabhac, and others.

I'm engaged to Lady Mysche, whom I could not be with out. We met long back, hunting revenants, when I "accidentally" (more tried to get her attention) swung at one of her kills. Her response to my apology was.. "bite me", and right then I knew I had to get to know her better. We've been together on and off for the majority of my time in the lands, and have decided to wed as soon as I regain my title now that we are dedicated to each other.

My days before meeting Jypsie are somewhat darker memories for me. They were times of questioning, confusion, pain, and loneliness. Not knowing my true parents, I searched the lands, but being more then content with my current family, and after all this time, I have given up hope. In this period, and to this day still, I search for reason and truth. I've studied and researched many of the gods, and have come to find truth in Mularos, who provides me with emotion, strength, will and knowledge. He has shown me that the highest form of pleasure is through pain, and I'm still trying to master his teachings.

Tronicus Slavewielder, Necromancer supreme.
Follower of Mularos
Member of the Black Velvet Band
Top 3 gambler who's lost the most coin

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